Colfax with a border…

I just HAVE to share Gretchens quilt with you…I have edited her email to me…she is entering it in a show and needs permission, so I took all of that out…This is probably the BEST thing that someone has added to one of my designs and it is made from my fabric also….I love the border…thought I’d share it with you…Enjoy this beauty!!!! Notice the piping in the binding….so nice…I hope you win Gretchen!!!LB

—–​Hello Lisa
I met you last summer at AQS in Grand Rapids. I bought your kit for Colfax County the year before but decided for my bed I wanted some borders.

so I was purchasing some additional fabric from you last summer. I finally have the quilt finished and have attached a picture.

I hope you enjoy how I added the borders.

I have fabric left and plan to make pillow shams

thank you for your time. I love your items
Gretchen fullP1010845

Summer Breeze Week 2…and a little note on the Little Bow Ties..






Here are week 2 of Summer Breeze blocks and parts…I designed this block to be 6″ but I guess with my scant 1/4″ seam allowances the blocks are 6 3/4″ instead of 6 1/2″…I did not even notice because I was in such a hurry to finish them that I never measured any of them..but this will not be a big deal as we will just adjust the sashing to 6 1/4″ when we set the blocks in the quilt, and after the quilting they will measure 6 again!!! lol…What do your blocks measure?  Is this just me? Is my scant too scant?  IMG_2600

Do you know what makes a great quilters from a good quilter?  Mastering the Art of Compensation!
Thanks for signing up and stitching this one with me…we had to cut more kits!!!! My customers are the best!

Just a note to ALL of you who signed up for the CA pieced SBOW…Little Bow Ties…IMG_2617 (1)

This has been a smash hit!…we have way more orders than expected…we were not ready for this and I must admit I think a little overwhelmed…soooo…We have ordered more backgrounds and are waiting for them to arrive…we will send week 1 and 2 together if yours did not ship out this week.  Also we have emailed or contacted you that a few of week 1 went out without the pattern…this will ship with week 2 if this was your case…thanks for understanding, as my CA staff gets aquainted to this type of program and pace.  Its been a (hectic) but FUN week!!!! Thanks for coming out…and today we have for our Grand Opening special…all books and patterns 20% off…as well as some nice kits…come in and visit…

We also have discovered that because our website uses Paypal…we would have to switch every book and pattern to put them “on sale” in our website… we don’t have the time to do this…but the kits are “on sale” as there only about a dozen or so…We were told in August we should be able to handle regular credit card transactions along with the Paypal…But if you want to take advantage of our 20% off book and pattern sale…you could always call…thanks…here is the link Primitive Gatherings CA

now to get ready for work and my hour commute…LB