Junk in Your Trunk!

Hey stitchers, welcome back to my blog! I don’t know what it was about this last CA trip of mine, but I feel especially happy to be back home in WI. Traveling that far in a short time really takes a lot out of a girl! After all the rain that fell while I was away, a week later the grass is a lot taller and the trees are full of lush green leaves… I feel like I’ve come home to the jungle of the north! Spring has definitely sprung. If you need the proof, it’s all over my car in the form of yellow pollen dust and cottonwood fuzz! Ahh, the joys of having four seasons.

I got home late Wednesday night and despite my exhaustion, I could barely sleep because I was so excited about our big Warehouse Sale and “Junk in Your Trunk” event that’s going on as we speak. There has been a heck of a lot of planning and preparation going into these events, and I have to say that it’s super satisfying seeing everything coming together. I want to thank my awesome staff for all their hard work in setting everything up because without them, this would have been one heck of a big job to tackle alone!

We kicked off the big sale weekend bright and early yesterday, and things were in full swing by mid-morning. I really couldn’t have asked for better weather, so it was nothing less than lovely to sit outside manning my “treasure booth” for most of the day (my blog manager Heidi is extremely jealous of the nice tan I have going on – as she should be!). We have a nice set-up with several vendor booths outside featuring things like finished quilt samples, home décor, hand-dyed wool, baked goods, hand-painted barn quilts, wood working, and more (vendors vary by day)!

This is all happening at the same time as the Winchester Town Wide Garage Sale event, so you will have plenty of shopping options to choose from… after you’re done blowing your budget here at PG of course. In case you get hungry our soup and salad bar will be open for lunch, which always hits the spot. And if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth to satisfy, we have Erica’s signature homemade snickerdoodle cookies available for purchase as well!

Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for rain tomorrow so we may not be able to set up our vendor booths outside. If that happens not to worry – our rain plan is to simply move vendors inside at The Gathering!

More of an indoor shopper overall? Come check out the awesome deals Jess and Amy have put together for you inside the shop and warehouse! Save big on fabric, notions, patterns, kits, jewelry, home décor, pre-made samples, and a bunch more! If you’re looking for something to do and happen to be in the area, stop out! The sale runs until 5PM today. We start back up at 7:00 AM tomorrow and will be open through 5PM.If you aren’t local or simply can’t get out here to shop, you can also find warehouse sale items on our website through Sunday (in-store sale runs through Saturday)! To find the listed sale items simply visit http://www.primitivegatherings.us and click the “NEW” tab. Then click “Warehouse Sale.” For a direct link click HERE. Did you get a chance to watch Stitch with Lisa Bongean yesterday? I was live on scene here at the sale to give you a first-hand glimpse of all the shenanigans going on. If you’d like a virtual recap of the event you can still watch the replay by hitting the STITCH button below!

Boy, as fast as it went this week felt long! I’m really looking forward to the weekend and just being at HOME. It sure will be nice to enjoy a little rest and relaxation before next week is in our laps and demanding all the attention. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you very soon! Take care and of course, do your best to stitch EVERY day! Bye for now! ~Lisa

Having Trouble Commenting on My YouTube Channel?

Hey everyone. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments regarding being able to comment on my YouTube Channel, during LIVE broadcasts. I promised you a post on how to go about setting your YouTube account up so that you’re able to make comments, so here it is! The girls and I did some research and came up with a few different reasons why you might be having an issue. Here are the top possible reasons that we found…

This seems to be the most common reason viewers aren’t able to make comments on YouTube videos. To be able to comment on YouTube videos, you need to have your own YouTube Channel. Who knew?!? It doesn’t matter if you plan to use your channel to post your own content or not, but establishing a channel is required to be able to comment on videos posted by other creators. This is not the same as an initial YouTube account. You will not be able to comment if you only have a YouTube account, and not a YouTube channel of your own. YouTube is a Google owned company so you’ll be able to create your channel using your already established Google account, such as your Gmail or YouTube (these are just two of many Google account options). If you do not have an existing Google account, you can simply go to YouTube.com, click ‘sign in,’ and select ‘create a Google account.’ Then follow the prompts.

After you created your Google account, you will then be able to create your YouTube Channel. If you’re having trouble creating a Google account you can also hit the link below for more information.

Instructions on how to create a Google Account

Once you have your Google account created, you are now able to sign in to YouTube and create your channel.

Once you make all the selections required to establish your channel, you should be all set!

If you already have your own channel and are still unable to comment, another reason could be…

YouTube has a, Restricted Mode feature, which can be found in the settings drop-down menu. Its purpose is for parents to have more control over their child’s YouTube environment by restricting content and postings. Comments are disabled in “Restricted Mode.” In other words, if for some reason your account was set or changed to this mode, you will not be able to make comments until it is turned off. Below are instructions on how to do this on most desk-top or lap-top computers. If you are on a smart phone or tablet, it’s going to be a little bit different. Those instructions are posted below.

Instructions on how to turn off Restricted Mode on YouTubeInstructions to turn off Restricted Mode on YouTubeInstructions to turn off Restricted Mode on YouTube

If you are still experiencing problems turning off Restricted Mode on your computer, you can find additional help by clicking the link below!

In a perfect world the instructions for turning off, Restricted Mode on your phone and tablet would be the same…buuuut since that would just be way too easy, of course they’re not. If you are trying to do this on an Android phone, you will need to follow the instructions posted to the link below.

…and if you’re on an iPhone or iPad you will need to follow yet another set of instructions by clicking the button below. Having fun yet? LOL!

Hopefully you’ve resolved your commenting issue between those two options. If not, we have a few other things to explore. The next possibility is…Expired Cookies a common problem with an easy fix. This would only apply if you already have both a YouTube account and YouTube channel established, and the cookies in your browser have expired. Sometimes all you need to do is log out of your YouTube account and log back in and that fixes the problem. You can also clear the cache data from your browser. Because there are many browsers it would be hard to post instructions on how to clear cache for all of them. Google has a very helpful article about it that covers the different methods. For instructions on how to clear your cache and cookies, please hit the link below.

Once you’ve tried clearing your cache and cookies, I recommend restarting your computer. Log back into YouTube and try commenting again. If that doesn’t solve the problem it must be something else!

If you’re watching on your cell phone, the fix could be as simple as changing the orientation at which you’re holding your phone. On many phones, if you are holding it horizontally the comment section will disappear. In that case, you are only able to see the comment section if you are holding it vertically.

YouTube takes spam and negative comments very seriously. If you have been blocked by YouTube for any comment, on any page, you are unable to comment on YouTube videos. There are a couple of ways you can become “blocked”. YouTube filters language and comments by using algorithms, which is one way you can be flagged and blocked. The other is the result of a large number of people reporting the user, comment, or content. Both YouTube and the content creator can choose to block someone. If this has happened to you in the past, chances are you are still blocked from using the commenting section on YouTube videos. C’mon now, behave!

Hopefully out of these possible scenarios, you found the solution to enabling comments on YouTube. If not, you can always visit YouTube’s ‘Help’ section. It has several great articles on how to get things going with your account. If it’s to the point where you’re totally stuck and you just can’t figure it out, you can even contact them directly!

Alright everyone, class is over for today! LOL! Now I want you all to go practice your new YouTube skills so that you can get everything straightened out in time to watch, Stitch with Lisa Bongean today at 1PM CST! And now, since you’ll be able to comment, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what your favorite project is from the show today. Remember to hit the like button as well, all for a chance to win a prize!

Speaking of prizes, I have a few winners I’d like to mention that we picked from the comments on the blog over the last couple weeks. Carol E., Jennifer H., Amy Z., and Deb M. – Check your email ladies! I don’t want to post last names or email addresses for everyone’s privacy, so if you think you’re one of these lucky winners please contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner! If you’re not a winner this week, please keep trying. You could be next! To watch, Stitch with Lisa Bongean today at 1PM CST, simply hit the button below. See you there! ~ Lisa

Save the Date For Sit & Stitch!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine cozied up indoors since Mother Nature decided to go nuts and ruin any chance of doing anything fun or enjoyable outside. Temps were unseasonably warm and it rained like crazy! Huge fat drops, and flowing rivers of rainwater everywhere… And now yesterday we just got two inches of snow. There’s an old saying about March in WI. “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” We’ve definitely got the first half right so far… I hate to say it but, a lot of years it’s more like, “In like a lion, out like a lion.” We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this time around!

The one advantage I can think of to all this sloppy weather is having the perfect excuse to stay inside and – what else – stitch! My dear friend Val Krueger is here visiting me from NV and needless to say, she’s not exactly impressed with our indecisive weather. When I asked her how she was feeling about it yesterday morning she very seriously said, “I feel glad that I live in Nevada!” LOL! She’s here visiting for the next few days, which is awesome. This is her first time visiting Primitive Gatherings since we put up the new buildings last summer, so it’s been a lot of fun showing her around.Val and Lisa

Part of the reason for Val’s visit is to prepare for the release of Moda’s new Garden Gatherings fabric line (scheduled to release this April/May)! We’ve spent a lot of time filming for our future, Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-A-Long, which is coming up in June/July, 2022. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into these online tutorials, and getting the footage is half the battle! Since Val is only here until Thursday, we have a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it, but that’s ok. It’ll all be worth it in the long run!

Val Kreuger and Lisa Bongean Filming Stitch A Long

You might remember back in January when I was out in Las Vegas visiting Val at her place. She had a pretty good start going on her gorgeous quilt, Meet Me in the Garden, which is designed with my new Garden Gatherings fabric line in mind. I’m excited to say she’s not only finished, but she brought it with her to WI so we could see it in person. Finally being able to see this masterpiece in its full glory has me simply in awe! Meet Me in the Garden is a pretty good sized quilt. Val says, “It’s a real monster!” I really love the feel of a heavy quilt – just like a weighted blanket! Finished, this quilt measures at 104″ x 104″.Completed "Meet Me in the Garden" Quilt

If you would like to participate in our, Meet Me in the Garden Stitch-A-Long, we’d love to have you! We will post more information on how to join once we have a better idea of when the collection is going to arrive here at Primitive Gatherings. We will also be doing a post on what you’ll need for the Stitch-A-Long closer to the event that includes pattern & ruler details, so keep an eye on my blog for that. 

Remember, the Garden Gatherings line doesn’t release until April/May, 2022, but you can pre-order what you’ll need for the Stitch-A-Long in advance! You will need the FQ Bundles of each Garden Gatherings and Garden Gatherings Shirtings, along with a Layer Cake of the shirtings as well. (please remember each pre-order needs to be ordered separately as an individual order – it should be the only item in your cart).

Click HERE to Pre-Order Fabrics for the Upcoming Garden Gatherings Stitch-A-Long with Lisa & Val!

As always, I have several projects in process, and several more on deck waiting to be started. Is it just me, or are there never enough hours in the day? I have been getting a ton accomplished during the, Sit & Stitch group at The Gathering every week. If you haven’t heard of Sit & Stitch let me fill you in. Sit & Stitch is not a retreat, but more of a gathering where all types, ages, and ability levels of sewing enthusiasts can come together and stitch! It’s a great opportunity to socialize in a judgment-free zone, where participants are encouraged to share ideas and advice. Of course, there’s also plenty of good food, great conversation, and laughter to go around too!Sit and Stitch Participants

You can bring your stitching projects of any kind to Sit & Stitch!” Come take advantage of our huge, beautifully lit activity space. You can bring your own machine or rent one from us. Either way there’s plenty of room for everyone to spread out and get comfortable at one of the many large sewing tables – complete with power stations! Take it from me, a lot of times I’d rather work on projects at The Gathering rather than my studio at home!Stitch-A-Long Participants

The casual and easy-going atmosphere not only allows me to relax a little, but I can also take more time to talk one-on-one with people about anything they might need help on with their projects, or just about life in general! It’s always a great time. 

Sit & Stitch Details

If you want to join us for a Sit & Stitch we would love to have you! Call The Gathering to register. The phone number at The Gathering is 920-778-8031. You can also email thegathering@primitivegatherings.us. Sessions run from 9AM until 4PM. Registration fee is $25 per person for the day and includes a salad bar and homemade soup lunch prepared by Chef Erica!

Alright everyone. Time for me to get back to work! We have a few more things to film this afternoon and then it’s back to my studio for more stitching! I will catch you all later this week on, Stitch with Lisa Bongean where I’ll talking all about what I am currently working on, and what I have planned coming up! Don’t miss it! And as always, make sure to leave me a comment here on the blog for a chance to win a prize! We choose prize winners from our YouTube page, Blog, and my, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” Facebook page, so don’t be shy! Let me know what spring projects are on your work table! See you soon! ~Lisa

Cuddle Up and Retreat!

One of my favorite things about hosting retreats is getting to spend time with guests who have come here to learn. Watching people get excited when they accomplish something new brings a lot of joy to me! What I love most of all, is the opportunity to get to know my customers and fellow stitchers on a more personal level. I feel like I have gained a lot of new and close friends by spending so much time at The Gathering, which is a beautiful thing. Friends, family, good food, and stitching every day… What more could I ask for? I am literally living my dream!

Many of you know of my good friend and colleague, Kathy Decker. She is not only a long-time friend of mine but also the host of many great stitching tutorials – some of which you may have seen during my YouTube LIVE broadcast, Stitch with Lisa Bongean.” She recently attended the “Winter Wonderland” multi-day retreat here at The Gathering back in January. Despite being a regular face around Primitive Gatherings, this was her first time staying as a guest for a multi-day retreat. I asked her if she had anything she’d like to share with you about her experience, and if she’d recommend it to her friends. She had this to say: “If people haven’t signed up for a retreat yet, they need to. Lisa really has thought of everything – it’s wonderful. You pull up to the front door, unload your stuff… You can go straight in, there’s no steps anywhere so you don’t have to haul everything up and down. There are even little buggies available to carry your things with! The retreat house has a huge activity room so we had a ton of space to spread out. There are a lot of electrical outlets and the lighting is fantastic. This was the first time I stayed over and it was great! I will definitely be back in April. The only downfall to all of this is, you don’t go home with fewer projects than you came with – you add to them instead!” LOL!

Our most recent retreat, “Love is All You Need” was a great success. We started our day with delicious mocha lattes and homemade raspberry scones prepared by Chef Erica (SO good – I may or may not have had two…). Once we got to work we focused on a couple of simple, yet adorable Valentine’s day-themed projects that many of the ladies managed to finish before leaving. Participants were able to choose from two different projects, including a long pillow or table runner.LOVE Long Pillow or Table Runner

It was a fairly simple design and easily modified, so there were a few different versions once it was all said and done. Each person added their own personal touch, which I think is so cool. I love to inspire people and then turn around and BE inspired by what they come up with! That’s one of the many things that makes quilting sew much fun.

Nancy from Independence, IA enjoyed her first visit to the new retreat house at Primitive Gatherings since it opened last summer. She is definitely no stranger to quilt retreats, however. She has been to many in her quilting career – which is actually how I met her years ago. It was November of 2000 when she and her quilt guild came to Ewalu Retreat Center in Strawberry Point, a little town in IA where they invited me to teach as a special guest. I was happy to see her again, and as usual we spent time stitching, catching up, and reminiscing. I asked her if she remembered how we met and she was happy to tell the story. “I always like to say I knew you before you were famous. I met you because we had a lady in our quilting guild who’s mother knew you somehow, so she invited you to teach at Ewalu while we were there. I have been following you ever since. Once a year I try to go to an event where you are doing a workshop or retreat. The four hour drive to WI from IA is doable, and totally worth it. I really like retreats because I get to meet people from other places. I have a lot of friends that I’ve met doing this, and retreats make it easy and fun to meet up with them. Not to mention all the beautiful projects you get to do. This is my main hobby along with rug hooking, which are both perfect reasons to buy MORE wool! I keep telling my kids their inheritance is going to be all fabric and quilt books because that’s what I’ve spent all my money on. After all, I always say you can’t put a price on a good time!”

Nancy, you are so right! Retreats and workshops at The Gathering really are the perfect way to meet up with your stitching friends. As the ladies mentioned there is plenty of space to spread out and work with power stations at each table. You can bring your own machine or rent one from us if you need to!

I’m already looking forward to our next event which is coming up fast! Cuddle Up & Stitchwill be held Friday February 25th and Saturday February 26th, 2022 here at The Gathering. Come join the fun and fellowship with chai lattes and Chef Erica’s famous cream puffs in the morning. Then we’ll get to work on a project I call, “Rustic Retreat.” This quilt has a finished size of 58″ x 74 1/2″ and is perfect for your lap or across the back of your favorite love seat. Designed with brushed cottons in monochromatic grays, blacks, and browns, this cozy little beauty fits in just about anywhere.

The pattern and kit for “Rustic Retreat” is not available for sale anywhere at this time, so if it’s a must have for you, sign up for Cuddle Up & Stitch! Retreat participants will receive exclusive project kits in their package, along with my one-on-one in-class instruction from 9AM until 4PM both days. Of course meals, and some other great party favors are included as well.

Space is limited for this event so don’t wait to book! Please call 920-778-8031 to reserve your seat. You can also email thegathering@primitivegatherings.us.

I hope you all are planning to tune in for, Stitch with Lisa Bongean on YouTube at 1PM CST on Thursday. I don’t know if you heard, but my long anticipated Starlight Gatherings line has finally arrived at our warehouse, so we’ll be doing an exclusive Trunk Show on that. Even better news is that my “Starlight Gatherings” project book and project kits are also here (with the exception of the kit for, “Off Limits” due to pre-cuts not being available yet). We are still waiting on pre-cuts and anticipate those to arrive sometime at the end of March, 2022.

Talk about exciting! We’re big on celebrating around here so in honor of the arrival of Starlight Gatherings I’m offering 10% OFF all Starlight Gatherings Quilt Kits now through midnight on Sunday February 20th, 2022 (offer valid on Starlight Gatherings quilt kits only – does not include Starlight Gatherings fabric line, pre-cuts or Starlight Gatherings book)!

I’m really looking forward to this Trunk Show! The Starlight Gatherings collection was inspired by the twinkling stars and the night sky. Living on the lake allows me the privilege of not having much light pollution so my view of the night sky is amazing! The designs include my favorite shades of blue-indigo, navy, and cadet. Starlight Gatherings is perfect for blue and white style quilts, a classic color combination that remains one of the most desired quilt designs for antique quilt collectors today. Most of the quilts in this book are re-creations or inspired by my prized antique quilt collection. I am truly honored to own these quilts stitched with love by our foremothers. It amazes me what they were able to accomplish using just needles and thread. Blue and White style quilts never seem to go out of style and are just as cool today as they were 150 years ago. Maybe more! You’re not going to want to miss this show so hit the link below and tune in at 1PM CST Thursday to watch! See you there! ~Lisa