Pieced summer blocks of the week…

How is everyone doing on their PIECED BOW!  As you can see mine is all pieced together…I thought I should show you how I put them together…and I am revealing the antique quilt top used for inspiration….In the first photo I am showing the two quilts side by side….the one on the left is the antique, the one on the right is the one from the BOW.  The new quilt is a little more colorful but I love how it turned out…I thought I would show you it before it was sent off to the machine quilter….the antique has some wonderful fabrics…it has a lot of pinks and reds and no blue…there are some very large scale prints that look like wall paper…  Click on the photos to make them larger.

I set my quilt 12 blocks wide,  in 14 rows, alternating light and dark blocks (see the centers)…I am not going to put a border on it as I don’t think it needs one.   My quilt finishes 72″x 84″…now the real questions….Should I have the antique quilted…It is only a top?  What do think?…I would love to know your opinions…

Also…if you would want us to re-kit this quilt let us know if you are interested in buying the whole kit…The kit will be $215.00 plus shipping.  It has 168 fabrics in it and there are some nice leftover pieces after cutting it out to make a couple smaller quilts…If we get enough names we will consider cutting this again. Leave us a reply with an email and we will contact you if we re-kit it.  Just in case you could kick yourself for not doing this one this summer!

This quilt was so much fun to piece…it took my less than 2 hours to cut and piece the 12 blocks each week…Ok…sometimes I had to do more than 12 to catch up!

My best…LB

image image image image