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Hey everyone! Happy TWOsday! Apparently, even though today’s date has no real historical significance, Tuesday February 22nd, 2022 is being called an “unprecedented milestone” by many people around the world. Maybe because dates that read the same forward as they do backward are a rare occasion, and have only happened twice before in history (1/11/11 and 11/11/11). Interesting sure, but I personally think 2/22/22 is so popular because of the fact that the date is all two’s and also falls on a Tuesday. A convenient play on words I would say… and who doesn’t love a good pun? LOL! I sure do, so TWOday only, we’re taking 22% OFF selected items on our website!Happy TWOsday! 2-22-22! Twosday Only take 22% off selected items on our website. Hit the link to visit the website

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Coming up later this week, Stitch with Lisa Bongean airs this Thursday at 1PM CST on YouTube, so make sure to set your reminders! If you missed last week’s episode, hit the link below to watch!

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This week I’ll be discussing my quilt, Wildflower with my good friend and special guest Linda Hrcka from The Quilted Pineapple in MI. Catching up with Linda is always a blast so I’m really looking forward to chatting with her. I will also be going over the final details regarding our Red & White Quilt Challenge along with any other new shop announcements, so don’t miss that – there will be a lot of good information for you there. Until then, take care – and as always, make sure you set time aside to…Stitch Every Day with Needle and Thread

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

I am in Indiana a day early (storm today) to teach at the famous IHQS…. I will be teaching 3 days and can’t wait to meet my new students who will fall in love with wool applique! … I do have a surprise….Nick will be vending, Thursday-Saturday, while I’m teaching and he has a famous sidekick helping him… Linda from thequiltedpineapple will be in our booth… And look what she has brought to sell! Her magical templates! Come visit and shop with us!!!!

Linda…. Packaging her QP templates … They will work on long arm and domestic machines…so everyone who quilts will need these templates or buy them for your favorite long-arm quilter!…

Market is over….now festival begins…

Just want to say HI, after a long time away…this little quilter has survived market and has lots to talk about when I get home….

Here are our quilts in the Moda booth…the small quilts worked really well on the ladder as the sales reps could easily grab them bring them over to the quilt shop owners to feel and admire how wonderful the quilting shows up on these primitive muslin flannels…they have the best feel to them…it’s hard to describe what it is but it is something different than the other flannels…

These patterns and kits will be available next month as Moda has ordered them in advance for a late November shipping. Tell your local shops about them as lots of shop owners do not attend market…. They are available on 8 yard bolts if they order all 25 colors…also they are basics so we will be designing many future projects with them…they have the look and feel of wool, but not the cost!!!

Thanks…here’s some quilting…

Thanks for the support everyone…I do not like it when my girls are treated badly and you always come through for us…saying just the right things to let them think about how much better they might have it cause they can walk in our door….I know we are not perfect and sometimes we do not think of everything, but we try hard at whatever we do and the last thing we want to do is lose a customer or have unhappy ones.  So hopefully they can admit to themselves that this is kind of stupid…and understand our reasons.

Here is some of Linda’s work from her magical needle…I want to see more!!!

Good night my friends…LB



Lisa Bongean/Linda Hrcka 2014
Lisa Bongean/Linda Hrcka 2014

Tree of Life

Just want to share this quilt which is fresh off the long arm frame of Linda Hrcka…. ( pronounced Hersh-ka) of thequiltedpineapple.com. This quilt will be overnighted and will arrive tomorrow for me to hand stitch the binding on…this quilt is actually very easy to make, I stitched it in a day…it will be in our newest book FLANNEL GATHERINGS coming out in July along with our wool & needle flannels from Moda, a July release also…hopefully your local shop owner will order our book at market or you can always pre-order from us…

The main reason I am giving you a peek at this quilt is….how AWESOME is that quilting! I can’t wait to hang it in the booth for all to enjoy….the Tree of Life… Is so Man-ly yet pretty at the same time…how did that happen?…the quilt is 100ish,x100ish…can’t remember if it is 102 or 106, but anyway it would be a great big quilt for a cabin or a young mans room…especially an “outdoors man” like our boys are…

My quilters work extremely hard to get me the quilts finished for shows…it always comes down to the last minute because we are always pushing to get more done, lots of next day shipping and late-nite binding sessions….thanks Linda and Val and Pat!

I will be posting more of the quilts from the book and other things…during the show…