Flower garden crazy wool workshop…

I still in MI teaching a workshop…they are doing well and having fun! See the girl’s progress…












Inspiring others…

Now please don’t take this post the wrong way…I would never do a “shout out” about myself but when one reads a post about herself, it really justifies that YES! This is what I am meant to do…

Here is a post from Becky, who took one of my classes in Utah this last weekend: she is a young enthusiastic quilter who has her own patterns and blog…she is currently doing a 52 week series on making things with your extra blocks you may have around… i have drawers full!…visit her blog here and meet Becky! Her post is titled 10 things I learned from Primitive Gatherings!

Patchwork Posse

We are busy setting up our booth here in CA…got a lot done yesterday…Nick fell asleep before 8 last night and is still snoring away…keeping me awake! Oh well, I guess I get lots of research done when this happens…

I am currently working on recreating this antique quilt top from my collection…I should really say that it is my inspiration for what I am working on because I am using wools, changing the colors, changing the size and adding my own little touches and revamping just a little…I have stitched all 9 blocks and now will work on the borders…but what I really love about this quilt top is the faded green vegetable dyed cotton that has faded to a unique blue….but that will not be the case in my re-creation of this awesome quilt! I also love the way the borders were put on… No matching up the vine so it flows from one border to the next…she just stitched them and sewed them on, not caring about a continuous vine of leaves..LB