Weekend in Chicago for Race…Is Kyle Bush going to win them all?


Ok..I know most of you quilter’s don’t know what I am talking about…maybe you do…but Race days are good for sewing (Lisa) and napping (Nick). But we went to the race last weekend because it was a night race and we have never been to a night race…we have gone to all the Chicago races but 1 the year we opened the shop.

Thursday started off with a great storm that cancelled the FREE Gretchen Wilson concert…We stayed in my brother’s camper in the middle what used to be a cornfield… they make more money running electricity in their field, than growing crops…but they do a great job of getting us to the race and with local bands,ice and doughnut trucks that come around every morning with the paper…So we basically rode the storm out in the trailer and played cards, girls in one trailer, boys in the other…the boys played for money, we learned a new game one of the girls plays with her kids at daycare. 

About 2 o’clock the next day we learned Gretchen was going to play at 2:30..it was hotter than blazes…people getting heat exhausted…Gretchen was very good…we loved her Separate Ways songs from Journey and Barracuda, from Heart-along with all of her hits…the race on Friday…the Busch race was kind of boring..not too many crashes and I was the only girl that went, the other stayed around the site drinking martinis, they said they had a blast.

I sewed my muti-colored penny rug all weekend from Threads that Bind…this is the second one i have done…i love them…no hangover for me…i finished  all the pennies by the time we arrived home…see it below…

Sat. Nights race…i froze..should have brought a sweat shirt…who would have thought…fry like fish on tinfoil every year, this year froze…oh well…this is probably our last year…but who knows….

4 responses to “Weekend in Chicago for Race…Is Kyle Bush going to win them all?”

  1. Colleen Avatar

    Love the penny mat, Lisa! Sounds like the concert was fun! You know the midwest… freezing one day, sweltering the next.. :o)

  2. Docia Avatar

    Next time you come down for the race I hope you come and vist us at the store. We are right on the way.

    See ya soon

  3. Tara Avatar

    Crud – I wish I would have known you were coming in for the race! I would have met up with you all! I live about 10 minutes away from the race track. Sounds like you had fun!

  4. katie paxton Avatar

    Lisa, I love the penny rug mat. Great job.
    I hope Kyle Bush is through winning for the year. I am a Dale Jr. fan. He shows great character and intregity. I like Carl Edwards also, Missouri boy.

    Enjoyed your blog, hope you will visit mine. I am listing you under my blog friends so I won’t forget to visit often.


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