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A couple of weeks ago, Carole dragged me out of the house to visit a new store that one of our customers, Sharin Lauren, opened up.  Sharin’s husband does concrete counter tops, in the lower level of the barn…  It was totally amazing.  I loved the outside gardens with it’s beautiful water falls and inside was full of home mades, funiture, lots of home dec and much more…so- here are my purchases…the bag…i am assuming the fabric came from our shop..but it is just nice, sturdy and my stuff doesn’t get lost in also has lots of pockets…it was made by Kerry’s Kreations, I think it is Kerry Olsen,who I think is Sharin’s sister…but anyway the bag was  worth every penny I paid for it and i don’t even lie when people ask if i made it…Nope..i bought it!…I want to see if I can get her to make me another in black..i think i know where I can get some fabric for her to do it in…then, of course a treat for the birds in the garden..a new birdhouse.  Here is their address:  Natural Encounters   2002 N Lynndale Dr    Appleton, WI 54914    (920) 731-2500











Here is a photo of the outside of the building…great huh! then a shot from up above looking down on the store….go visit…hwy A (Lyndale Ave.) in Appleton.  It is set back off the road.  You will see a house with a gazebo and this is in back of it… I will get the address and post it later..

still..hand quilting..the trailer is packed, Nick will be leaving tomorrow morning…i will be flying with this quilt and its patterns!  Oh well…it just didn’t happen the way I planned.

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  1. Debbie Avatar

    Have a great time in Houston Lisa. I will for sure go visit that shop. It looks like alot of fun. A few weeks ago I went to an Amish auction in Bonduel. It was great. Hundreds of quilts, handmade baskets, lots of antiques. I got an antique baby crib,old egg crate, old marbles, and a old wooded bowl with a wooden spoon. They do this once a year. I will let you know when it is next year. You and your friends would go crazy.

    Good Luck in Houston!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Please let me know when next year! thanks Debbie!

  2. Sharyn Avatar

    Lisa, I hate to see that you have been feeling not your normal self and have alot of things that are bothersome on your mind. You are the dearest person and you and your family only deserve the very best of days. You are a strong and good person and would only come through any life turbulance a better person, if that is possible. Keep on creating and keep on taking care of yourself. And above all, let your friends help you when they offer. Have a wonderful market, I will miss being there. Hugs to you and give Nick a hug from me too.

  3. Sharon Laurin Avatar

    Hi Lisa…

    Thanks so much for posting about our shop! I’m not sure where you find the time, but I’m grateful that you took it for us. : )

    Your website is wonderful…makes me very homesick for your shop! With winter quickly approaching…uggghhh…it seems very appropriate to get started on a new project. I LOVED the all wool penny table runner, however, it has been so long since I have worked with wool that I may need to take a refresher course. Your new material line looks abosolutely gorgeous…just one more reason to make my way over to Menasha.

    Once again, thank you!


  4. Brittany Voigt Avatar
    Brittany Voigt

    Hi Lisa-

    When you get a moment, could you post the address for this new shop? My husband and I drove down Lynndale, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I think this shop may be a great place to find Christmas gifts. And I’d love to spread the word.


  5. Darcy Loeffler Avatar
    Darcy Loeffler

    HI Lisa!

    Wow… I never imagine you would post so much about my sister’s new business! Thank you so much! For anyone that has trouble finding us… our address is 2002 N. Lynndale but the barn and gift shop entrance is actually on Glendale. On Lynndale you will see the pretty gray victorian home… and the barn is behind the house. Please come by soon!

    Oh… and Dottie Stelmacher from the “Bernina Babes” has donated a beautiful queen-sized quilt to help raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The quilt is up for raffle and is displayed at the shop. The winning ticket will be drawn December 18th. I am running a marathon and raising funds for the LLS with Team in Training and she generously donated this beautiful quilt towards my efforts. Please stop by and purchase a ticket and help a worthy cause at the same time!

    Thanks again Lisa… you ROCK!

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