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Here is my latest Christmas Open House quilt.  I bring home a half yards of all of the reproduction fabrics that come in the shop…these are my bennies of owning a shop…anyway…i never get to use them because I have to always use the shops fabric and make kits…so guess what…for this project I am going to use them… my drawers are overflowing so I need to make some space in them…I have picked 13 reds, 13 tans and 13 green for the 13 pieced blocks.  I made 2 sample blocks from my scrap bin to make sure my directions are right. Now I need to power sew half square triangles.  3/4″ finished.  Thangles are a must for this small piecing.  Do not try it without them.  You would be very disappointed.  Beside I think it took me a half hour to sew all 260 or so for this quilt, now the trimming, pressing and peeling the paper will take a few hours.  The blocks are 4 1/2″ finished.  I am making the blocks scrappy.  My sample block was made only using 2 fabrics… this looks ok, but i really like how the scrappy ones look…3 done 13 more to go…in the 12 snowball blocks will be little christmas appliques, with some embroidery work too…I will start them tomorrow.  I got up early today  and loaded Amalie’s Quilt and got a good start on it before my morning work out with Sargent Brenda.  I quickly finished it after I got back…it turned out great!  Got the binding on and we have quilt group tomorrow.  I will get the hand sewing done there…

Getting carpeting on Thursday in the 3 bedrooms that used to be the boys.  So I have to get all the stuff out so Jake can come tomorrow and rip the old carpet out.  I love it when everything is done, not this mess inbetween…I must have sewn a lot today as I am using my mouse on the computer I am reaching for my sewing machines foot pedal with my foot??? think of how good we would all be on our computers if we had a keyboard, mouse and a foot pedal..we would all rock!…all for now…keep stitching everyone!   LB

10 responses to “3/4″ triangles”

  1. Jeanette Avatar

    I love your little blocks! I can’t wait to see it finished. I hope we can have access to the pattern online, too. (although I’d rather come to the open house in person–but it’s a little far from Alberta) lol

  2. Pam L Avatar
    Pam L

    Your Christmas blocks are really great. But you know what caught my eye? The beautiful star quilt hanging on the wall behind the quilt in the frame. Looks like a rich, rich colors. Is that something I’ve missed along the way?

  3. lisabongean Avatar

    Pam…that is the quilt that we had in American Patchwork and Quilting when we were a best 10 shop in May of 2006 Quilt Sampler….you probably have this…if not we have copies at the shop yet…a few..LB

  4. Carol Avatar

    The quilt on your longarm is to die for…will there be a kit for that one?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…coming soon…just have a little binding to work on and the kits are cut just need to be packaged…

  5. Becky Avatar

    I love your patterns and books. Wish I could come to the shop for your open house but I’m in AZ. If I ever get your way I’ll be sure to come by…probably for the day, so I’ll have time to soak it all in! Is there anyway those of us far away can participate in your open house?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You will be able to participate by making an online purchase…we will send all the freebies in the mail with your order on the 28th.

  6. Donna Knight Avatar
    Donna Knight

    Those are the sweetest little blocks! Can’t wait to see the finished product – I bought the tiny Thangles in Houston – I’m ready!

  7. Elaine Avatar

    Can’t wait to see everything for the open house (online, since I’m in Texas)……sure wish we could be there in person.

  8. Judy Avatar

    Like the Christmas quilt ALOT—–see you on the 28th—-

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