Getting ready for Christmas at D&D Maintenace, my yearly stop…

 Every year I go to 922 Grove St. in Appleton, behind Memorial Florist on Hwy 47, just outside of Menasha.  I love the service and the unique evergreen decorations they have there.  Dave and Debbie Korth, along with their son’s, Craig, Jeremy, Chad and daughter Sheena and a whole bunch of grandkids help them with their business.

There are tons of trees to pick from, but I am really picky…I always want a tall tree that they can lop off the bottom, so I have lots of space to hang my ornaments….I never used to buy a real tree, but I figure they are cut and someone should use them, so I buy one…I love the smell in the house.  The trees I get from them never loose a needle…even when i wanted to save the tree and have all the needles fall off so just the branches were left, well it never happened that tree went to Chicago with me in April when we published our Christmas book, we put our Christmas Tree Skirt and all of our ornaments in the book on it…it looked the same as in December, just a little stiffer…besides the tree, I buy a hanging ball of evergreens for the shop, kind of like a hanging basket of evergreen, see them below…Debbie makes special order bows for me, I go in and pick out what I want and she does them up.  Here is Debbie at work….

Here is A.J. loading the cut off branches from our tree…below is the beauty after cutting off the bottom, now it is the perfect size, not too fat, nice and slim and lots of room for my homemade ornies..

The shop is now decorated with Debbies bows and the hanging evergreen ball, just in time for Christmas Open House tomorrow.  Hope you like our new parking lot!

Just after we were making cookies, our swags that will hang from the lights on our garage along with 4 more matching bows for the garland, were delivered.  They turned out GREAT! I can’t wait to hang them tomorrow.  

Mom and I made 12 dozen cookies for Open House tomorrow..

9 responses to “Getting ready for Christmas at D&D Maintenace, my yearly stop…”

  1. Karmen Sunshine Avatar

    I get tired just thinking about all the work you have done. I love family businesses and small businesses. I am very committed to both! Karmen

  2. Karen Avatar

    Everything looks great – wish I could be there to shop in person, but I did my share on-line, lol. Do you mail cookies :).


    1. Lisa Bongean Avatar
      Lisa Bongean

      Thanks Karmen…It is almost kind of like a let down when it is all over. I am get so geared up and focused to get everything done and then it is over…kind of like a wedding..but today was a huge success at the shop and well worth it. LB

  3. tami Avatar

    I wish I could come to your open house and just drink in all the creativity. I just love your stuff.

  4. Carrie Proulx Avatar

    Wishing you the merriest for your Christmas Open House!!! I love your decorations and the shop looks so inviting! All your hard work is going to be appreciated, great job.
    I love your little Christmas Quilt, I don’t need another project but I think I must have the kit, its just to good to pass up!!

  5. Jeanette Avatar

    The shop looks so festive and pretty (and the cookies look yummy) I wish I could have gone in person, but am thankful you have an online shop!

  6. Judy Avatar

    Enjoyed the Open House very much—-cookies were great–glad I was there for the bed turning.The quilts were beautiful. I did not get a pattern of the Christmas Quilt with my purchase-or will I get that along with the coupon book when they are available?

  7. Nancy Avatar

    Ohhhhh, I wish I could have come to your Open House. Everything looks lovely, and I could almost smell the greenery! I so enjoyed reading this blog and seeing the pictures of you getting ready for it all. The cookies you and your mom made look scrumptious. Tbose little quilts are just lovely that you did up, and love the wool snowman pillow! I will keep checking in.
    Happy Holidays!!

  8. Kimberly Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I just came across your blog and I’m loving it so far!!

    Is there any way I can purchase the pattern for your Christmas Quilt? Pretty please? Or, if you have a kit available, what would the cost be?

    Thanks SO much! I look forward to hearing from you!


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