winter wonderland…

Our snow-covered house

winter arrived in one big hurry here last week…we had 40 and 50 degree weather and then we were dumped 16″ of snow on Wednesday, with lots of wind…see the greenery on the house blowing in the wind…Nick got to play on his four wheeler, which died in the middle of the job and had to be brought in…something in it’s brain box…that happens to me sometimes.

So, it was a good week to start decorating the house for Christmas…I decorate very simply…not any glitz or glam or glitter…but here are a few pics of what I got done so far…Nick helped me with the tree one night I think we have 1000 or so lights on it…I think we wrapped every branch, except a few in the back. Every year for Christmas, Carole gives me a redware Santa from Eldreth Pottery…can’t wait to see what he looks like this year.

Now to start my list of goodies I am going to make this year…peanut clusters, christmas cookies…molasses cookies…seafoam ( mom will help with this) fudge, carmel corn, banana bread, and some other oreo truffles, that Jeanine had made when we had sewing over there on Monday.  So I got the peanut clusters done so far…

nick on his mini snow "plow"

our mantle and socks
a little green boughs and a red & tan quilt
table test run with new dishes
wooden bowl filled with more greens, old bells, some berries and a velvet heart that holds a candycane in its pocket…
picture with gungy fake poinsettias and more greenery
front door hallway entrance…antique quilt with more stuff…
redware santa collection
tree with homemade decorations and lots of lights
peanut clusters….the start of my christmas candymaking

17 responses to “winter wonderland…”

  1. paueltte doyle Avatar

    Hi Lisa!
    Why is it that snow always looks so beautiful in pictures!! Your decorating is just lovely!! Love your stockings which were hung by the chimney with care, the new dishes and of course I’m loving the quilts!! Well done! Looking VERY festive!
    Take care! Paulette

  2. Ann Avatar

    Love your decorating style. Want to wish you, Nick, and your family a very Merry Christmas. The holidays come and go so fast. I hope you get to relax and enjoy the holidays.


  3. Patsy Avatar

    Loving it! Your paint job is a great fresh backdrop. I caved and put a tree up in our house too. I wasn’t going to – after all the decking of halls in the Retreat.

    Loving the snow too! It just makes everything so Christmas-y. I want to get to the Amish store to buy some bulk spices to make a special “wisconsin blend”. I use it all year for crock pot dishes, on meats, as a base for Soup, etc. Now I’m getting in the baking mood.
    Have a Merry Christmas with your family! Thank you for sharing your decorating photos. Now – to find my desk…………..
    Keep warm, Patsy @ the Homestead

  4. Sherrill Avatar

    LOVE those little log cabins/houses you have on your mantel. Do you get those from one specific place or have you just picked them up here and there through the years? All your projects are beautiful.

  5. Amy Avatar

    Ok, you can’t post about making yummy Christmas treats and not share the recipes – LOL!! So share, I’m in need of some new inspiration. We got the same snow storm last week that you did – winter indeed decided to come in with a bang!! I enjoyed the pictures of your decorating – I always find ideas when I check out decorating pictures. Keep warm – it’s dang cold here right now – I think the wind chill is something like -20 or -30 – Yuck!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Michelle Avatar

    OMG Lisa it is gorgeous, the snow, and the outside and inside of your home. Merry Christmas, may it be blessed.


  7. Deb Dillbeck Avatar
    Deb Dillbeck

    Hi Lisa LOVE your blog. wish I could visit maybe someday I will get there could not believe all that snow it missed us in illinois but you sure got hit wow? Love your home and all your decorating send more pic they are just awsome. I met you in chicago at the rosemont and love your work and all your patterns Thankyou for all the emails I love mail Thanks for sharing your home and talent what beautiful work you do keep quilting and happy holidays

  8. Geri Avatar

    I love your decorations. Really like your tree. Never thought of using the 4 wheeler as a plow. I am going to have a talk wth my son. Keep up the good work. Love your store. My favorite.

  9. Danielle Avatar

    Merry Christmas! Everything looks lovely… Would it be possible to share the “bailey’s” recipe? Pretty Please? I have yet to find one, and my family would love it.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      here ya go!

      Irish Creme

      8 oz Jameson Whiskey
      10 oz whipping cream
      1 can sweetened condensed milk
      3 eggs
      1/4 tsp. coconut extract
      1 1/2 T. Nestles Quick Mix
      Mix well in blender and refridgerate.

  10. Geri Avatar

    Love your decorations. The quilt the girls made for you is beautiful, but I really love your tree. Where did you get it. Love how the ornaments hang. Merry Christmas.

  11. maryval1 Avatar

    Good morning! Do you have any idea what the pattern name is for the red and tan stars quilt on this blog entry? I have a 6 year old nephew asking me for a star quilt with a “Sheriff’s” star, this pattern would be perfect. Thanks!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      all in know is that it is a pattern from the Buggy barn…if you email them they will for sure be able to tell you the exact pattern name

  12. maryval1 Avatar

    Thanks so much Lisa! I’ll head over to their website and take a look around.

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  14. Maria Avatar

    Do you have the name of the red and tan star quilt?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I don’t know the exact name however I know it is a buggy barn design

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