scrap basket block#2

Ok.. I am getting ready to leave to CA tomorrow…i have added a scrap basket block #2 to the blog below…the first is in the newsletter if you did not know about them.  We are using scraps to make them, so if you start making them you will make a quilt from what we already have.  I hope you like the blocks, I love how the first one turned out.  Carole made this block twice and they look great.  I will show you her 6″ blocks that she is making in a later post. 

 We are vending at ” Road to California”.  This will be our first time…so i don’t know what to expect.  I have spent the weekend doing last minute things…and so on…here is a peak at the booth, sorry about the water bottles????.  Nick is already in AZ, so he will meet me tomorrow in CA.  


Road2Cali booth…set up in our warehouse


I hope to meet more quilter’s in CA.  It is 75 degrees there! Yippee….it is 18 here….so that will feel good.  Well I need to make sure i have all my crap together to get on the plane.  4am will come early…plane leaves at hopefully Jake will get me there in time.

10 responses to “scrap basket block#2”

  1. paulettte Doyle Avatar

    Hi Lisa!
    I can’t wait to see this booth on Friday!! Everything looks gorgeous!! Is that wool? I think it is!! Whoopeee! Can’t wait!! See you then!

  2. Bridgid Avatar

    I can’t wait to meet you at Road to CA. I already have my shopping list ready for your booth.
    I just hope the bank account is ready. Have a safe flight. See you Thursday.

  3. Beth Avatar

    I am hoping to be able to make it to the show, I have no excuse I’m only 15 minutes away, your booth looks fantastic! I can’t wait! And it has been warm here for sure, unseasonably so.

  4. Lorrie Avatar

    The booth is beautiful. Thanks for the block pattern.
    It’s cold here too. (Monkton, Ontario, Canada -10C)

  5. KathyC Avatar

    Love your booth!! Wish you were coming to my neck of the woods. I live in Oxford, CT, it’s been cold here too but not as bad as some folks have it! Enjoy your trip!!

  6. Tara L Darr Avatar

    Have a safe trip and good luck at the show! I wish I was going!

  7. Margaret Avatar

    Boy, everything looks great.. Should do a great business and that wool is beautiful, the quilts are stunning and everybody has to have a drink>>lol

  8. Chris D Avatar

    Your booth looks fabulous. Good luck at the show. Bring back some warm weather please. P.S. I’m totally in love with my new Juki sewing machine!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  9. Cheryl Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    Your booth looks amazing (like always). Have a great time in sunny California! Hope to see you at Market this spring. If I can manage it, I want to do a road trip before the show and check out your shop–something that’s been on my “to do” list for years! Can’t wait.


  10. Karla Avatar

    Is there a scrap basket #4? i can’t seem to find it? karla

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