Road to California….the quilt show…my favorites..

I am out of “quilt show” shape…my legs felt like stuffed pounding sausages last night when i got to bed…… must have been the cute shoes…today i wore the good shoes….Nick and I had dinner at the Panda Inn with Kaaren, Joyce and Jeanie…I think it was Jeanie..i was beat…a great bunch of California girls on Friday night….We meet so many wonderful people both customers and other vendors that we get to be friends with.  That is the best part of going to shows…

I think this was my favorite quilt in the show…it was about 12×50″ I am guessing, but it was small….the detail was awesome…she has done a minature quilt in every category in a show…. the people were great, some had bags with fabric hanging out…some had show programs…i wish i had more time to study it..but i had 20 minute to walk the show…i love her discription too.  She got a judges choice ribbon…

here is a bunch more quilts that I loved….sorry I did not have time to list or write down the makers names.. 

I took lots of picutres of just parts of quilts…maybe the quilting…lots of flowers…even if the quilt might be really whimsical or bright  i can still get  ideas/inspiration from these quilts to use in making folk art or primitive flowers…  Tomorrow i get to see Mary Ellen Hopkins lecture. before the show opens… I know she has been a quilting icon for many years, so I am looking forward to hearing her.  Sunday they are having a Sunday Saleabration we have some stuff we will be adding to our booth that will be discounted… this means we have to go to the booth extra early to set up…then I get to go see Mary Ellen, the show opens at 11am and is only open til 3:30…so i am wondering how that is going to go…never had a sale at a show before…hope it is packed!

great old quilt design…this was a close-up of some quilting on a quiltlove scrap quilts!

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  1. Sue Avatar

    Thanks for posting pictures of quilts from the show. They are wonderful!!!! Wish I could be there. Have fun on your last day. Sue

  2. Laura Peterson Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words on my quilt, The Quilt Show. It measures 30″ by 108″. My website has all the details on how it was made, and today it took a second ribbon, Viewer’s Choice. I am honored that so many quilters, like yourself, enjoyed the quilt so much. I guess we all see some of ourselves in it.

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  3. Tammy Avatar

    Thank you for posting picture. Love your blog! Keep up the good work.

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