packing for Eastern Iowa Heirloom quilter’s workshop and lecture/trunk show

here is a peak at the quilts and wool things being packed for the trip on Sunday… Nick is worried about the weather, after his drive home from CA in all that mess…we escaped CA just in time…hope all our “friends” are doing OK… it was a great time at Road To California…I will be filling out a teaching form for next year…so hope to see you in a class, if you can.

I have a morning lecture, afternoon class and then an evening lecture on Monday in Cedar Rapids IA… I am looking forward to meeting more new quilting friends then…

I am also packing projects to sew and getting things fused when an ebay package arrived…look what was in the box..a scrap hexegon quilt top!  It is in fairly good shape..along with a note from one of the family members from 1968 passing in on to a relative for her to quilt.  It said the quilt has been in the family for awhile and that is was used in a “puff”…I think that means like a duvet, because i can see some left over stitching just around the edge.

close up…yummy old fabrics…in browns, madders and shirtings..

my sewing project for the drive are the blocks up top…there are four all long as i am showing you some ebay stuff…here are a few more i rescued from ebay a while back, like december…quilt are cheaper in december…dealers want to sell…so I just could not pass these two up..

this one was from a kit, I admired it one year in a store front window in Paducah KY
Carole's 2009 Christmas present from me….i would have shown you it sooner, but for obvious reasons….Eldreth Pottery from PA made it from my Redware Crow design from our Autumn Gatherings book..
some of Carole's redware collection…
Carole's livingroom showcasing her prize winning quilt
other side of LR…see the box of mini quilts…
dining room…what can i say….its perfect..
gameboards…up the stairs…that cupboard is filled with quilts (wall hanging size)

It was a hectic week at home, but i got to do a little sewing with the girls on wednesday at Carole’s house…it is filled with antiques and prim decor…i wish i would have had her open that black primitive cupboard in her living room..i think there are about 100 quilts in it…big ones…we weren’t invited in the sewing room this time..but maybe the next..(too many new book projects in progress, she didn’t want to disturb)…so i will get the quilt picture of them in the cabinet then..something for you to look forward to.

all for now…LB

6 responses to “packing for Eastern Iowa Heirloom quilter’s workshop and lecture/trunk show”

  1. Sandy Jones Avatar
    Sandy Jones

    What a wonderful piece of pottery from your design. I’m very envious.
    You always amaze me with what you do. Keep it up as I love it all.

  2. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Wow, wonderful eye candy, beautiful quilts and decor.
    I love that eagle quilt.


  3. Redd Avatar

    Oh my….how does one get invited to Carole’s house? I would love to see more. Absolutely beautiful, just what I would have expected.

  4. Chris D Avatar

    Carole told me about that platter. What a beautiful gift.

  5. Judy Avatar

    I am speechless—EVERTHING is just-I can’t even find the word!!!!!—Hexagons are my favorite and how DOES one get an invite to Carol’s —-yours too!—-Have a great and SAFE trip—-see you for the next Crazy Ladies Wool meeting—-

  6. Barbara Avatar

    I love the pictures of all the antiques! So warm and comfy! Also – I have the same red and green eagle quilt – my mother made it back in the 1960’s. Can I ask what you paid for it? I apologize if that’s inappropriate.

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