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This last weekend I attended a retreat in Oshkosh….We had a wonderful time and many quilts were finished…one of the best things that I used was a TV tray padded with quilted ironing board covering and a travel Rowenta Iron.  It made the perfect traveling mini ironing station…great for doing your little pressing like my 1″ triangles shown here.. Look at all those steam holes in this little iron.  Thanks Jeanine  & Rosie for sharing this with me and for the new ironing board, it worked wonderful for retreat.  This iron worked so well I got one for Carole for her birthday and she loved it too.  It is always hard to find a great gift that works so well.  I have a crappy towel protecting my TV tray ironing board here, but if you are rummaging this summer, you can now look for wooden TV trays to make for your quilting friends.

Now for the quilt show…I hope I can remember who’s quilt is who’s.  I only got about half of the quilts that were shown, sorry If I did’nt get yours posted, I didn’t get anything I made either…oh well…Enjoy what I have…

We should get the final proof for our book “Summer Gatherings” today…so maybe I can get some more photos on this blog for you soon.

Colleen Foley- Turkey Tracks—Nice striped setting fabric, this quilt looks over 100 years old
Nancy Dey- Pressing her tumbler quilt rows
Finished Addies Tumbler Quilt-Nancy was done with this by Sat. morning I think…
Barb Herrick with her Civil War-Teaching Quilt-She will use this as an on-going class
Charleen Schafer's Log Cabin Quilt-It was just stunning!
Helen's Quilt-(Char's Mom)- Labor Day Stars
Cathy Bolwerk- Snowflake Quilt- Needle Love Design
Rosie Krieder's- Shoo Fly- nice brown, tan and blue fabric combination
Jean Jeske- A scrappy quilt make with Whimsical's Fabric
Jean Jeske- Scrappy Whimsical Quilt

13 responses to “Retreat Photos”

  1. Sue Avatar

    I bought my little iron like that over a year ago and just love it. Doesn’t Rowenta make the best irons!!! Wonderful quilts, those ladies do a wonderful job on their quilts.

  2. Lori Avatar

    What awesome quilts!! I especially love the turkey tracks quilt as it does look antique!!

  3. Emily Avatar

    You can find the little wooden tv tables at Wal-Mart for around $8. I drilled a bunch of holes in the table-top, then layered: Insulbright, batting, Insultbright, then top fabric. The drilled holes help dispurse the heat. When not traveling with me, my table sits right next to my sewing table at home … it truly is perfect for piecework!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Awesome quilts! Love them all! Great inspiration ! Love your website and your log!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Carrie Proulx Avatar

    Awesome quilts, are the tumbler pieces from your dye-cuts available on your website? I love them all sewn up. That little iron will be going on my birthday wish-list. Thanks for sharing your retreat.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The Tumbler quilts is a whole kit on the site for $150 or you can just purchase packages of tumblers and collect them. LB

  6. Carol Avatar

    Absolutely incredible quilts…wish I lived near you!

  7. Colleen Avatar

    Hi Lisa… love the cover! That little wool mat looks adorable and I can’t wait for the book to come out :o) I can’t wait to see everything in the book, but I would love to see the wool projects first! BTW – I was in the store the other day… everything looks great and it is a shopping dream to go in there ;o)

  8. Judy Avatar

    Great cover—-the wool projects would be nice first—-please—–boy you look so tan!!!!!

  9. Bonni Avatar

    The flower mat on the cover makes the book look really tempting! Yes, show the wool projects first. Everything you make is beautiful…wish I lived close by also.

  10. Geri Avatar

    I sure wish I lived closer, but thankgoodness for your site. I love the quilts. Just beautiful. I can’t wait to buy your new book!!!


  11. Margaret Avatar

    Looking forward to pictures from book, any pages would be appreciated and really like all your projects..

  12. Marty Bryant Avatar
    Marty Bryant

    I would love to know more about the tv/ironing station …. please give details.

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