Summer Gatherings

Here is the cover of our new book….I was told today we will have books by April 5th.  Tomorrow they will start printing!  I am so excited… I think this is a great book…I will add more pics of the projects in the book over  the next couple of days.  Do you want to see quilts or wool projects first?

37 responses to “Summer Gatherings”

  1. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    I’d like to see quilts first followed
    by the rest. Can’t wait to see what
    you bring to Chicago.

  2. Patti Gagliardi Avatar

    Wool projects please 🙂
    Love the cover!
    Hoping to purchase this book at the Quilt Show in Rosemont!

    Blessings, Patti

  3. Pam L Avatar
    Pam L

    I want to see the quilts first! Like I have time to piece or applique another quilt or have the space for more projects, but love the quilts!!!!!

  4. Danielle Avatar

    Quilts…no, wool… no, quilts! Oh, why make a girl have to choose? LOL. Seriously, the cover is great, can’t wait to see what’s inside…

  5. paulettte Doyle Avatar

    I’m with Danielle…just show us!! Can’t wait!!

  6. Carol Avatar

    The cover is beautiful…quilts first pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Can’t wait!

  7. nancy Avatar

    Oh Yummmy…I’m sure it will all be wonderful….but woooool first, please…

  8. Michelle Harter Avatar

    Eeny meeny miney mo……OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COVER

  9. Becky Avatar

    I say show us the wool projects first, but quilts first would not upset me. Love your work and can’t wait to see the new things.

  10. Barbara Avatar

    Little of both!!! Please……..

  11. Anna Avatar

    I’m for wool projects first, but I want to see it ALL!

  12. KathyC Avatar

    Wool first please!!! But I can’t wait to see all of the projects!!

  13. Debbie Avatar

    Great cover Lisa and Carole!! I can see I will have to stock up on more wool. I’d like to see all the projects, but how about some wool first.

  14. Karen Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover – but I knew I would love it. I’d be thrilled to see anything, but my heart always goes with the wool :). Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

    Happy Spring – Karen

  15. Liza Schultz Avatar
    Liza Schultz

    Your cover is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it all, but wool first please.

  16. Sylvia Avatar

    Wool please!!

  17. Rose Avatar

    I am sure we will love anything you decide to share with us. Always do.

  18. Hollie Avatar

    Wool projects–I LOVE wool!!!

  19. Christine Avatar

    Wool, wool, wool!!!!! I can hardly wait to order this book!!!


  20. Linda Hartsock Avatar
    Linda Hartsock

    I love your blog–it makes me smile and wish I did not have to work. The new book looks fabulous———-love the wool project————love the quilts———–esp like to have a kit so I don’t have to think too much. would love to bring a group from Iowa to see your shop. How about the Quilt Expo in Sept and then to your shop? Wish we were closer, Linda

  21. Sandy Jones Avatar
    Sandy Jones

    Can’t wait to have it in my lap and enjoy it all!

  22. Lorrie Avatar

    That’s like having to pick a favourite child!! Love the cover!
    What kind of cupboard do you call it? Is it antique or a reproduction?
    I have been searching for one for ages.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lorrie…it is an antique spool cabinet. Look in the antique stores or ebay! LB

      1. Lorrie Avatar

        Many thanks, Lisa! I am heading to eBay now!

  23. Lori Avatar

    I’d like to see them all! I’m partial to wool though:) Lovely cover!!

  24. Karla Avatar

    Wool, wool, wool, then the fabulous quilts! Love the cover!

  25. Marya Avatar

    I am so excited for this book. I have so many Fall & Winter projects. Summer is sorely neglected. I can’t pick between wool & quilts. Of course, I want to see both. I suppose I would do a wool project first. I LOVE the robin and babies. We usually have a family nest on our porch each year, so I will love to make this project.

  26. juliez Avatar

    Wool projects, please. Can’t wait!!

  27. Marie Miglin Avatar
    Marie Miglin

    Wool projects first.
    Can hardly wait!!

    Marie Miglin

  28. Bari Avatar

    Wool please! And then the quilts!!! :O) Can’t wait to see them all and get the book! :O)

  29. Kathleen Avatar

    Wool…please…I am oohhh…so about wool….
    And your choices are always so perfect!

  30. Carrie Proulx Avatar


    Choosing one has always been difficult for me!! I always love everything in your books, I am going to enjoy your peeks.

    Love the cover of your book, it is rich with color and your style.

  31. Chris D Avatar

    I love the cover of your new book! Very fresh and inviting. I hope to see you in Chicago!

  32. Laurie B. Avatar
    Laurie B.

    I’ve been in publishing for 20 years and I must say that that is a gorgeous cover. Even if I wasn’t a quilter I would have to have this book. But, I am a quilter, and I will buy it, and I will drool on it. Love the projects, too. I’m off to order a couple of kits. And the book!

  33. Lesley Walker Avatar
    Lesley Walker

    Please, where can I find this book in the UK?

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