I almost burned my house down yesterday…

I am so stupid…I left the house with a pot of boiling beans on the gas stove.  I was just going to run to the graphic designers and drop off some stuff…no big deal…then I stopped at the warehouse and got sidetracked and then Jake wanted me to go with him to pick up his Jetski…on the way home I remembered about the beans..this is about 3 hours later…my heart was pounding so hard…I thought I was going to faint or throw up…when we got over the overpass, I didn’t see any smoke…so when we got home there was no smoke only STINK.  So to make a long story short… I was using dried beans to make white chicken chili, thought I would save a buck you know…so by buying the dried beans and boiling them, it costed me my nice Calphalon pot, and then I had to go to the shop for the new clean smelling candles we just got in…so from now on…I will be buying the 6 cans of beans…I just try to do too many damn things in a day…

I thought I would share this with you so if you ever have done something stupid like this, You are not alone…LB

Today we are setting up the Chicago booth…

14 responses to “I almost burned my house down yesterday…”

  1. Lorrie Avatar

    …….been there, done that! (no pun intended!!)

  2. Tara Darr Avatar

    Been there, done it also! LOL Good luck with your booth set up – have fun! It’s too cold here for me to be tinkering with mine – I do it in the garage – so that’s my plan for this weekend!

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  3. tammy Avatar

    I haven’t done that, but i have forgotten about burning candles…just as bad!!!

  4. Judy Avatar

    Just wait— as the years go by it even gets better—do you have an iron the has an auto shut off—-!!!!!!!!

  5. Claudia Avatar

    Hello….. I am so glad nothing more happened with your bean mishap.
    I was scrolling back and saw the pic of Barb Herrick !!……She taught the quilting class that got me started quilting “a few years ago”…….I would love to get in touch with here !! Does she have a blog?….Be sure and tell her HELLO from North Dakota !!
    Have a great day !!

  6. Colleen Avatar

    Oh yea, been there done that… curling irons, straighteners, my regular iron, stovetop… have done it all. Scary and I am danged lucky I still have a house! And you are right… it is trying to multitask. Bet you never do that one again though!

    1. Connie Avatar

      I tried to boil an egg in my microwave once. Fortunately after I started the microwave, I left the room. The egg exploded, the glass measuring cup broke, the door blew open and I had egg all over the kitchen! It blew all the circuits in the microwave, but I was able to repair it. And yes, it made a loud noise to let me know that something went wrong! 🙂

  7. Doris Marie Avatar
    Doris Marie

    Oh yes, me too! Thirty years ago, with a cast iron skillet on low all day and a two-day old litter of kittens in the house! We had been thinking about replacing the cast iron with new, but after that, never!!!! Cast iron rules in our house!

  8. Tara B Avatar

    Glad to know you are human as well! Oh the times I have driven home to see if I left something on.

  9. Pam L Avatar
    Pam L

    You know that commercial about the family who downloads games for their kids on the phone, check in for a flight with their phone and even turn off the lights in their house with their phone? You need an app to turn off your stove! We’ve all done stuff like that and go into panic mode from the time you realize that you’ve left the stove on until you arrive home with no fire trucks in front of your house! It happens to the best of us:)

  10. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    I was heating up a baby (glass) bottle with formula…forgot… by the time I returned to the stove, the only thing left in the pan that was recognizeable was the glass. The bottle had cracked and broke into tons of pieces, the formula, plastic ring around the bottle nipple and the nipple were gone!!! No where to be found! I’m still amazed by that… all melted… it gives me nightmares! HA!

  11. Amy Avatar

    I did the same once. Left to walk up the road to go to the grocery store with my family. As we approached our house on our smoke filled street, I commented that someone really burned dinner bad (I can do that cuz I rarely burn anything)! we laughed about it till we got to our house us idiots realized it was ours! The smoke was so thick I had to retreat after the first attempt, only to go back While holding my breath. I ruined my nice heavy bottom stainless pot because it was so hot that when I moved it the bottom came off and liquid aluminum spilled all over!!! Nasty mess all around!!!

  12. Laurie Avatar

    Be glad it wasn’t eggs you had on the stove. I was making potato salad, went outside to work on the flower beds got distracted. When I went back in the house, the eggs had all exploded all over leaving a rotten egg smell in my house for days. No amount of candles could remove the smell. It has been 5 years & my family still hasn’t let me forget about it.

    See you in Paducah!

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