Summer BOW Preview…

Ok…here we are…this is the only “preview” you are going to get for the Summer block of the Week….it is called “Lisa’s Garden” I have always loved Florence Peto’s Antique Nine Patch and Applique quilt.  So why not do my own Garden Quilt.  Ours will have 48-3″ applique blocks and 63 pieced nine patch blocks that will set on point… I will design the applique blocks and the border-which is still to be determined, like usual…but I think it will be pieced with a little applique.  You will get 4 applique and 5 pieced blocks along with all the fabric for the applique backgrounds the first week.  The next 11 weeks you will receive the 4 applique blocks and the 5 pieced blocks-with a couple more nine patch blocks the last week to make 63.  The 13th week will be the border and the cost will be posted later…I think we will be able to use a lot of the fabric we already have from the nine patches to complete the border with….We are doing at least 9-3″ blocks a week, we are going to use up a lot of the reproduction scrap at the shop-so your nine patch fabrics will not be exactly the same as the photo, but if we use a blue you will have a blue and so on…we are being green and resourceful at the same time and still give you a great “summer” deal….The top applique blocks are the 1st week with the nine patches, the bottom appliques are the 2nd week and I don’t have the 2nd week’s  nine patches done yet….too much quilt market stuff to do yet….It will be $20 for the first week and $10 for the next 11 and then the border the 13th week that is to be determined…I also want to throw this out to any of you who might want to do this….I am thinking about making 2 sets of blocks and doing a 2nd quilt but continuing with the quilt!  Maybe with about 200 applique blocks…so maybe I am crazy or maybe I am not alone and there are others of you who are up for the challenge.  Florence made 2 quilts a big one and a little one… Please let me know…the applique blocks are really simple and easy to do…maybe about half an hour each to stitch.

14 responses to “Summer BOW Preview…”

  1. Kathleen W. Avatar
    Kathleen W.

    Lisa, this is going to be a fantastic quilt and I’m up for the challenge. Meanwhile, I’m loving all the gorgeous offerings from Summer Gatherings.

  2. Marian Avatar

    Oh my gosh – when can I sign up?? That quilt is going to be beautiful. I’m not sure I could handle making 2 sets of blocks, I think you stitch faster than I do :o) How big is the original BOW with only one set going to be?

  3. Sherry Johnson Avatar
    Sherry Johnson

    Sounds like a fun project! I’m game! How do we sign up?


  4. Dana Avatar

    You are AWESOME!!!! I have been admiring the Calico Garden and Florrie’s Garden quilts for quite some time. In fact, I finally took the plunge and purchased the patterns (joined the “Gardening Club”, in fact) this year at Paducah. Based on your preview, I am beginning to think I might like your version even more! I am so excited – I can’t wait to get started. I would definitely be interested in keeping this going, whether it be two smaller quilts or one big one. Thanks for everything you do!!

  5. Cheryl Avatar

    I love these. I started a quilt like this but I like yours so much better. I don’t quite understand about the second set but I might be up for the challenge! Will you have a thread set to recommend?

  6. Betty Terrell Avatar
    Betty Terrell

    For those like me that have not seen the quilt,could we see a picture of Florence Peto’s Antique Nine Patch and Applique Quilt?
    This sounds like fun.
    Thanks Betty

  7. Karen Lenczowski Avatar
    Karen Lenczowski

    What size do you anticipate the final quilt to be? Thanks!

  8. Sheila Avatar

    I love your blog, are these programs available if you don’t live in your area, are you mailing them?

  9. Janet Avatar

    I love what I see with the block of the week. Hope do I get more information about signing up. The second quilt sounds great also but I am not sure I am up to that challenge yet. I am a newbie when it come to wool quilt project. I love your website also, it has lots of great projects and ideas.

  10. Pati Beck Avatar
    Pati Beck

    Can’t wait to get started on this new project. Just called the shoppe and ordered it.
    I love your designs and wish I lived closer to enjoy your classes.
    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  11. Doris Maire Gerard Avatar
    Doris Maire Gerard

    Love the Florence Petro quilt! Love your version even better, Lisa, no edges on teeny tiny pieces to turn under. Right now I’m divided 50/50 on signing up for this BOW, still haven’t finished last summer’s BOW! And have to clear it with my Scrooge DH. 🙂
    ….maybe if I finish a UFO or two?
    But I love the idea of a humongous quilt with 200 appliqued blocks in it!!!!

  12. Pam Avatar

    That BOW looks so sweet and I am a flower lover, but I’m so far behind on the Civil War BOM and then I bought two kits (just for starters) from your Summer Gatherings book. And now I love that little mat with the chicks. Good grief–I can’t get it all done in my lifetime!

  13. Sheila O'Mahony Avatar
    Sheila O’Mahony

    I think I would like to do more blocks. I have signed up for the BOW, and I would like to do a couple of blocks before I would commit to the bigger project. Thanks, Sheila

  14. katie paxton Avatar

    Is there a pattern to be bought for the Christmas journal??

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