the best customers!

I have the best customers!…Jess called and told me we have over 100 people signed up for the block of the week in one day!  That is a lot people for one day…I appreciate your constant patronage to our wonderful shop…It just makes me want to work harder!  I need to tell you all what is also going on…I can’t sleep at night…just thinking about what we are going to do to make this a wonderful place for Quilter’s to hang out…On May 28th after we get home from Quilt Market we are supposed to close on this house below.  It is on 1375 Racine St.  Right down the street from the shop…about a half mile away…we think we will be able to house 12 guests at first…with room to expand if needed.  It sits on almost an acre lot, with a big circle driveway….set back from the road.  My mother has given her notice at her job, cooking for 25 retired brothers and priests, to help us out and cook for our quilters.  She is going to be 63 and needs to quit anyway and take care of her daughter…  There is lots to do…new roof, tear out a wall between the living room and family room, some broken windows, garage door apron needs to be repoured, lots of paint, flooring, bathroom counters, sinks, toilets and showers…who puts pink counters in a 15 year old house?  I guess the same person who puts blue siding on their house…sorry if you have a baby blue house….I am getting used to it…I will have to decorate the outside with lots of red, white and blue.  The backyard is huge with room for lots of gardens…and fruit trees…Mostly cosmetic things have to be done…so I am hoping it all get put together by September!  Anyone need to get away? The Appleton Airport is less than 10 minutes away!

This could be our new "RETREAT HOUSE"

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  1. Lorrie McDonnell Avatar
    Lorrie McDonnell

    Now THAT is cool! Best of luck!

  2. Colleen Avatar

    Need a manager?? Lol. What a fabulous idea!

  3. Beth Aalberts Avatar
    Beth Aalberts

    I’m there…with Colleen!

  4. karen margritz Avatar
    karen margritz

    Hi Lisa, just wanted to say Thank You again, I had the best time yesterday at the shop and in class. The store is so wonderful and I can’t wait to start all my new projects. My husband, dog and I arrived home today and already I want to go back. Thank You, Karen M

  5. Sue Cryderman Avatar
    Sue Cryderman

    Wow! That sounds like something out of the Elm Creek series! What a great idea! 🙂 I am right next door in Michigan and this sounds like fun to me 🙂

    Good luck with the renovations. (pink counters?..never seen that one before)


  6. Marlene Avatar

    Sign me up! blessings, marlene

  7. Debbie Avatar

    This is so exciting Lisa!!! Very happy for you!!!

  8. Gloria Avatar

    Hey Lisa & Nick!! What a lucky couple you are to find this wonderful house!! Let me know when you get ready to sign everyone up… I can surely bring enough girls from Florida to fill it up!! See you in Minneapolis!

  9. Linda Avatar

    Wow! How far from LAX? We are there in a heartbeat. See you at Primitives in MO.

  10. Peggy Welchert Avatar
    Peggy Welchert

    Yes I need to get away! This sounds like a fun time and a perfect reason to be able to actually visit your shop. I visit Wisconsin, but didn’t know about your shop until just recently. I will see you someday hopefully before the end of the year.

  11. Linda Avatar

    Aha! Delta has a nonstop flight from Atlanta to Appleton….who knew?

  12. Ann Avatar

    How exciting! I am sure you will have a waiting list of quilters wanting to stay. I will be signing up.

  13. Rosemary Avatar

    How exciting for you and for us!
    Sign me up!

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