It’s Block of Week time!

Today is the official start of our Summer Block of the week; Lisa’s Flower Garden.  You may come to the store and pick them up starting today, or if you are receiving it by mail…it will be shipped out this week…I say this because, some  of our background fabric was in an “accident”  the truck turned over in New York…you know I am telling the truth, because I couldn’t make that up….So the remainder of our background will not be here until Thursday and therefor will not be shipped out until then…so please be thankful no one, or no fabric  was injured in the “accident” and please accept our apology of this first shipment being a bit late.

Here is the list of threads I have used in the first four weeks of the block of the week… They are as follows: #12 Valdani Perle Cottons-P2, 0578, o78, h204, o86, 8123, o513, o540, o534, o154, P12, o519, o31, o178, o592,   Valdani 3-stranded floss-(3SF) You will use only one strand of this: o540, 841, o154, o78.  If you are in need of any or all of these threads please place your thread order as a separate order on our website.  I will place the next four weeks by the end of June.

Our “freebie” this week is a 4″ finished basket block.  I used the following threads is this block: #12 P12, H202 and 3SF-o78 and H202.

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  1. Dana Avatar

    What a bummer to hear about the truck incident! I was hoping to be able to take week one on vacation with me next week – it would have been the only week I had any chance of keeping up! The freebie is absolutely terrific! I can’t wait to see the rest of the blocks!

  2. Kelli Avatar

    Hi – the Gathering Place is going to be wonderful! Keep us posted with pics and details. Could you enlighten me as to the freebie?

  3. Roxanne Ferguson Avatar
    Roxanne Ferguson

    I absolutely love your block of the week. But I have gobs of civil war repros and wool scraps so I do not need the whole kit. Will you ever be offering your little flower blocks as a pattern collection? Even as a booklet many months from now? I do surely hope you will consider doing this. Thanks for all of your inspiration. If I lived closer, I would be a “shop groupie.”

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We sure will have a pattern available…look for it around October.LB

  4. Pati Beck Avatar
    Pati Beck

    So excited about starting this BOM…just looking at the threads that you mentioned were going to be used…Are you putting kits or groups of thread together that we can purchase to go with the different months? I am too late today to call the shop to ask this but can tomorrow…but you know how it is when your excited to know something!!
    Like I can’t even start it without the kit…being that I am having mine mailed and see that my background had a wreck! Sure wish I lived closer to enjoy your new retreat house….how wonderful for your customers…Pati

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We will have thread kits for each month…the first one is posted on our site..thanks LB

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