Farmer’s Wife-July

Sue has made another 7 blocks for July.  We are so happy that you love getting the directions for the blocks.  Thanks to Sue who has made life easier for all of you!

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  1. Nancy Opsteen Avatar
    Nancy Opsteen

    Hi Lisa – hope you are doing well. Summer is sure going fast. Just inquiring if a new newsletter will be coming out and have a question re. the upcoming warehouse sale. Will it be at the warehouse? If so, please include an address. I know it’s not until August but some people were asking me where it was going to be and if I knew the address. They saw the “warehouse sale” listed on your home page and they are interested in going to it. Thanks much!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I will notify everyone with the address of the warehouse where the sale will be held when I send the email promoting it. thanks LB

  2. Edie Gottschall Avatar
    Edie Gottschall

    Made the Woopie Pies . . . OMG, they are delicious! Looking forward to show and tell!

    Edie — hunkering down in south Texas as Alex approaches

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