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A lot of the girls at the shop are doing a block exchange…Here is how it goes…you pick out the fabrics you want your blocks made out of and place them in your box…you pick a block that you are going to make for everyone…when you get their box, you make your block…you are always making the same block, only in their fabrics…you cross off your name on the list.  Write the name of your block on the outside paper and bring it back to the pick/up and drop/off place (our shop)and you keep making blocks until you have had everyone’s box.  Here is what it kind of looks like…I made these this morning…I just thought I would share this with you, in case you want to start one of these with your own group…I know you need another thing to do like I do…why do you think I had to make four blocks??? I was probably holding up the swap, but I think I am good for a little bit now…besides I like cutting a lot at a time instead of one block at a time…LB

Rising Star blocks
A box, with fabrics and blocks that have been made already!
outside of box--the paperwork

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5 thoughts on “block in a box

  1. i love this idea for an exchange project. how did you decide how many different fabrics to include in each box, and how much yardage of each,,,, and what size each block should be made to ?

    1. We each had to pick a 10″ block, you could put as many/or as little different fabrics as you wished in your box, you just needed enough for everyone to make their block.I think I put 10 light, 10 medium and 10 dark fat eights in my box.

  2. I love this idea. I’m going to suggest it to the bee I belong to. Not too much time commitment in 1 block and we could use fabrics out of our ever growing stashes too.

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