week #8 freebie

Wow, the summer is going fast…I wish it wasn’t but we are already on week 8 of our summer adventure.  I hope you are all stitching away…you probably need more steam-a-seam 2 light, by now!  Remember to use the light steam-a-seam now.  I am loving it.  It does not separate like the regular SAS2 does.  Here is the next basket block…Are you just loving these free blocks!   Ok…I was just checking to see if anyone really looks at these blocks…here is the real #8.  I am home from Long Beach…it was a great show…talk about it soon…LB

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  1. Susan Avatar

    I believe that is the week #7 Freebie, as I got it last week with my week 7 BOW.

  2. Tammy Avatar

    I am loving the freebie basket blocks….allot! Sadly I had made the decision that I had too much going on this summer to do the summer block, but when you pictured on your website, the freebie blocks with baskets – I knew I had to do them! Anything with baskets and I’m in! Thanks so much for a fun summer – this block looks the same as last weeks?

  3. Liz Armstrong Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Just a note to tell you that I am up to date on all my blocks, nine patch, applique and the free basket blocks. I can’t wait until I know how you plan to have us set those.
    I love them the best really. I mean the others are fine but the baskets are very special. How many more weeks will they continue…..maybe to the end of the BOW project? I would love that.
    My friends and I might come up again to the store in a couple weeks so I look forward to getting some more wool. I am MAking a BlackHawks blanket quilt for my granddaughter to take back to college. I have made the Indian from your wool and it is drop dead gorgeous. I got the idea from a saleslady in your shop. So thanks triple time…the BOW, the baskets and the Hawk quilt idea. I wrote to the marketing department of the Blackhawks for permission to make and use their logos. They gave it to me in writing as long as I didn’t sell it.
    Thanks again,
    Liz Armstrong
    Arlington Heights, Il

  4. Paula Avatar

    I love the baskets the best, so glad to get them. I have started the 9 patches on the flowers. I make a picture of each basket you write about, I just love them.

  5. bev ames Avatar
    bev ames

    Just wanted to mention, your booth at Long Beach Quilt Show was Fantastic! My friends & I LOVED IT!!! We shopped till we dropped, (we almost did it was so packed!) We loved all your patterns, books & WOOLIES! Oh My! We helped the economy that day (we won’t mention what we spent there)but we had fun. We are so looking forward to your class at Road to California in January 2011!

    Simply Wonderful!
    Pomona, CA

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