week #9 freebie…

Here is another basket block.  I have been receiving many questions on how to get the “freebie” blocks.  They are available as a whole kit w/pattern each week with a 10$ purchase via internet order or walk in customers.  If you do not order or come in a week you do not automatically get that weeks block.  You must come in or get something shipped to you each week.  This is how our little event is set up.  We want to see you EACH week.  We miss you in the summer when you have too many other things to do but come to the quilt shop.  So hopefully you don’t want to miss these great block kits and visit us on our site or in the store.  Thanks everyone! LB

P.S.  If you miss a week you can pay $5 to get any you missed but who wants to pay $5 when you can just shop or come it?  If you missed out on this summer’s freebies, you can get it as a whole kit in the end or you can make sure you don’t miss it next year.  We have been doing this for 5 years now every summer.

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  1. Sue Avatar

    I just wanted to let you know that I was in your shop last weekend and I stood in awe of everything!! Even my husband and cousin were amazed !!!

    We spent a couple of hours there and I could have spent a couple more. I might add that I bought some great purchases:)

    I also received my freebie block and I thank you!!

    Your staff was terrific and your shop is everything I dream about in a quilt shop. We took the car ferry across Lake Michigan from Ludington to Manitowoc, Wisconsin and from there went down to your store. I was not disappointed in the least! I do plan on making the trip again, hopefully in the fall.

    Thank you for making a quilter’s dreams come true 😀


  2. Jennifer Avatar

    I absolutely love the background fabric in this one. I wish I could afford to spend ten bucks a week. I am on a tight budget right now! They are beautiful blocks!!

  3. lisabongean Avatar


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