home again…time to sort it all out…

today it was workout, paper work and write out bills…more planning and writing notes for “the gathering”, then off to the shop for more planning for out warehouse sale…then home…I thought you might want to see what is left of my fiasco…this is all my seasonal things and all the “stuff” i had in the storage part of the basement, it doesn’t look like a lot here, but it acutally is a lot of stuff…need to get some shelving and make this all look nice… maybe tomorrow…Nick doesn’t care too much that his garage is looking like this? Right? I am sure we will be going shelving shopping soon, like tomorrow…that motorcycle, looks a little out of place…

all my "stuff"…i might be making piles of need, donate, trash and ????

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  1. Carol Larson Avatar
    Carol Larson

    Wondering if you could let us know in your blog about your warehouse sale and directions to it. Very interested. Thanks. Carol

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