I forgot to post…before i left for the weekend

Here is my “after” shot of the garage…on Friday.   And now here is what my basement storage area looks like now…all it needs is a few runners on the floor and it should be all set.  I know this is probably boring for you, but for me, it is a big deal, sorry…LB

9 responses to “I forgot to post…before i left for the weekend”

  1. Nancy Dey Avatar
    Nancy Dey

    and it’s a big deal for me too:)

  2. Clair Becker Avatar
    Clair Becker

    You really worked hard and it shows.I like seeing how other people organize there stuff. I love reading your blog. Looking forward to visiting your shop on our vacation in late Sept. Looking forward to getting away from the Texas heat.

  3. Lorrie Avatar

    Looks great and nope, not boring. Getting something organized is always exciting for me. My daughter and I will be attacking our cold cellar storage area before it’s back-to-school!

  4. jeanne Avatar

    Boring … not hardly … that awful feeling of knowing that your
    creative space has been torn apart leaves one breathless! I like knowing
    that I made the mess …. not nature. I get it ! Thanks for sharing ! May
    the rest of the summer be peaceful for you!

  5. Sandy Jones Avatar
    Sandy Jones

    What did we ever do before plastic tubs!
    Your area looks better than mine so guess I need to get more tubs.
    And it is always fun to see what you are doing.

  6. Pati Beck Avatar
    Pati Beck

    Too bad it takes something like water in our storage area to get us organized…I always think I want to take the time and organize but with working all day and so little sewing time I usually opt for quilting instead of organizing….I really need to re-think this before I am forced to do it and lose some of my precious quilting items. Your space looks so nice and if you can find the time as busy as you are with shows, work, and creating wonderful items for the rest of us to enjoy I had better get busy.

  7. bev ames Avatar
    bev ames

    OMGosh…..This is definetly not boring. I think this is GREAT! I need to do the same thing to my garage & sewing room. Plastic tubs are great.

  8. Liz Armstrong Avatar

    Definitely not boring. Beautiful. Are you certain now that all those treasures in those new bins are worthy of such lush storage. That is my problem. I have to close my eyes more often. Who did that hard part? You or your helper. One for me, one for you and toss the rest? Just kidding, at least now you have it under control and you can go away and not have to worry. Water however anytime is not welcome in anyone’s basement..it does stuff. ick.
    Thanks for always sharing……..I am coming up to your shop again soon, you have the best wool in the midwest without a doubt. Thanks. Love the basket block this week.
    Liz Armstrong

  9. Rosemary Avatar

    Congratulations – looks wonderful and I bet it feels great to be all organized!!

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