week #10 freebie

Threads used for this week’s freebie are as follows… #12 Valdani 1645 & P2.. 3SF-1, 031 and P2.

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  1. Diane Avatar

    Cleaning up from a flooded mess IS A BIG THING! I thought of you last week after we too experienced some flooding. It was late one night and I was in my sewing room. I really should already have been sleeping but you know how it is when you get on a roll! As I got up to go upstairs I heard a loud SPLAT then SPLAT again and louder. I go around my sewing table to see water dripping from above. Thankfully we haven’t finished our basement yet so I could easily see where it was coming from. The toilet seal! Yikes!!! I could hear the shower was running in the kids’ bathroom. Could only be 2 things right? Either the toilet has overflown or she didn’t have the curtain closed tightly and water is pouring out. NOT!!! I rushed upstairs screaming to my sleeping husband on the way to the kids’ bathroom “Curt! WE have a problem!!” I opened the door to find the floor covered in water. The toiled seemed fine, but big double vanity had become a not so pleasureable waterfall as the water was gushing over the side. My lovely daughter decided to fill the sink to soak the chlorine from her swimwear and forgot what she was doing and hopped into the shower with the water running!!! By this time the leaks below had gotten much worse but thankfully all fabric, machines, and furniture was saved! Thank goodness I was down there or the water would have been running for another 15 – 20 minutes!!!

  2. Kimberly Avatar

    Friends turned me onto your blog with all the chatter about how great it is! I am starting to think I might like to try wool applique but have no idea where to start. Can you please make suggestions for someone starting from scratch? I have very limited experience with applique. In fact all my experience is with machine as hand work usually scares me away. (Carpel tunnel in both wrists.)

  3. ann Avatar

    I live in minnesota is there any way to get your free blocks. I love them

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