decision made…

I have had my blocks all put together for the BOW laying on my table for a week trying to decide the border application…i know i thought i had it figured out, but when I auditioned the fabrics…it did nothing for it.  The quilt has so much going on that I have made the decision it needs just a simple finishing application.  I am figuring that Florence came to the same conclusions because she used a simple border with some brodre purse applique…(i know I probably spelled that wrong…but I am too lazy to look it up and spell check doesn’t know what i am talking about) on her little quilt.  Her large quilt she just set it on point and bound the jagged nine patches, using to setting triangles.  Good news is..there is no more applique and the price will be minimal.  If you want to do the setting I originally planned, you can figure it out by looking at the rough draft I have sent.  I loved what I planned but it goes to show that it doesn’t always work out the way you design it to.  That is why I don’t like to give you a hint as to how it is going to look because I seem to always alter it.  Anyway…here is what it is looking like as of now…I picked a red binding to go on.  I have oversized my border to leave me a little more room for quilting it and then I will trim it back a little..hope you like it….PS.  I promise I will start to show the progress on “the gathering” retreat house…today I will take some more updated photos..

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11 thoughts on “decision made…

  1. Hi Lisa…
    I love the fabric choice! I agree with simplicity; more applique would have been over-kill. Thanks for a great summer project! And there is still time to hang it and enjoy it!
    Kathy G

  2. Dang girl that turned out so cute – I’m kicking myself now for not jumping in on this one. Live and learn :). Hope your doing great. Karen

  3. Lisa, I did the original before there was the pattern but I did my research. Florence’s original was small and appliqued onto a larger piece. She added Broiderie Perse flowers to the sides to make it look bigger. After I did mine from a museum photo, two years later they were selling those patterns which was the larger from the Museum. by now I had mine finished and hanging. I too left the blocks as you did according to the rough draft, but my borders that I added on each side of the setting triangles were small mixed squares of calico set on point. So with the left over cuts from the nine patch you will have ample to set on all sides without over coming the whole picture. So no more applique, or gussy stuff to take a way from the colorful blocks. I will send you a picture of my finished quilt or bring it with me to the Expo so you can see it.
    thanks again,
    Liz Armstrong

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Love the finished quilt!
    Was hoping that you’d decide to keep going with this until it was a big 200 blocks or more quilt.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for next summer!

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