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Well I am home from Minnesota and had a wonderful time teaching and lecturing about my life and quilts…I had 11 wonderful students in my workshop and met several quilters that have been customers for a long time…It is always nice to visit and talk about what they are working on…here are my students from Friday’s workshop working on their Christmas Time wool table mats.  While I am making a pot of Chili I thought I would quick upload them.  Good Job Girls!

Jodi and Trisha from Fort Frances, Canada
Rose and Sue (the troublemaker, there's alway one…) from Wilmar MN…
Shelly from Wilton MN
"Sisters" Mary and Barb from Hoffman & New London MN.
Judy and Dawn from Brainerd MN
Stacey & Janet from Devlin and Rainy River ONT Canada

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  1. Michelle Schroeder Avatar
    Michelle Schroeder

    I want to attend an applique class where wine is served! Looks like fun!

  2. Anna Duncan Avatar
    Anna Duncan

    Dear Lisa,
    I love keeping up with thru your posts. Please include an occasional picture of yourself for folks like me who are fans of your work but cannot not make it to your shop/shows to see you. I hope we can get you to come out to one of the East Coast shows someday. If so, I’ll be there for sure.

    Anna Duncan

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      it is funny you should bring up the east coast…I have been trying to plan our schedule for next year and want to get into the Lancaster (March)and Paducah shows( April)…both through AQS. You must have to know someone to get in, but they always say I’m on the waiting list…or they will contact me if someone backs out at the last minute…well I am not a last minute girl..I need to plan a great booth and the last minute will not work for me…but I think if enough people shout at them that they want and need me there maybe they will be able to find a spot..I’ll try to take more pics of me…lol…

      1. Anna Duncan Avatar
        Anna Duncan

        Ok…I’ll write to the Lancaster Show contact and recommend that they find you and Primitive Gatherings a spot at their show.

  3. elizabeth armstrong Avatar
    elizabeth armstrong

    You can’t know how thrilled I was to hear that you are going to be at our guild (NSQG) meeting in 2011. OMG I will sign up for both the classes since I live so far away and haven’t been able to take advatntage of anything in Wisconsin.

    Now to tell you that I am finally adding the borders to my basket quilt and will send you a picture when I am totally finished. Do you remember when I spoke to you about doing applique on “screen fabric” I bought your mason jar kit while I was in Madison and had your Summer book so I really do want you to take a look at that when it is finished. I nope you don’t mind my veering off the path now and then.

    Thanks for the great conversation in Madison and it was fun meeting with you although I felt as if I really knew you anyway from making all of your stuff, you kinda get to know the character of the designer. You would be surprised at all the blogs I visit now and then with Lisa Bongean wannabee’s but never made it. LOL

    I was in Quilt Merchant Quilt Shop on Friday and bought another of your patterns……..LOL.
    Great shop….right in line with your thinking Docia does a great job.

    til next time, can’t wait until I see what you are up to next. By the way are you going to post information about your Retreat Place…

    Liz Armstrong
    Arlington Heights, IL

  4. bev ames Avatar
    bev ames

    These ladies are having too much fun!!! I am excited & looking forward to our class at Road to Ca in January 2010.

  5. elizabeth armstrong Avatar
    elizabeth armstrong

    What does it mean you comment is awaiting moderation???? My previous note is just sitting there. Opened or unopened.
    Liz A.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It probably means that I did not approve the message to be posted…sorry…I am working on getting the last nine patch quilt, quilted…along with a slew of other things that need to be done before we leave for DesMoines…
      I need to blog and send out some more email to everyone…hopefully today…I will have to take a few breaks…long arm quilting is hard on the neck and shoulders…they deserve every penny they charge!

  6. elizabeth armstrong Avatar
    elizabeth armstrong

    Oh dear, Lisa, please forget all those dumb questions. I would rather you continue your work than putz with anything I am babbling about. LOL. Thanks,Liz

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