quilt olympics?

Do you think if one existed you would want to be a competitor?  I think I could do it…as I was quilting away tonight finishing the trip around the world nine patch…this is the smallest pantograph I have ever done…it is tiny…it looks deceiving here..but those are 3″ squares…you can see how small it is on the whole quilt….I also noticed I have lost the tension spring on my machine…wonder how long I have been quilting without it?   It’s only 10:05 and I have the binding done too!  I am ready for the nut hut…can’t you tell?  I will be bringing Jason the quilts tomorrow…hopefully he can shoot them and I can get them back to write my directions…Carole has hers all done…she has quilted and bound one of my little wool applique nine patches…she brought it over today and showed it to me….that girl sure can quilt!  I will show it  tomorrow…I think I am going to watch our Netfix movie we have had for 3 weeks now…aaahh…hey…one more thing…I think I am going to have a giveaway….I will show you this tomorrow too!

back of trip around the world nine patch…

14 responses to “quilt olympics?”

  1. tami Avatar

    I doubt that I would be a competitor, but you certainly could be. I love that little quilt. Absolutely gorgeous and in my colors. 😀

  2. sheila Avatar

    I love it!!!!

  3. Colleen Avatar

    I love it! You did a wonderful job :o)

  4. Debbie Diedrich Avatar
    Debbie Diedrich

    Love it Lisa!!!

  5. Meredith Avatar

    I always need to take a nap at some point, your quilt is very pretty.

  6. Pam Avatar

    Love it–and I agree it is in my colors, too! Can’t wait to see the rest of the quilts!

  7. Janice King Avatar
    Janice King

    Hi Lisa,

    Love that little quilt. What’s the name of the pantograph? Look’s like a all purpose panto.


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      chestnut swirls 8.5….it is brutal be warned…if you need to know the company I can give you that later…but it is a great all over close together….panto

      1. Janice King Avatar
        Janice King

        Thanks Lisa,

        I can look it up.Just needed the name.


  8. Jacque Avatar

    I am worn out just reading your blog.. woman you put the rest of us to shame.. LOL

  9. Ann Avatar

    The quilt is beautiful – loves the colors! Can’t wait to see the book and add it to my collection. Your work is absolutely amazing.

  10. Linda Avatar

    Yet another book to look forward to….you are a temptress!!

  11. Bridgid Avatar

    OMG!!!!! You are a quilting God! I don’t know how you do it.

  12. Karen Avatar

    Love the quilt and the quilting is perfect for it – you are amazing on what you can get done 🙂

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