New at shop…9-patch Gatherings…quilt show today at FVL

Got to have this book!…it looks like a magazine but it has a soft binding on it and the pages are better quality then a magazine…but the quilts are wonderful and scrappy what more could you ask for…speaking of scrappy…look at those nine patch quilts under it…I will show you a few at a time…remember…the book with the 14 nine patches has a cool method of making 9 patches, so you are going to learn something too…not just another book of little quilts here…great for sewing groups to exchange reproduction charms and just so much fun!

I have just finished the directions for Peony Wreath…it is 22″ square and features 1 1/2″ nine patches…Carole quilted this little beauty for me with her tiny meandering and great border quilting…it looks a little bright on my computer than it is in real life…I use my sample of my primitive muslin that Moda has made for us…Coming in December!  To all of you in the area there is a quilt show put on by Darting Needles Quilt Guild today at Fox Valley Lutheran High School…Stop in and see the quilts from this talented group.  I think the hours are 10-4pm

8 responses to “New at shop…9-patch Gatherings…quilt show today at FVL”

  1. kathie Avatar

    I love nine patches can’t wait to see your quilts.
    Ok would love this magazine/book as well!!!!
    nothing better than scrappy quilts!

  2. Karen Avatar

    I’m LOVING what I see – can’t wait for the new book. Where can we find the Sew Scrappy book?

  3. Karen Avatar

    Cripes if I just read the title of your post I wouldn’t have asked such a dumb question – never mind 🙂

  4. Jenifer Gaston Avatar

    Hi Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that the cat is out of the bag on the Magazine! If you want to talk about it now, go for it!!!!! You can reach us at the shop, or through email if you need! We’ll be talking to you soon with more info!!! Jeni

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      ok…maybe I too tired to figure this one out? LB email me and let me know what this is about?

  5. sheila Avatar

    Busy days for you!!! I am looking forward to more pictures of the retreat center….how fun!
    That book looks wonderful!!!

  6. Diane Avatar

    Love the 9 patches! How did the Blue Jays do?

  7. Jeanne Avatar

    Our quilt shop had a class for your adorable 9 patch plus applique quilt and it was always filled. When I asked about another, they said a book was coming out. I’m so excited (though a class would have ensured that I would start it and get far with it) that I can now have the pattern via your new book.



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