Sweet Georgia!

Well, what can I say… it was so great to meet all the wonderful Southern Ladies at the Atlanta GA quilt show…they were  all so nice and pleasant…not in any kind of hurry…and not a one left a bomb (fart) in the booth.   I know it is probably not lady like to say that “f” word but you have to remember I was surrounded my men my whole life and it is just a fact.  Even on Oprah farts are exceptable, she talks about it all the time, I hear…so please forgive me if it offended you.  So Georgia and its Ladies were wonderful…I taught 3 classes and the show was 3 days.  I only had to work the booth for 3-half days…so I felt guilty about that, but teaching is hard work too!  It feels so good to be home, even if it is only for a week or so before we shove off for the last show of the year in Houston, where we have Quilt Market and Festival…so that will be about 11 days for me and 16 for Nick…but then it is over for a couple of months.  I got home yesterday about noon and Nick arrived home at 6pm.  He drove for 15 hours straight only stopping for gas.  I puttered around for most of the afternoon watching the football games while I made these Pumpkin Muffins…I am testing some recipes for THE GATHERING  and these will for sure be on the list.  I added Hickory Nuts to the recipe and they need to have more chocolate chips than the recipe called for, imagine that…so we will make those adjustments.  They also were made with only a half cup of oil and half cup applesauce for fat!  They turned out awesome, probably because of the three cups of sugar!  They made 24 big muffins and 24 little muffins. The big ones are for Nick and the little ones are for me…is that fair?  …Here is Nick with his little friend ZaZu…my son Luke went off to college and we got the bird-don’t say a word…I know…but Nick loves her…he looks a little tired doesn’t he…

I know I have not kept you updated on our highschool football team…they are 6-1.  They did lose to Kimberly, even though I think the coaches lost it for them…they are a running team. So in a 21-21 ball game at the half why would you come out throwing the ball all four downs????…can you say interception?  So after that they lost their steam and lost 35-21 I think? that was the score…So now for the latest news…it was Homecoming this last Saturday night and our Quarterback and best Wide receiver thought it would be cool to go to the dance after drinking a few…so of course they got caught…I wish these kids knew that not only did they let their teammates and coaches down…they let all of us down, this whole community…I wish they knew how overrated drinking is and that they have the rest of their lives to do those things…they will not have the rest of their lives to play High School football…BUT… we do have a very good Sophomore QB…so maybe????We have one more regular season game to play and then the playoffs…I wish them luck, they will need it now…

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  1. Irene Szatko Avatar
    Irene Szatko

    Lisa Had a great time in your class last Sat. in Georgia. I’am glad that I had the opportunity to take advantage of your class. I wish that you had classes in the northeast. Question? What applications would you use the Valdani 3 strand, 6 strand and 6 stranded floss? Take care.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I use the Valdani 3-strand floss for punch-needle and when the wool appliques I am stitching are very small, I would use 1-strand of the floss and blanket stitch..I use the 6 strand for large stem-stitching with all 6 strands and again you can separate it for smaller things..hope this helps…glad you could attend!

  2. Bettie Karki Avatar
    Bettie Karki

    I have to comment. I met you at the Madison quilt show in your booth – am a groupie along with a ton of others – am old enough to be your Mom….and just want to say: You make me laugh!. I love your style of quilting, your color choices, what we see of your house on your site…and the fact that you don’t put on pretense. You are you and keep it up! It’s very rare these days to meet a genuine person …

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I have a quality of always being truthful and saying it like it is…I only know how to be me…I dislike it when people try to be someone they are not…so you get what you get…me LB

      1. lisabongean Avatar

        thanks for being a “groupie”…it makes my kids laugh…and wonder???

  3. Linda Avatar

    While you were in Georgia, I was in Wisconsin. Now you are back in Wisconsin and I am back in Georgia. I fully intended to visit the shop while I was nearby but an unexpected event occurred that upset my plans. I hope to get back to Wisconsin next year. Meanwhile I will continue to order online! Those muffins look really good! Nick is brave to drive straight through. We stopped halfway!

  4. lisabongean Avatar

    Sorry we missed each other….

  5. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    Lisa, I’m so glad to have met you and to be able to get a taste of your shop via your booth….
    deliciously wonderful (guess you could tell by how many times I visited…haha)! Thanks for coming to Georgia…you have lots of followers/groupies here. I hope you’ll be able to come back again….soon?? Meanwhile, I’ll drool over the online shop & the blog. God has blessed you with great talent & we’re glad you share it with us.

    Bonni (your Thurs. class helper)

  6. Donna Wells Avatar
    Donna Wells

    Hi Lisa –

    Don’t you know that “Southern” ladies would never fart in public????? Gotta love those Southern ladies!!!!

    Donna Wells
    (lived in Birmingham, LA 1979-1981)

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