I hope you picked out a good present for my birthday!

Yesterday was the 40% off coupon on one item at the store in celebration of me surviving another year of being a shop owner, pattern/book/fabric designer, teacher and soon to be retreat owner….I hope you all received something grand and used this coupon wisely and saved a bunch of money…i know it was limited on what you could use it on, but this girl needs to stay in business so you can all continue this madness we call being a quilter.  Now on to my presents…first of all you need to know one of my favorite things in the world is birthday and wedding cake…I try to talk my friends into crashing weddings just so I can taste their cake….ok…I only suggested it, I never followed through with it…and I also don’t like just any cake…it has to come from Vande Walles Candy in Appleton…it is the best…so Nick didn’t let me down and when I arrived home on Sat. he had this waiting for me…good thing it was only 7″ because we each slabbed off a huge 

piece and savored every bite.  I have not had too much cake lately so this was long overdue…remember the trainer…she keeps to good of watch over me…I also am not afraid to eat it…I work hard exercising that a little cake will not hurt…ok…it wasn’t a little..but I just have to compensate for it…I forgot to get rid of that “stuff” on the cupboard but oh well I am sure you have junk on your cupboard too…so you won’t mind….it’s just all a bunch of recipes….Nick also bought me clothes…he actually went shopping on his own and picked out 3 outfits including the under tank-shirt as well….I am sure he had a little help…but they we all nice and I don’t think I have to return one thing…they even had a file in the computer on what size jeans I wore…mmmm make me wonder when they did that?  I also got a bunch of presents from Carole…my book partner and such…she always know what I want…she found a glass juicer for me because she remembers me complaining I couldn’t find mine…she made me a quilt like hers, because she knew I loved hers…and a butter dish, old books for my shelves…a redware plate…she spoiled me…This is a great Cheddar quilt with 1″ 4-patches….I have to find a spot to hang this baby…I just finished today with my Market brouchure and other paper stuff that we need to bring to Houston….just have to print it now…We also will be selling our own #24 Chenille Needles retail only .  I am so sick of going to a big show with no needles for wool applique. The distributors never carry enough of them and they have been out of stock since June….How am I supposed to run a

business and teach if we have no needles!  So I have  contacted a needle suppler and they are selling them to me by the 1000 and we are packaging our own…this is no small feat however and it takes a lot of labor to stick those needles in the wool as nicely as possible…here is what they are looking like…we also have new 5″ wool charms for Houston and the shop…look for those soon too…here is a peek of what we have packaged already…

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  1. Patty Mayer Avatar
    Patty Mayer

    How cool that Nick gave you a favorite cake and things that were just right! I wish you a wonderful whole year!! I am looking forward to seeing you at Road to California in Ontario!!
    It is always so fun to see where people live. You have a very nice kitchen! Don’t mind the “stuff”! Am wondering if the place under where the “stuff” is, is a frig? Back to my wool pieces for the Merry Christmas 2011 quilt. I am on the block #2. Thanks for the fun..

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      See you in CA!….It is a bev fridge…added it in January…LB

  2. Carrie Avatar

    Happy Birthday! “Just 29” or “still 29”?

    Have a safe, successful and happy trip to Houston! I am going to try to get by for some of those needles and charms.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      YES! How did you know?

  3. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Hi Lisa, Happy Birthday a day late. I completely forgot about the coupon, sorry. I went to the best wedding yesterday and it just slipped my mind. The wedding was for the daughter of one of my quilting friends. They served a wonderful dinner and they had the best cupcakes for the cake. It was all around the best wedding I’ve been to in a long time. Very friendly, gracious, and beautifully put together. It was the kinda gathering that you could see the true love in their family. You would have loved the cupcakes, chocolate, carrot, and white with buttercream frosting. Sorry so long winded here and just really hope you enjoyed your birthday as well. Can’t wait to get your new book. Have a good time in Houston. Karen M

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I enjoyed reading about the wedding….LB

  4. Rosemary Avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday Lisa!! Love your presents! Classy making your own needle kits; must get me one as well as the little bundles! I’ll order when your Nine Patch book is ready….
    Enjoy Houston!!


    1. lisabongean Avatar


  5. Robin Avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Love your cheddar quilt. Are those 4 patches 1″ finished? Can’t wait for your nine patch book.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yup…lovely hey…

  6. Colleen Avatar


    Okay, now I am going to have a new obsession… those little wool 5 inch squares are going to be so much fun to collect! Nice to have a little of all colors on hand.

  7. Meredith Avatar

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading your blog. I live too far away I think to use the coupon. LOL. I hope you had a great birthday and many many more.

  8. Kim Hartwig Avatar
    Kim Hartwig

    Happy Birthday Lisa! Sounds like you had a great day and what a thoughtful husband you have. Can’t wait to see your new book and hopefully will make it down to the shop soon, maybe for your Christmas open house. Have a great time in Houston.

  9. Karen Avatar

    Happy Birthday Lisa – it’s always so much fun to stop by and see what’s new – as usual you’ve got lots :). Wish I was going to Houston – but not this time, but looking very forward to that new book – looks adorable . Karen

  10. Pati Beck Avatar
    Pati Beck

    Happy Birthday…even tho it is late…just wishing you a wonderful year to come…can’t wait to get to Houston and hang out at your booth…well, I will be working at the Superior Threads booth but I’ve learned how to make use of my restroom breaks from the booth and find my favorite booths on my way…don’t tell my boss! Can’t wait to purchase your needles and book and of course can’t leave without a few pieces of wool to add to my stash…love your stuff…

  11. bev ames Avatar
    bev ames

    Happy belated Birthday!!!! What a DH to get a birthaday cake & outfits! and to a great quilty friend…Love the Cheddar quilt.

  12. Sharon Laurin Avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Wow…I can’t believe your guy was able to pick out clothes. Dale would NEVER attempt such a thing! I can’t wait to get your new book and needles. I moved my sewing room up to loft in the barn in hopes that I would have more time to sew. I truly don’t know how you do it ALL! Hope you are having fun…Sharon…and Dale!

  13. Robin Avatar

    Do you sell the pattern for the cheddar quilt?


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