getting caught up… is Friday…i finally managed to go grocery shopping!  I have been home since Monday and have not a thing to eat in this house…the wash is almost caught up along with the pile of mail, meeting with staff and so on….back to working  out…i feel like slug after not doing much but walk to the convention center and stand in the booth for 9 hours!  But I survived and it was a great show!  Nick is off playing poker with the neighborhood guys and I am heading down to sew a few things…like work on my project for the blog hop!   It is so much fun to see what all the designers have come up with…and then the recipe is an added bonus…so I hope you are peeking and printing the free patterns!

Something new to my blog is an email subscription…click on the link at the bottom right and you will automatically be sent my latest post without having to visit my blog…so this might help those who say….How do I follow your blog?….well this will do it!

Here are a few photos of some customers quilts that they have sent me…I don’t know where they are from, but maybe they will let me know..Debbie’s photo was sent in an email and was quite small but you can still see her wonderful framed wool project……the big quilt is Sandy Jones 2nd version of  Vintage Nine Patch from our latest book Nine Patch Gatherings.  I love that she used “Holly” to make hers a Christmas quilt.  Here is what she says about her quilt:

Wanted to show you the quilt I just finished.
After making the Primitive Nine Patch quilt, I decided I wanted one for my bed for Xmas so 650 scrappy nine patches later here it is.
What made it even better was that I only used fabrics from my stash for the top and back!!  The whole bunch of nine patches were done scrappy and all the appliques are on scrappy strips.
Really think it needs more wool appliques but time was beginning to be a factor as I really want this on the bed this year.
Thanks for a great technique.
Sandy Jones
Remember I said the this book contained a cool method of making Nine Patches?  They are so fun you want to keep making them…This is Sandy’s second quilt.  Sandy must have taken my workshop in MO? maybe….GREAT JOB GIRLS AND THANKS FOR SHARING!
Debbie Madder….Our Hummingbird Garden design…

8 responses to “getting caught up…”

  1. Elizabeth Bryan Avatar
    Elizabeth Bryan

    Oh wow!!!! All I can say is how amazing.
    Elizabeth NewZealand

  2. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Love Sandy’s Christmas version. Just beautiful, Thanks for sharing, Karen M

  3. Kelli Avatar

    Love teh Christmas version – beautiful! What is the blog hop? I’m not familiar with it but it sounds like fun!

  4. Christie Avatar

    Sandy’s quilt is breath-taking!!!! Would love to see it in person! HUGS… and stitches

  5. Carrie Avatar

    Holy Cow Lisa, THAT is alot of nine patches, I am so impressed. Enjoy the Holidays under your wonderful new quilt. Love it!

  6. Laurence Avatar

    Very beautiful quilt !

  7. mtneedle Avatar

    Great seeing you at Houston!

  8. la cocotte de kiev au caire Avatar

    incroyable ! superbe , innimaginnable !!!!!!
    La cocotte

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