Plane Cancellation

The day my plane was supposed to leave for Houston, my flight was cancelled and I could not leave until the next day…Friday due to the back up of cancelled flights from the days before…remember the 60 mile winds? …well this would have been a problem, but we always set up our booth take pictures and so on…so while I was stranded at home…Nick was setting up the Houston Market booth…and he did a fine job  I must say…Luckily  market does not open til Saturday so when we arrived on Friday we had about an hours worth of “fluffing” the booth and everything was fine…Nick was very glad to see us…ok…where is this story going??? I did not tell anyone my flight was cancelled and stayed home all day…SEWING!…this is what I made, from start to finish….an Itty Bitty pinwheel…the blocks finish 1″ and the whole quilt is 10″…It takes 49 lights and 32 dark squares and a black border!  Everyone loved it at Market…so as soon as I got home we finished the pattern and now the templates are all ready to go!  The pattern includes the template and is $10 we are working on the kits yet…so look for the Itty Bitty Pinwheel on the site soon…Can you see it in our booth below?  This photo also gives you idea of how big the quilts are in “real life”…

Also while I was gone to Market/Festival…Miss Jess had put her whole Civil War Cronicals together…except the border…Indy…the cat really loves it…

Tina and I finally at Houston…look at that fine booth! Way to go Nick!

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  1. SoozeM Avatar

    Oooh very sweet!!

  2. Jean Avatar

    Nick deserves “Husband of the Year” award!!!! I have met him at several Markets/Festivals and he is ALWAYS so patient and understanding–especially with ALL the women shopping in the booth. Way to go Nick. Love the Itty Bitty Pinwheels. Keep up the great work that you do.

  3. Nancy Dey Avatar
    Nancy Dey

    Awesome pics. Love the email notification that you have updated your blog. It works!

  4. Linda Avatar

    Booth looks great, but you look amazing! Good for you! Love the bitty pinwheel quilt. Will have to get!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      THANKS Linda….I’ve put on a few in Houston…but time to get it back off and more…this is the time of year to lose another 10…but thanks for the nice comment

  5. Rosemary Avatar

    Lisa, there is no way that I could have relaxed and made this gorgeous quilt – way to go on both counts!

    Great job Nick!


  6. Rosemary Avatar

    Compliments to Jess on her quilt!

  7. Karmen Avatar

    One inch? One INCH!? Oh my! You know I have to try it. Also, that Nick is a keeper!

  8. Stacy Avatar

    Hey Chic! That was a crazy trip! So glad everyone made it there safe and sound! You would never know you did not set the booth up… Warehouse Nick to the rescue! It would have been fun to see Corporate George do his magic! (Not!!!) Miss ya! Stacy 🙂

  9. elizabeth armstrong Avatar
    elizabeth armstrong

    Miss Lisa, Plese send me one of those kits………….the one you did while you were relaxing. Uh Huh !! You have my charge number from the BOW

    On top of it I want to do a sample for you, next time you don’t have anyone call me or send me a note. I hope to visit again after Christmas and will bring you another cake…..if you want it to be a diet cake I will oblige.
    Liz A.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Ok…I will send this to the girls so you get your kit….I will keep you in mind…talk to you soon. LB

  10. Robyn Avatar

    Where’s your blog hop pattern & cookie recipe? I’ve enjoyed making the cookies from the other designers (my children have enjoyed them too)

  11. Robyn Avatar

    Lisa, thanks for your jar wrap & recipe, we don’t have crisco shortening here in Australia, is it a type of butter? Vegetable shortening? Could you please look on the wrapper & let me know what the ingredients of the crisco shortening are. Thank you

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