Farmer’s Wife Blocks for December

Here are the blocks for The Farmer’s Wife Sampler and they are posting on the right day!….Sue has done it again…making a bunch of 6″ blocks…with all those repro fabric…has anyone kept up? LB

3 responses to “Farmer’s Wife Blocks for December”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    Whoops, left my comment under the prior post. I just finished up these blocks last night. I think they some of the easiest to do and quick. I’m so enjoying these blocks each month.

  2. Gayle Avatar

    Looks just wonderful! I love the farmhouse table – did you make it? Or can you tell me where you got it? I’m hoping to make one soon – we need a table big enough for 8 to sit at – right now six is a tight squeeze – and I thought this style would be so perfect! Lemme know please!

  3. Kelly W Avatar

    Lovely blocks!!!

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