Photos from the Gatherings Open House…


Well I promised I would show all of you “The Gathering” as far as it was on the Open House.  We are still going through the internet orders and will pick a winner soon….for the free weekend Jan-March.  It is snowing here today…I think our first or at least the prettiest snowfall we have had yet…I think some of you CA and Southern Girls should come to The Gathering and visit the snow this winter…wouldn’t that be cool…you could just look at it through the window and sew away….then go back to your warm home weather after the weekend…here are the pics..everything looks a litle brighter than it is because of all those daylight lights…I missed a few shots but here is what I have for now…I will fill in the voids later…you will be sick of me talking about it in the next couple of weeks…we are working on the headboards for the upper rooms…the bathrooms on the lower level and then just a little more tweeking and hunting for bedside tables and such….curtains and you know…stuff!….LB

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21 responses to “Photos from the Gatherings Open House…”

  1. Jean Elliott Avatar
    Jean Elliott

    Okay, I want to live there!!! F a b u l o u s!!!!

  2. Sue Cryderman Avatar

    Wow! And Wow! some more!! That looks so inviting. Hoping to be a future guest some day 🙂
    Oh the joy!!

  3. Gayle Avatar

    Looks just wonderful! I love the farmhouse table – did you make it? Or can you tell me where you got it? I’m hoping to make one soon – we need a table big enough for 8 to sit at – right now six is a tight squeeze – and I thought this style would be so perfect! Lemme know please!

  4. Meg Avatar

    It looks amazing.
    I would love one day to come for a stay.
    In my dreams but you never know.

  5. Dia Foden Avatar
    Dia Foden

    IT’S SNOWING ON YOUR WEBPAGE!!!! I love it! Keep up the great work, Lisa… you are incredible!

  6. Patty Mayer Avatar
    Patty Mayer

    I just love everything about your new Gatherings Place!! Also those quilts!! WoW! it is so inviting! Would love to attend sometime!!

  7. Charlotte S Avatar
    Charlotte S

    Oh, Lisa, you out did yourself. Give compliments to all those involved. It looks great and so very inviting! Can’t wait ’til June when we are booked. It would be fun to come in the winter but then you never know about those plane delays because of weather. And I would hate to be sitting in an airport anywhere when I could be sewing at The Gathering!

    Again, terrific job. Will look forward to see the final tweakings!

    Charlotte S.
    So. CA

  8. Sherrill Avatar

    That is an absolutely GORGEOUS retreat house. I’d love to just move in! And the quilt on the wall with the carpenter’s star and snowman in the lower corner–do you have that pattern?!! I NEED it! Thanks for the tour.

  9. Karen Avatar

    Looks amazing Lisa – you’ve done a wonderful job making it look warm, cozy and inviting. I sure hope to make it up there sometime with the peeps and woolies, what a great time we would have.


  10. Kathy Avatar

    The Gathering is beautiful! Can you tell us more about the quilt in the large front room? It is black background with red, green and cream appliques with the sawtooth type border…

    I sure wish we lived closer…I know a group that would be there ALOT! Best of luck with your new endeavor….and to think this all started with dying wool in your backyard!

    Kathy Savage, a loyal fan since Backyard Quilts first patterns…
    Royersford, PA

  11. Linda Avatar

    OMG! It’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to stay. I may have to make a trip before Nov. now after I saw those pics! You guys did an amazing job!

  12. Rosemary Avatar

    So much fun to see it in the works and now the finished – well almost – finished product; you have outdone yourself!! My hat is off to you and your team!! The six of us are so excited about our week long retreat at The Gathering!!!!

    Love the snowflakes on the blog!


  13. Emily Gail Wyett Avatar
    Emily Gail Wyett

    Lisa and Nick- Wow!!!! looks great What a wonderful job… I would love to win… Wow!!!! Merry Christmas…Emily Gail

  14. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Thanks for sharing. It is beautiful. Love all the quilts, especially the snowman one. I can’t wait to come visit in November. Would love to come up this winter from Georgia if my name gets drawn.

  15. Sylvia Gauthier Avatar
    Sylvia Gauthier

    I am with Kathi, I would love to know if you have the pattern for the applique and sawtooth quilt.
    I am so impressed with all your work. Everyone is so lucky to have such an outstanding place to go to. Bravo.

  16. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    Your retreat rooms look darling. I am so envious of the ladies who commented that they would be attending a retreat in the near future. The rooms are cozy, quilts are beautiful, all accommodations are just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Stacy Avatar

    Hey- thanks for the pics! I think we should seriously consider moving in…. I am calling the red room and the gold chair! I LOVE the bathroom too!!! What a difference that kitchen is! I remember u scraping off tile – wasn’t it? I’m sooo excited for you!!! Stacy 🙂

  18. Kim Hartwig Avatar
    Kim Hartwig

    Love the pictures of The Gathering. Stopped for the open house at the shop on Saturday and purchased your nine patch book(along with other things) and can’t wait to get started on those. They look addicting. Had my husband with me (out in the car) and he didn’t feel good so I couldn’t stop at the Gathering. Hope to come to retreat there soon.

  19. Donna Amundson Avatar
    Donna Amundson

    Hi Lisa
    It really looks great can’t wait till we get there.

  20. Margaret Witt Avatar
    Margaret Witt

    Wow, everything looks wonderful and what nice quilts.. I am sure this will be a great place to go and have a good workshop.. You have totally outdone yourselves..

  21. Darlene Avatar

    Amazing!!! I would so love to visit!! Do you sell the pattern with the large snowflake and snowman on the lower part of the quilt that’s hanging on the wall? Would really love to make that one.

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