For the love of wool weekend….project

Hey girls…for those of you coming Feb 10th for the wool weekend here is a quick peak at your project…it will have tongues on the ends and the flowers will have centers…I am going to call it…Patiently waiting…I will probably finish it tomorrow…I have it all stitched and just have to do the tongues and sides…been busy getting stuff ready for my upcoming trips…can’t wait to see everyone in NE and CA…I am teaching a total of 5 workshops on this trip so their is lots to get ready and then a booth to put together too! But we are almost ready…talk to you soon..LB

PS- I think there is a couple of openings in this weekend…come on over and spend the weekend with us…

14 responses to “For the love of wool weekend….project”

  1. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Hi Lisa, I just love Patiently Waiting. Will it be available as a kit on your website after the wool weekend? Those robins are so cute. Maybe I’ll see you in NE this next week. Karen M

  2. Barb Schaum Avatar
    Barb Schaum

    absolutely beautiful—wish I was there

  3. Robin Crittenden Avatar

    Gosh Lisa, just make me drool. Can I get a kit? I love Robin stuff, wonder why?

  4. tammy whaley Avatar
    tammy whaley

    Wish the outdoors was as spring like as your design!! I love the background wool!

  5. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Ahhh.. I love it. Wish I was coming for the week-end. I will look forward to it being offered as a kit.

  6. Patti Avatar

    Lisa, I see the flower stems drawn in white. Is that using the clover marking pen? My clover pen does not show up that good at all, plus is disappears before I get it all sewn. I can’t mark them until I’m ready to sew them, which slows me down quite a bit. What am I doing wrong? Thanks pj

  7. Joyce Avatar

    I love it! Can’t wait! See you in CA!

  8. Wendy C Avatar
    Wendy C

    I will be Patiently Waiting for this one to come out as a kit! Love bird things and blues/browns are one of my favorite color combinations. Please don’t make us wait too long – we really aren’t that patient. It would be great to see more pictures of your yard in the future too. You’ve got a great knack for putting things together and inspiring others.

  9. Dawn B Avatar
    Dawn B

    I love your designs – I don’t know how you keep coming up with new ideas. I live in SC and one of these days I hope to get to come and see your shop in person. “Patiently Waiting” is beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  10. Cindy J Avatar
    Cindy J

    Way too cute! When can I place my order?

  11. Candace Avatar

    Are you going to make kits of this project, Patiently Waiting?


  12. Patti Gagliardi Avatar

    LOVE “Patiently Waiting”!!!
    I have my fingers crossed that you will offer this as a kit 😉
    Blessings, Patti

  13. lisa Avatar

    Just lovely, Lisa!!! Love the tweedy background, too. Goooo Packers!!!

  14. MaryMarge Avatar

    Lisa – I’m all signed up and air reservations have been made. I cannot wait to come! Love the “Patiently Waiting” too … even the colors (and you know how I am with colors!). See ya on the 10th!

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