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Ok…I know I am a little behind so I want to post a few things that happened a week or so ago already….The weekend of Jan-7-9 we, meaning some of the shop girls and a special guest, my buddy, Stacy West from Buttermilk Basin test drove The Gathering…meaning we stayed there and made sure everything worked properly and had a sampling of Mom’s menue…which included homemade soups for lunch…Stacy was given a “workshop” on how to make noodles from scratch.  I know she loved it so much she made her own at home this last weekend.  Stacy is a very talented designer, which includes wools, stitcheries, punchneedle and hooked rugs, but she never really had a quilting lesson so I had the honor of showing her a few things…here is her creation!   She even quilted it herself…she loved the sewing machine she worked on so much she had to take one home with her…Got to love those Juki’s.  So enough about Stacy…here are a few of the other girls and their projects from the weekend….I didn’t get everyone who was there…but we all had a great time and slep like rocks and we didn’t want to get out of bed!  Just how I wanted it to be….

Norma;s new shop sample Praire something???
Peggy's Old Hickory….King sized of course
my hand piecing project
Jules…and her project

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  1. Stacy Avatar

    What an awesome weekend! Thanks for a great time! Everyone better book “their” weekend and it is worth every minute of being there!!!! :). Stacy

  2. MaryMarge Avatar

    I’m so jealous – I’m chomping at the bit for the 10th. Can’t wait to come and see everyone and taste the delictable food!

  3. Carol Avatar

    Looks like a great time! I am over the top in love with Norma’s shop sample…Prairie something…Kit????

  4. Sheila O'Mahony Avatar
    Sheila O’Mahony

    Loved your hand piecing project, and wanted to know if there is a pattern for it? Thanks for all you do.

  5. Linda Avatar

    Beautiful quilts! I love your hand piecing project.

  6. Beth Allen Avatar
    Beth Allen

    I just made noodles the week before to commemorate the memorial of my grandmother’s passing. She taught me to sew and to make noodles.

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