new photos of “the gathering”

here are a few updated photos for you to see…I still need to decorate  few of the bedrooms a little more, but I like to find treasures and not just hang stuff on the walls…so this will take a bit to find just the right things…but here is what is done so far…i realize i missed a few things…but will get them on when I get home…I am in Nebraska having a blast with these great girls/quilters.  Today is my last lecture/trunkshow and then I am on myway to CA….Road to CA that is…see you there….

Part of the "Crow's Nest"
The Crow's Nest
shower room#1 in the Crow's Nest
shower room #2 in the Crow's Nest
sewing room
veiw from sewing rm #1 into sitting room…
sitting room
the toilet room off the sitting room
Liberty Star Suite
Prairie Star Suite
Prairie Star Suite
Prairie Star Suite
Log Cabin Suite
Log Cabin Suite
Log Cabin Suite…the bed in the "old" walkin closet


from the sitting room looking into the kitchenMom's kitchenmor of the kitchen

26 responses to “new photos of “the gathering””

  1. Nancy Dey Avatar
    Nancy Dey

    Perfect representation of The Gathering. It really is “A Home Away from Home”
    It’s been a long road to this point and you should be so proud!!

  2. Anna Duncan Avatar
    Anna Duncan

    Beautiful retreat house!! I soooo want to be there. I will make it out there someday.
    From our client and friend in VA

  3. Beth Cole Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    I am so enjoying your getaway pictures…. love the atmosphere ! Can you post a picture of the outside too ? ( or did I miss it ??)

    Keep the posts coming, I love ’em !


  4. Peggy Dalberto Avatar

    Great to see more photos. My daughter and I will be there in mid March and we can’t wait! We drove past the house and it is stunning. Great job.

  5. Sarah Avatar

    I want to sleep in the crow’s nest! Looks so cozy!
    Great job.

  6. Beth A. Avatar
    Beth A.

    What a nice cozy place to hold retreats! I hope to see it in person one day. I will be going to Road on Saturday, can’t wait to hit up your booth!

  7. Pat Doyle Avatar
    Pat Doyle

    Lisa, The Gathering is absolutely beautiful . . . and warm and cozy besides. Congratulations on a job well done, and many wishes for good times and great success! I look forward to attending a retreat at The Gathering sometime in the near future! Pat

    1. lisabongean Avatar
        Pat….I’ll barter with you for some long arm lessons!

  8. Jan Smith Avatar

    I, too want to have a retreat there. Thanks for the pics, the place looks wonderful!

  9. MaryMarge Avatar

    Lisa – you’ve done a great job with the place. I know it’s been a dream of yours – and all quilters! – for some time now. Great space to create. Kudos.

  10. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Hi Lisa,

    Looks so warm and comfortable! I can hardly wait until our September retreat!!


  11. Marj Avatar

    Looks like a fun place to spend a week or weekend.

  12. Linda Avatar

    Beautiful! I love the quilts on the beds in the crow’s nest. Would you happen to know the names/patterns of the quilts? How cozy!!

  13. Charlotte S Avatar
    Charlotte S

    Looking forward to our June retreat. The place looks great! See you next week at the Coop – Quilter’s Coop in Temecula,CA that is. Looking forward to that too!


  14. Kori Turner Avatar

    Lisa! It is awesome absolutely awesome…Mom is drooling! Hopefully we can make it up there one of these days. Hope all is well, Kori and her Crazy Mom

  15. Skye Avatar

    Lisa, What a beautiful space! It is so perfect~~it made me long to be on retreat there! (but I think I’m a little bit far…) Keep the pictures coming and congratulations!!

  16. bonni Avatar

    The Gathering is a dream…wow! I’d love to visit someday.

  17. Maribeth Avatar

    After passing by the Retreat quite frequently is is awesome to see what you have done to the inside. i hope one day to get back into quilting and to visit the retreat. you and everyone involved have done an awesome job in bringing it all together. Congrats…

  18. Becky Avatar

    Oh my goodness, how beautiful. Makes me wish I lived closer or at least had a quilting buddy that did. I’d love to come visit but live too far away. Enjoy!

  19. Kris S Avatar

    The Gathering looks so warm and inviting. What a great job of decorating and planning.

    I just got my latest copy of American Patchwork and Quilting and saw one of your wool penny creations featured. Congratulations.

  20. Sheila Ingle Avatar

    Love the pictures you have posted! WOW! Question: The picture of the lady with the candle mats of the pumpkins and christmas trees: are those patterns that you have or can you tell me what company they are from?? LOVE THEM! Keep posting pictures!

  21. Modalissa Avatar


    How wonderful! Looks like we need to plan a road trip from Dallas!!
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.


  22. Julie Avatar

    Love the pictures and would love to stay there sometime but live quite a ways away. Might have to make that a cousin reunion retreat spot. I love the quilts on the beds especially in the Liberty Star room. Could you tell me about the blue striped fabric. Whose line is it and is there any way to still get that fabric. Love your blog and shopping on-line.

  23. Carol huelsman Avatar
    Carol huelsman

    Please consider a webnear or classes on line! I would love to get some of your tips and direction., could you ever come to florida?
    Carol in fl

  24. Kim Wolter Avatar
    Kim Wolter

    Love it! Hope to visit someday!

  25. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I want to take a class in Menasha. Will watch the calendar. You are going to be the best Grandma in the world. There are no words to describe the joy of being a Grandma. I have six wonderful grandchildren.

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