Presley & Jeter

Presley and Jeter….are 7 weeks old today born on Dec.8th…they are American Staffordshire Terriers.  From what I read there is a little difference from the American Pit Bull terrier.. The Staffy is slightly bigger and their demeaner is more subdued than the “Pit Bull”

They were just little angels flying through 3 airports, stowed under the seat…we snuck them out once in awhile durring the flight.  I had two great gentlemen sitting by me on the Salt Lake City to Detroit flight that helped my hide them from flight attendents that were really ignoring the fact that I had them out.  They slept on my and one of the guys laps for an hour each during the 3 hours ride…the flight attendents asked to see them as I was leaving the plane…so I knew they were looking the other way…

I have to thank Roxanne and Linda for helping me acquire them in CA.  I was staying in a Hotel and Linda babysat them that first night.  Roxie helped me decide I couldn’t buy one and leave the other and assured me I wouldn’t regret it…A special thanks to Drew who picked me up by 3:30 am to go to Linda’s and then an hour ride to the airport to catch a 6am flight to SLC.  I will not tell you how good of time we made to the airport.

We went to the pet store yesterday and now I know what parents go through when they have twins….yikes!  I have completely puppy proofed the house…removed all the rugs in the kitchen and entry ways,barricaded off the living room with big plywood pieces…who needs a gate?  Removed all the kitchen chairs and it is now just a big playroom with lots of toys for them…they are doing pretty well on their potty training, but when they have an accident it is not ruining my carpets and making me mad at them…i hopefully have set them up to be successful!   Thanks for all the questions and comments about them…I am praying they will be good companions and be able to go to the warehouse with Nick everyday when they get a little older…

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  1. Cindy Avatar

    They are just adorable, I can see why you couldn’t resist them. Good luck with the training those 2 boys.

  2. Kathy Brown Avatar

    Oh Lisa they are ADORABLE!!!

  3. Stacy Avatar

    Damn cute! I would have took them both too! Can’t wait to see them! Stacy

  4. Colleen Avatar

    They are adorable!! Have fun with your new babies!

  5. Tara Avatar

    Cute names – How did you come up with Jeter? Is there a good story behind it? :O}

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      pronounced Gee-ter is named after New York Yankee Derick Jeter…he is the one with the pinstripe between his eyes…LB

      1. Tara darr Avatar
        Tara darr


  6. Anna Avatar

    oh whoooose your mama…they are too cute for words!

  7. Janet Houge Avatar
    Janet Houge

    Love the names. They are darling. I got a Springer last year for action around the house and company. But unlike you I didn’t put things up. Sheeba would grab anything then run for under the bed so it became a game. Enjoy.

  8. Suzanne Morgan Avatar
    Suzanne Morgan

    Those adorable puppies look like my Boxers. If they have a boxer temperament you will have the sweetest dogs around.

  9. mtneedle Avatar

    Very cute! Here’s to many, many years of happiness and laughter!

  10. Judy Avatar

    You are going to have sooo much fun with these guys—I no longer have a living room–it is the “Dogggie Gymnasium” and when they have their chasing hide and seek it is a riot—and they don’t “talk back”—well maybe sometimes–but they are a lot easier than the 2-legged ones!—no driving lessons!

  11. Kaaren Nowlin Avatar
    Kaaren Nowlin

    Your new kids with fur are adorable. What great treasures to remember your trip here in CA. Those two boys will keep you hopping as if you needed something else to do! Dogs are wonderful company and I will never be without one.
    Smart move to clear out your kitchen…however my 5 lb Maltese came home at 1 1/2 pounds, when she was finished chewing on the cherry kitchen cabinets she chewed a hole in the wall! And I kept her!
    It was fun seeing you and Nick at Road and I look forward to seeing you in July in Long Beach. Enjoy your new kids!

  12. Karen G. Avatar
    Karen G.

    Oh My God Are They Cute or What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM AND THEIR NAMES!!

  13. Annemarie Avatar

    We went puppy shopping today. Can’t wait to find just the right one. Yours are darling!

  14. Kelly Ann Avatar

    Stinkin’ cute….that’s all there is to it…

  15. Skye Avatar

    What handsome boys, & to make the flight home without a peep speaks volumes. You’ll love them more & more each day!!

  16. Cat Mandu Avatar

    You are very cute (for a dog).

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