Moda…designer pillow blog hop

Good Morning Everyone…I hope some of you are checking out my blog for the first time and hope you come back again!…Since I am the “newest” Moda designer, I have the least to work with…I currently only have 5 sku’s! The primitive muslins in all the same colors, shades of tan…So whats a girl to do with this limited pallet?  Stay in it of course!   Lissa asked us to design a pillow that describes ourselves…Well I guess that would mean I would be using WOOL!   Here is my simple pillow…so simple it needs no pattern!  How green is that?

The pillow background is the darkest shade in the primitive muslin line cut 12″ x 16″.  Cut a 3″ square of the following: 1 of the lightest and two each of the next two shades.  Then from various cream/tan wools I traced on fusible web and cut 5 wool circles of 2 1/4″,  5 wool circles-1 1/2″ and then 5 wool circles-1″.  Place the 5 squares in a row at the center of your pillow background.  Stitch in a 1/4″ around the five squares.  Place the circles onto each of the 5 squares and iron with steam.  Blanket stitch with Valdani O196 #12 perle cotton around each penny, stitching to the next penny using long stitches.  Make a back and stitch right sides together leaving a 4″ opening.  Turn right side out and stuff…stitch opening closed.

Now for all those questions….

What is a little know fact about yourself?…I always try to do everything to the best of my ability…no half-a**ing from me.  This also means I expect this from everyone around me also…I have surrounded myself with great people and great things have happened to me…I am very blessed.

How do you relax?…I many ways now…I love spending time on our boat, but that is obviously seasonal…I get messages now and then… and I exercise and get mani-pedi’s when I can… A girl’s got to take care of herself!

What do you sleep in? I sleep in pajama pants and a matching pajama shirt…I love Nick & Nora…from Target!

What kind of pillow do you like?  I like a firm feather pillow that I can hug…

Did I sleep with a stuffed animal?  I don’t know…but I do remember that one Christmas I got a doll and all my brothers got cool trucks and sports stuff…I was so mad I threw the doll down the basement stairs…yes…you guessed it…I was a major TomBoy!

Do you sew in bed, Read watch TV eat?  No I do not sew in bed…i am very good at losing needles and that would not be a great place for me to sew…surely they would end up “stuck in” Nick somewhere…I do read, when there is not too much going on…if I have a lot on my place I don’t trust myself reading…I would stay up all night because I need to know what happened…so that can me dangerous for me…If it were up to me I would not watch any TV in bed….but Nick loves to…I never eat in bed…

How many night have you or your spouse spent on the couch…None…I love my bed…

Nighttime toddy?  Nope…but only when we are away doing shows…helps me fall asleep in the hotel bed…

Early to bed or all nighter?  I love to go to bed…so i am ready about 9:30-10:00 then I am usually up by 5am…

Who would I most like to have a pillow fight with? Brad Pitt with his little loin cloth on from TROY!  Yeah…now were talking…

Now tomorrow you need to visit Edyta from Laundry Basket Quilts…I just love going to market and talking with her…the girl knows her stuff…visit her at:

I have been trying for hours to figure out how to put this image on my side bar where the ugly box is under Moda designer blog hop…can anyone tell me how to do it?

I can place it here..

142 responses to “Moda…designer pillow blog hop”

  1. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Wonderful pillow, I love working with wool too.
    I have gotten the new tea stained fabrics, from light to darks, they are wonderful to work with.


  2. kathy h Avatar
    kathy h

    I love the pillow and the colors are so rich looking. Plus they go with just about every couch I have. I have visited your site before and have made several of your patterns. Just love them.

  3. Donna Avatar

    good mornin’….im new to this site and was looking at jan pateks i snooped here..i love that red quilt… there a pattern for that?…..thanks!!!

  4. Joanne Langan Avatar
    Joanne Langan

    I really like this tone-on-tone version of your pillow…and that is it green!
    Very calming!!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Linda Avatar

    Hi Lisa! I like your “primitive” pillow. This is the first time I am reading your blog. Congratulations on your first 5 sku’s with Moda.

  6. Hannah Avatar

    What a great pillow! I am relatively new to quilting, so haven’t used wools yet. I’ve bookmarked your page and look forward to visiting again. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  7. Martha Avatar

    Very lovely pillow even if you don’t have any bright colors to work with. Shades of tan are lovely too, and I like your rosetts.

  8. Carolyn Avatar

    Love the multiple colors of muslin! Wishing you tons of success and happiness in your new endeavors!

  9. diane stanley Avatar

    I’ll have to try those tea dyed fabrics.
    Try going to your blog template and adding the gadget and then move it where you want it. Don’y know much about wordpress blog layouts…but that’s what you do on

  10. Carolyn Avatar

    Please do not post…….but, would you consider changing your background color to white and your lettering to black… old eyes find it hard to read the wonderful information that you are providing…..please do not take offense…..I just want you to have tons of readers coming back……if you check out on the internet… will find that the eyes first focus on the background and white is the easiest…..and then the letters which should be dark….ie black……that’s why books are printed on white/beigish pages and then the lettering is black…..again, wishing you tons of success……….thank you for your patience and consideration…..Carolyn at

  11. Kristyne Avatar

    Hi! I am a first-timer to your blog, thanks to the pillow talk circuit. But I’ll be back. 🙂 Great pillow.

  12. Syd Avatar

    What a great pillow! It’s nice that you get to design for Moda. I have bought patterns off your website several times in the past. It’s fun to check your online shop to see what’s new. My stash of wool has grown, now I have to store some of it at my daughter’s. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Vicky Avatar

    I love your pillow! Sorry about leaving this comment on your preceding blog post. I’m having trouble with the dark background/type.

  14. Jean Elliott Avatar
    Jean Elliott

    Love the pillow. I’ve been trying to find information/pictures about your retreat house/The Gathering on your website but cannot find it. Where can I find it? Thank you.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      there is a button on the website and then just open the tabs for all the information…LB

      1. lisabongean Avatar

        Yes…it is in our Summer Gatherings book…thanks!

  15. Rose Meyer Avatar
    Rose Meyer


    Your pillow may be simple, but it would look lovely on my leather sofa! I am a first time blogger here. You can bet I’ll be back often.

  16. Janet Houge Avatar
    Janet Houge

    As usual, I love the pillow. I’m hooked on working with wool since I’ve seen your projects. Your right about surrounding yourself with great people. I’ve only been to your shop twice, but everyone has been very helpful and super nice. Meet Jessie this last time; what a sweetie.


  17. Jenny Avatar

    Very sweet pillow! I would love to take one of your classes – looks like so much fun and the final project is just beautiful

  18. Thearica Burroughs Avatar

    I adore anything made with wool and your pillow is no excepetion.

  19. Jewel Avatar

    Love the pillow… might have to do that in different colors here.

  20. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar
    Karen in Breezy Point

    Your pillow is so perfect with your fabrics. I love the darkest muslin and have been hoarding it! Karen in Breezy Point

  21. Debbie Avatar

    I love your pillow. Super simple yet pretty. I think it is time I started sewing with wool. I love to hand stitch pennies and do applique work. Your fabric is so nice. I have 2 colors. Thanks for letting us get to “meet” you. Look forward to many more years.

  22. Olivia Drake Avatar
    Olivia Drake

    guess I commented on the wrong place. See I am all new to this. Like your pillow very much, and expecially with wool. very nice!!

  23. CaraQuilts Avatar

    A gorgeous pillow!!

  24. Sarah Avatar

    Great pillow – I didn’t realize that the wool is patterned until I zoomed in on the picture. I’m so glad that wool is still around; it’s gotten so much scarcer over the years with all the emphasis on fleece especially.
    I am a perfectionist also – it keeps me from being able to whip out projects, but I have completed some that I’m very happy with… although there are probably some things that, if I did it over, I’d do a little differently… sigh

  25. Debby Avatar

    A very simple pillow that would look nice with so many decors. I love your Summer Gatherings book. I hope to visit your store again in Spring. stay warm, deb-bee (Wisc.)

  26. Kat Avatar

    Thanks Lisa for the little insight into your life. 🙂
    I like your pillow..very stylish..The pattern reminds me of tree discs..

    greetings from Berlin/Germany

  27. Marj Avatar

    Thank you so much for the great color pallet of muslin and the cute pillow pattern. I love and own a few of your patterns an books. Also am currently doing the Lisa’s Flower Garden BOM. Keep up the great designing!

  28. Kathie L Avatar
    Kathie L

    Your palette is a great addition to the Moda world. It goes with so much in my stash. Kathie L in Allentown

  29. Robyn Brown Avatar

    This is my first time on your blog. I scrolled down a bit and love that wool pattern, the bird on the branch. What pattern is that?

  30. Deserae Fiedler Avatar

    I love your pillow!

  31. Sally Avatar

    Such a great pillow, love the details and the neutral palette.

  32. Mary Avatar

    I love your pillow! One of my next quilts (I already have the fabrics organized) is going to be this type of palette. I love all the neutrals together!

    Sorry – I posted this under your last entry so you’ll get it twice by mistake.

  33. Kris Avatar

    I too am an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal. I like the daylight hours for activity and night tome for relaxing.

  34. Janet Avatar

    Love that pillow and the primitive muslins – they’re on my list! I added your blog to my reader subscriptions this morning and have enjoyed getting to know you and your “stuff”. I’ve just branched out into wools and am really looking forward to doing more.

  35. Lynda Avatar

    It was very hard to read what you had to say with the black background and black and red type – the white type shows up nicely. I must admit, I do not know much about your designs and fabrics, but if you are connected to Moda, you must be great so I will make it a point to learn more. Glad we have had this opportunity to meet and learn about all the moda designers, it has been fun.

  36. Lynn M Avatar
    Lynn M

    Love your new fabric line and the pillow is adorable. I love coming to your blog; so much inspiration.

  37. Judith Hogan Avatar
    Judith Hogan

    Love your pillow and I’m so glad someone finally designed a muslin palette. Civil War fabrics are a favourite of mine and the different shades of muslin are perfect for this type of fabric.

  38. Staci Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I do love your pillow! Simple and charming.
    Please, though, change your font color. My poor eyes literally can not
    read the black print on the deep grey background. I have no idea what all you said in
    your pillow talk answers!

  39. Alda Avatar

    That is a great pillow, love wool to. Thank you for sharing.
    Alda, Fl

  40. Sue Mullane Avatar
    Sue Mullane

    I love the new Moda muslins. Have always liked neutrals.

  41. Deb G. in VA Avatar
    Deb G. in VA

    Lovely pillow. I have never worked with wool, but I think I will need to try some.

  42. Ani Avatar

    GREAT pillow!! I love simple and the pillow is perfect to show off some of my hand dyed wools. But, I DO need to purchase some of your muslin line, it would be perfect for so many projects. I have signed up for your newsletter, hope you schedule some classes for my neck of the woods- coastal North Carolina. Bye!

  43. AnnieO Avatar

    Love the pillow! Congrats on becoming a Moda designer. I am new to wools but love the look and the felting process.

  44. Mary Avatar

    I love the new muslin and your pillow is awesome. This is my first time to your blog. I reall like how you have the slide shows of quilt shops, etc., and how they keep going all the time. I’ll certainly be coming back to visit!

  45. MoeWest Avatar

    I like the effect of the long blanket stitches on your pillow. At first I thought it was a print.

  46. Lori Avatar

    Pretty pillow! Enjoyed reading about you.

  47. Maxine Avatar

    First time on your I have to read the whole thing…Love your pillow..and the handbags were great…would love to make one…A little hard to read because it is so dark…will follow you from now on…Where can you find information about your retreat?
    Love the whole blog….

  48. Nancy Avatar

    Oh my gosh, your pillow is just gorgeous. Thank you so much for the pattern! I love prim … along with all other types of quilting and stitching. I was also having a little trouble with the dark background but I really enjoyed your post and I cracked up when you told us you would like to have a pillow fight with Brad Pitt while he wore only the loin cloth…LOLOLOL. Hugs…

  49. Cindi Avatar

    Hi Lisa, love the pillow! I had to do a double take to figure out how you created the design. Of course it really helped when I read your description. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Maeve Mitchell Avatar
    Maeve Mitchell

    I love your pillow! What a simple, neat idea which I would have never thought of!

  51. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I love the primitive muslins. Can’t wait to see what fabrics you come up with next.

  52. Mutti Avatar

    Love your fabrics and can’t wait to see your next line. Have just found you and will have to go looking for your books. Thanks.

  53. Karen Avatar

    What a wonderful pillow! I love those colors. Have a truly terrific day!

  54. Marcia W. Avatar
    Marcia W.

    I have been looking at your new primitive muslins and it’s nice to meet the designer behind those wonderful colors. Love the penny pillow – the stitching is perfect. This is my first visit to your blog and enjoy the read. Thanks for the stop on the pillow blog tour.

  55. SewLindaAnn Avatar

    So nice to meet you here, your pillow is simply lovely.

  56. Anne Mc Avatar
    Anne Mc

    Welcome! Your lovely pillow would fit in with just about any decor, including mine! Thanks

  57. Kathy B Avatar
    Kathy B

    Good Afternoon, for only 5 sku’s your pillow is so rich looking. Simple but so outstanding.
    Welcome to moda we are the ones to benifit.

  58. Barbara L Avatar
    Barbara L

    I’ve been looking locally for your primitive muslins line with no luck. Guess I’ll have to order online because I love them! I really love the primitive look, and wool applique is my very favorite technique. Love your blog and patterns!!!

  59. cathy loran Avatar
    cathy loran

    nice blog I will bookmark you and keep checking in

  60. Melanie Avatar

    I really like your pillow! It will go with so many colors and I really like the extra touch of wool.

  61. Julie T. Avatar
    Julie T.

    The pillow looks great, and te colors are just right. Thanks!

  62. Jocelyn Avatar

    Lovely pillow! The colors are so warm and rich. Thanks!

  63. pam Avatar

    Your pillow is beautiful. It looks like a mosaic.
    I was scouting out your website this morning and hope to look some more.

  64. Kim Avatar

    Keep those wools coming……I can never have too many colors of wool.

    I wish you continued success……I wish I could teach you how to move the button to where you want it, I’m hopeless at it……when you learn it do a tutorial for the rest of us :0).

    Happy Sewing

  65. Carrie P. Avatar

    congrats on being a new designer for Moda. Great pillow.

  66. quiltjane Avatar

    Less is more. I love the simplicity of the pillow. Very classy.

  67. mimi'sdarlins Avatar

    Yes, congrats on joining that wonderful Moda group! Thanks for the beautiful pillow instructions….much simpler to make than it looks!

  68. all8garden Avatar

    Your wool circles remind me of stones or maybe tile mosaics. Very nice and subtle.

  69. D Avatar

    Conbgrats on your accomplishments. I love to work in wool also and am currently working on the borders to Primitive Garden. I am a bit surprised you didn’t include a Crow on yout pillow!Love the new muslins..

  70. Billie K Avatar

    Wonderful pillow. It would look so wonderful in my house….grin.

  71. wordygirl Avatar

    Whoops! I left my message on the wrong post. But it bears repeating: your pillow is lovely in its woolen simplicity. So glad I was led to this site.

  72. lisa Avatar

    Hi Lisa! I’ll bet Moda is as proud as can be of their newest designer! Love the pillow, simple and classy, just like you!

  73. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    Your pillow is simple and a classic. I have your new Moda Muslins and I love them. They are me.
    Thanks for being in the pillow blog hop.

  74. Cindy Avatar

    I LOVE your Primitive Muslins – TOTALLY love them !!!

    Your pillow is absolutely one I would make and immeditely display on my sofa for all to admire.

    Your muslins will become a staple in this house !!!


  75. Theresa Avatar

    I absolutely love your pillow!! I have not attempted any wool projects yet but it is on my list of new things to learn this year. I enjoy your blogs too!

  76. Ruth Avatar

    I didn’t know there was a primitive muslin line of fabric – I will definitely need to get some of that! I love the pillow, too, as I also love wool applique (it’s a lot easier than needle-turn)!

  77. Joan Avatar

    I love your pillow. You are so talented.

  78. June Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    Love your site and was wondering how you find out about where you are teaching those retreats? They sure look like fun! Loved the tour of your garden too.
    I’ll be back!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      if you go to our website… hit The Gathering button….then click calendar and so on…LB

  79. Lois Avatar

    There’s beauty in simplicity. Like your pillow and the colors.

  80. Sharon S Avatar

    Love your pillow/I have now added you to my favorites. Did you get help with the Pillow Talk button yet? I have a Google blog & there is a side bar where you can add “gadgets” when you are logged in. It must be similar. Good luck!

  81. WendyMT Avatar

    Your pillow is very beautiful … rich and chocolate-y 🙂 … This is my first trip to your blog, don’t know why. I’ll be back though as your work is wonderful and I thank you for sharing!!

  82. katieQ Avatar

    The primitive fabric really creates an interesting look for your pillow.

  83. Marlene Avatar

    Lisa I’m a regular reader of your blog – and a regular online customer. Just wanted to tell you I love this pillow – I don’t’ have any of your muslins yet, but do have a few, make that several, of your wool kits! blessings, marlene

  84. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Very nice pillow Lisa. I love the primitive muslins. They are so nice to work with. I’m having so much fun working with the wool and the Valdani threads. Thanks for the new fun pillow to make. Thank you,
    Karen M

  85. Ellen A. Avatar
    Ellen A.

    Thanks for sharing. What a great idea for a simple pillow.

  86. Lin S Avatar
    Lin S

    Have been enjoying the pillow talk

  87. Deb Avatar

    Your pillow is beautiful and very classy.

  88. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Great job on the pillow!! I love your blog and all you create.

  89. Nena Avatar

    I also love working with wool. Your pennies are gorgeous stitched onto your muslin pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  90. corinne Avatar

    Like the pillow. I am new to this site. I have not used wool. I have been wanting to try. I do have sheep, Corriedale. So I work with the wool on the sheep. Great site

  91. Tammy R Avatar
    Tammy R

    The pillow is very different and cool looking! Love your website too! Thanks for joining the pillow hop.

  92. Kathleen Shortell Avatar
    Kathleen Shortell

    Can’t wait to see what you do with Pennies from Heaven. Any idea when sample will be done? Are you using Moda as background?

  93. Nancy L Avatar
    Nancy L

    I love your pillow-and that you don’t need a pattern! Looking forward to reading your blog in the future.

  94. Daisy Avatar

    cute pillow Lisa – and the natural colours look so great – thanks for the recipe!

  95. Sue Avatar

    I love your pillow. Very soothing with the neutrals, but I can see it in brights, too.
    From a fellow Nick and Nora from Target girl,

  96. VickiT Avatar

    What a great looking pillow. I really love the look of primitive muslins, especially that darker color your pillow is made from. I’ve also never worked with wool before although anyone I’ve heard that has just loves it.

  97. Cecilia Avatar

    I like your pillow, simple but rich looking. I’m following the pillow blog hop, but I will be back.

  98. Dandelion Quilts Avatar

    Wish I could help you but I use blogger. Thanks for hosting for the pillow hop, I’ve enjoyed visiting everyone.

  99. Ann Avatar

    Love the pillow. I really like the neutral colors. Can’t wait to see you new fabric. Also need to order some of the muslins.

  100. Colleen Avatar

    I love your pillow and blog. First time here and I have never used wools before – So I need to give that a try~ thanks~

  101. Rebecca Avatar

    Your pillow is great – I love wool pennies!

  102. SarahB Avatar

    Great pillow with your Primitive Muslins! They look like very nice colors to keep handy for mixing with all sorts of projects!

  103. Lissa Avatar

    Great getting to know a new designer! I like your pillow a lot! It is just enough! Have never worked with wool, but maybe I should give it a try!!!

  104. Carol Avatar

    So agree with you about reading– I’ve been known to hold my eyes open so I can finish a book in the wee hours!!
    Love your pillow!

  105. Robin Avatar

    I really like the colors in your pillow. 🙂

  106. Jean Avatar

    Love the pillow, I’m a tone on tone gal myself!

  107. ellen Avatar

    You won’t mind if I joined you in your pillow fight, would you? I have a “Troy” poster and Brad watches over me while I am in slumberland.

  108. Sharrieboberry Avatar

    I am liking neutral colors more and more and really enjoy the design of your pillow! And the wool gathering in the following posting–the wool photographs so beautifully!

    I had to take my time to read your blog–my poor eyes don’t handle the white font on black very well. I can barely see my typing in this gray comment box. Ah! The joys of aging eyes. And I missed my Sunday afternoon nap. Wow, that does make me sound a bit…aged!

  109. S. Avatar

    I like your pillow. This is the first one that I think I’d like to make for my DD. She likes various neutrals but also wants colors. Thanks for the pattern & info. BTW I think reading black on gray is easy on the eyes.

  110. Jane k Resko Avatar
    Jane k Resko

    Love what you do with wool.I’ve taken one class from Sue Spa of my wool felted purse.Like to make the seasonal table round’s and pin cushion’s,Natural’s are lovely.
    Like traveling with you.Never been to the West or California wine country I believe I’ll put them on my bucket list.Thank’s for sharing

  111. nancy in IN Avatar
    nancy in IN

    For a brown pillow this is beautiful. If you had asked me if I’d like a brown pillow I would say no, but this is gorgeous. You did very well. Love the nurtrals.

  112. Peach Rainbow Avatar

    Beautiful Pillow.

  113. cathy payne Avatar
    cathy payne

    Beautiful pillow…very rich looking 😉

  114. tali Avatar

    Love the pillow…so pretty. I’m a newbie sewer and have never worked with wool. I’ll have to give it a shot!

  115. sharon Vrooman Avatar

    I have been looking at your new primitive muslins and it’s nice to meet the designer behind those wonderful colors. Love the penny pillow – the stitching is perfect. This is my first visit to your blog and enjoy the read. Thanks for the stop on the pillow blog tour.

  116. Rahma Avatar

    thank you. toy have a very fine taste and this is a very nice pillow. waiting for moooooooooooooore.

  117. Vickie Avatar

    I love the pillow! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  118. Sharon Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love all of your stuff. Just a comment on trying to fix your image so it appears on the right side bar… It looks like the image that appears that you want is referenced by and the one that is broken on the right side is referenced <img src="/Users/lisa/Desktop/ptalk.gif". Maybe try changing to . Just a guess. Not sure how all your images are stored on the server.

  119. Jane Avatar

    Love the shades of muslin–finally someone did it. Your pillow is lovely with the wool applique.

  120. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    Your line is so totally different from most of the fabric lines anywhere. It will be very interesting to incorporate the earthiness of these pieces into my ideas …should fit right in here in Iowa!

  121. DeAnna Avatar

    Oh, I love working with neutrals. So serene!

    Wonderful pillow. 🙂

  122. Kathleen Avatar

    oh i really like the beautiful wools! your pillow is darling – simple yet so warm and cozy looking.

  123. Heirlooms by Ashton House Avatar

    Thanks for the fun pillow project. This has been a fun blog hop!

  124. Gwen Avatar

    Love your pillow – I am just in the mood for some spring pillows – spring must be right around the corner – I hope!

  125. Patty Avatar

    I love your pillow, my whole house is in earth tones.

  126. Kay Mc Avatar
    Kay Mc

    I really like your pillow & how well it would go with everything I have. I enjoyed reading your blog & being introduced to you.

  127. Celeste Avatar

    I really like the pillow. It would go great in my living room…along with Brad Pitt in his loin cloth 🙂

  128. Liz Avatar

    The Pillow Talk Blog is Great fun! Thanks for sharing!

  129. Marjan Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    Love your pillow, specialy because I’m a wool woman too!
    I already have your muslins and they are great!

  130. Sandy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your pillow with us! It’s been a treat!

  131. Donna Avatar

    Loved your pillow and your blog site. I have signed up for your newsletter. I am so glad that Moda did this pillow talk so the we could find out more about the designers. Have a great day!

  132. Shannon Avatar

    I love your tans. Your pillow is great. It would fit wonderfully in my living room. Thank you for sharing.

  133. Crazy Quilter Avatar
    Crazy Quilter

    Looks like my first comment didn’t work, so here goes again! I just love to work in wool and am currently working on the borders for Primitive Garden. I also got some of your new mmuslins they are great! Congrats on being the new designer. keep up the good work!

  134. Judy S Avatar

    Simple is Good!!
    I’ve just recently started working with wools. They are a lot of fun!

  135. Lorraine Hofmann Avatar
    Lorraine Hofmann


    Jan Patek said to check our your give away and I didn’t see anything about that.

    Am I not looking in the right place?

    Anyhow…here is my comment for the entry!

    Love your pillow, simple…yet very lovely.

  136. design a pillow, design your own pillow Avatar

    First time I stumble upon your blog and Really loved your designer pillow.

  137. Design a pillow, Design your own pillow Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the impressive pillow, really awesome.

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