My Dallas trip…to Moda

Time just flies for me!  But anyway…Last week I traveled to Dallas to visit the Moda complex, to meet the “girls” and design the next line (which would be number 3!).  First of all let me say I spent time with…Cheryl, Lissa, Debbie, and Kathy and what a great bunch of girls they have…I can’t say enough good things about them…Cheryl, head of design and designers…gave me a quick tour and set me up to work…she was adamant about me getting a flannel line done while I was down there and get it ordered asap.  We wanted to do a line of flannels that looked like wools….this is going to work well for pieced flannel quilts as well as our beautiful wool appliques on these flannels…I had lots of work to do to decide on the colors, the patterns, the names of the colors & patterns and then the name of the line… then having to choose color combinations– what colors or print  to put on what patterns and I was to leave the next day.   This seems like a lot of work at first but it was actually pretty easy…I don’t have a hard time at making decisions…I pretty much know what I love and I believe this flannel line is going to be so awesome!…The flannel line will be called Wool & Needle flannels.  Here is a peek at the colors.  It was a tight schedule and I was treated very well, taken to some great Texas restaurants and to some of the shops.  I visited…The Silver Star and the Old Craft Store Quilt shop..The owner of The Silver Star, Susan was wonderful and her shop was very eclectic and she had WOOL!   She was very creative and I purchased a wool pincushion and a wood flag.  The quilt shop was awesome too, it had room after room of fabrics and the girls were hanging out for the day hooking and punching!  I wanted to stay…but I had some more shopping to do in the Moda warehouse…It was like one of those game shows where you had to run down the isles with so much time to shop…I had a plane to catch in 3 hours so I had about an hour to shop!…I was actually sweating when I was finished…found a bunch of new things to carry in our store…I hope it comes in soon!  Got to the airport in plenty of time to find out my flight had been cancelled due to fog in Milwaukee….so I had to stay another night which meant I had to get up at 3:30am to take the shuttle and be there in time for a 6am flight…The good this about this was I met a gal at the airport while we were all crabbin about the cancelled flight…we called a hotel…which was the most beautiful Motel 6  I have ever seen, it was revamped Y2Kish, very sleek and modern…for $45 a night with tax.  So Wendy and I hiked to the corner gas station, got some mini bottles of wine and some munchies and watched American Idol.  Wendy was in Dallas interviewing for a new job.  She called me last night and told me she got it…we both knew she would…but I wanted to know the end of the story and wanted to know for sure……lots of fun and adventure…LB

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  1. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Our stores only carry so much of the new primitive lines, can’t wait till we head up north so I can hit the quilt stores.


  2. Janet Avatar

    So looking forward to the flannel line!!

  3. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love that your will be doing a flannel line. Thanks for the sneak peak. How very exciting for you. It’s great when good things happen to good people.

  4. lisa Avatar

    Ooohh, how exciting! I recognize those wools!! Did they have you bring your own swatches and base the line on those? Love the quilt shop and all the cubbies of wool, what a cute way to display! Sounds like a very productive trip, but did you miss your snow? Haha!

  5. Annie Davis Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the new line – flannel that looks like wool sounds awesome!!

  6. Gayle Avatar

    Interesting that this quilt shop allowed you to take pictures – I understand that you don’t. Looks like a great store!

  7. SarahB Avatar

    Your new line looks great! What fun that you made a new friend through the mess of the canceled flight!

  8. lisabongean Avatar

    I asked permission to take general pictures of their shop. To promote it on my blog all with the intent of spreading the good word about their stores. I do allow people to do the same for the same reasons, but if is to take a picture of a certain design we do not allow that. We are here to promote and sell designers patterns it costs a ton of money to reserve a space at a show, to stay in hotels and all the other traveling expenses. We do not go to shows simply so we can give our(and the other designers we carry) good ideas away. A lot of people at shows just want to take a picture of a quilt because the design is simple and they like our colors, if they have a picture they do not have to purchase our patterns. I say this because it happens all the time. Some women actually get nasty about it…and say they don’t want to spend $8 on a pattern or buy the book. I know not all people operate this way…they just love the booth or our store and want to take a pictures. We have lots of pictures of our store and booths on our blogs. Our no picture policy unless you buy the pattern should be standard in all stores/booths, it is part of a our copyrights. I hope you understand why this is the way it is, we do not have this rule simply because we are b*it*hes and want to deny everyone of this, we actually HATE it when we have to stop people from taking pictures, we do not get off on it. If everyone operated fairly it would be not a problem…and like I say I do allow big general photos of our booth at shows…we want to continue to stay in business and have lots of things for our customers to stay inspired to create…..
    Thanks for bringing up this subject…hopefully people will understand a little better why there are these rules and why we have to enforce them. LB

  9. Marjan Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    You are quite right about not taking pictures. You work hard on desinging your patterns so it’s only fair.
    The flannel/wool line lokks great can’t wait to touch it.

  10. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    Wow! How exciting!!!! First, all of these wonderful shops that you got to visit and then the flannel line? I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on some!!! 😉 I’m thinking they would make great backgrounds for wool quilts… the look of wool without the weight… I’m saying this because I have the Maggie B Homestead pattern that I haven’t started yet simply because I can’t decide between wool or cotton for the backgrounds… So, make sure you have a lot of darks and neutrals in this line, OK? lol! Have a great day!

  11. debbie Avatar


    Thanks for the pics and the blog. The flannels look great! I have been to the Old Country Store and the ladies there are wonderful!
    I think it is great that you made “lemonade” with your flight delay, good for you!
    Keep up the good work!
    Debbie in Virginia

  12. Linda Avatar

    Thanks for sharing these photos of your trip. You made me laugh about running down the aisles and sweating — like in the supermarket sweep game show. Can you imagine if Moda had a contest and the prize was that they let the winner run up and down the aisles of their warehouse to fill up a basket with all those awesome goodies…! wink…wink… Your new flannel line looks so cozy. Looking forward to seeing it up close and personal. And you are perfectly correct about the photos.

  13. Sue Avatar

    Oh my gosh! Your visit sounds awesome!! I just love the photos and who doesn’t love Dallas ? !! I love the new line of fabric! It’s gonna be wonderful and can’t wait to order some! Do keep us posted:D

  14. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Lisa
    Can’t wait to see your flannel line, since I love everything you do & show us on your blog, I know it will be great! Too bad you had to rush at Moda, only to find out your flight was cancelled, but glad you had fun anyway! Thanks for the pics of the shops, & your explanation of the difference of taking general vs more specific shots! ( some women like to complain, that’s just the way things are)!
    Thanks for all of your posts, glad you’re doing well!
    Debbie 🙂

  15. Michelle Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    I love that you are doing a flannel line. I have always made lap quilts with flannel as they are the cosiest for watching TV especially on a leather sofa in winter. I love your wools too and am working on several of your designs right now and loving them. You are a terrific designer. Moda is lucky to have you. I “shop” your store daily on my computer and plot my next purchase. My family all laugh at how often I am “shopping”. I so wish that I could shop in person as there is nothing that replaces touching and seeing the fabrics in person. I am looking forward to hopefully getting to come to the Houston Quilt Show this year and seeing your stuff there. Are either of the stores that you visited going to carry any of your designs? I live north of Dallas/Ft. Worth.


  16. Debby Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love the sneak peek of your new flannel line. Your blog is I think very sharing with info and pics. Cute hubby and puppy pic. 😉

    with warm little bee-hugs, deb-bee

  17. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    I have been to the Old Craft Store many times, but don’t know of The Silver Star…..were the first set of pictures from The Silver Star? Where is this?

    So excited about your new flannel line and we will be looking forward to it.

  18. Jane Winton Avatar
    Jane Winton

    Would you have an address for The Silver Star? I googled it and could not find it. It looks wonderful!

  19. Kathleen Avatar

    Yes, I’m looking for the address for the silver star also – nothing comes up on a search. I’m heading to Dallas soon and want to check it out!! I lived in Carrollton years ago, and always try to head back there when i’m in town. in fact – that is where I met Lissa for the 1st time! I love your ‘look’. and i’ll be back to your blog to keep abreast of new wonderfulness!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Girls…It is on the same side of the street the the Old Craft Sore is…almost to the corner I believe…

  20. Kathi Schaffer Avatar
    Kathi Schaffer

    Can’t wait until your flannel line comes out — the colors are fabulous! And how wonderful it will be to pair up with wool work!

  21. Crazy Quilter Avatar
    Crazy Quilter

    Sounds like you had a great time in Dallas, I live here so I am very familiar with the stores and love that you had the time to visit a couple. I do hope next time you have the time to venture out without the stress of rushing! We have many great Quilt stores in the Dallas Area if you have the time. I am sorry your return trip got cancelled and you had to scramble to find a place to stay… at least you found one that was reasonable. Hope you have lots of happy return trips…

  22. Crazy Quilter Avatar
    Crazy Quilter

    ps. Try Silver Star Mercantile, they have a web site and I think the address is there also

  23. Cheryl Avatar

    I love your primitive muslin and have been designing with it. Can hardly wait for your flannel line! You are a super-woman–I don’t know where you find the time to do all that you do!

  24. helen Avatar

    hi Lisa, very jealous and fantastic to see Moda is going to do a wool look alike range, hope it makes it over here – when is it due for release?

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