Getting ready for the next adventure…

WOW…this girl has a lot going on…just finished putting up a booth for the Tampa Quilt Show in Lakeland, FL.  Nick needs to start driving on Sat.   It is Spring Shop Hop- the next couple of days…so I’ve been getting ready for that…see the Shop Blog for my little quilt…but I did this Scrap Basket block a few days ago and have been too busy to get it on for you…sorry it takes me awhile between blocks…if you are new to my blog…you can find all 6 of the past blocks in my previous posts… Click here  to get the directions for the next block….SCRAP BASKET BLOCK #7       Will post more later tonight…LB

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  1. Sara Avatar

    Nice blocks! I found all except the 1st one and you mention to look in the Winter Newsletter, but I could not find the pattern. Is it available? Thank you! I love your quilts!

  2. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    Love these scrap basket blocks. I couldn’t find #4 on the blog site or the actual patterns for 1 and 2. Am I just missing them?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I know the first one is in a newsletter…the rest are on the blog…LB

  3. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    Will you be teaching @ the Tampa show, or vending only? Hope to see you there!
    Met you @ Prims of the Midwest! 🙂

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      just vending! LB

  4. Linda Avatar

    LOve the blocks, but where do I discover #1. I have looked and looked.


  5. Cindy Avatar


    I was wondering where we would find the newsletter with the first Scrap Basket Block pattern? I have all the rest but can’t seem to track down number one! Is there a pic of it on your blog. I could probably figure out the pattern if there is a picture.

    Thanks so much,


  6. Carolyn Vogel Avatar
    Carolyn Vogel

    Since I wasn’t yet a Lisa groupie when you started these blocks, can you give a little history. Just for fun or some particular end product in mind?

  7. Pati Beck Avatar
    Pati Beck

    If anybody finds the dates that Lisa gave out the other patterns please let me know…I too have been trying to find them…love her work…but guess I wasn’t on the site soon enough to get in on the first blocks…I have #7 and will keep looking for the others…but if we help each other find the others…we can all following Lisa example and make these blocks.

    1. Cindy Avatar

      I just kept going back through earlier posts and found all the blocks but # 1. I did track down the first block in one of her older newsletters. They are all there, you just have to dig a little bit 🙂

  8. Dodi Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    Enjoyed your booth in Madison — I visited first thing in the day since it was so busy most of the time. I visited the first day and then pondered a bit and had to visit you again — it is such an inspiring booth.

    My question is the location of Scrap Basket Block #2– I found a photo of it, but not the pattern instructions. I love the scrappy feel on these blocks but will most likely try to downsize them for a small quilt (doll size).

    I look forward to visiting your booth each year at Quilt Expo, looking forward to next year. Now I need to finish all the project I found there this year!


  9. Dodi Avatar

    For those looking for Block #1, I found it on 04MAR11. Search for it in the ‘search’ feature of the blog as well. I just haven’t found block #2 instructions. –Dodi

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      January 29, 2010….

      1. Dodi Avatar

        Thanks Lisa, actually the pattern with instruction was earlier that month but you got me close enough to find it. The photo of the block was 01-29-10 — which I had found. Would love to make a trip up to your shop some day, it really isn’t that far for a day trip.

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