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I have now been in Florida for a week.   I spent 3 days with the Feather Princesses teaching workshops and doing a trunkshow/lecture….I just love visiting these girls…so much  fun…so much going on in their guil, so much APPLIQUE!.  Iwas taking notes about all their doings.  We had 30 people in our first workshop, I was so busy I forgot to take a few pics….sorry girls…I got a pic of some of the girls in the second workshop….Nick and I attended a Yankee game…Nick attended more Yankee games while I was working….but he did help out a lot the first day.  I am also working on a bunch of new things for Market one is a wool on wool big quilt.  I just finished the center and all of what I had fused down on the borders…wish I would have taken the time to put the appliques on the borders…didn’t think I would get this much done…but I am working pretty hard at it…can’t wait to show you…I am working on this itty bitty computer…it is so little so I make a few mistakes that I can’t see this type is so small…must be getting old.  Today we get to set up for the Lakeland – Sewing & Quilting Expo!  Hope to see all you Florida Girls on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!…Now that I have internet I will blog a little each day…Nick wants to tell everybody he misses his puppies!  So do I!  LB

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5 responses to “sunny florida”

  1. Anna Avatar

    Wow, wish I was there! The gals look like they are have a blast and soooo productive!

  2. Kat Avatar

    wow.. so many diligent hands !! :))
    I wish I could look over their shoulders.

  3. Sue Watters Avatar

    Oh my goodness, So many women stitching together. Looks wonderful.

  4. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    I’ll be there on Sat! Can’t wait to see what you have brought with you, save some good stuff for me, don’t let them buy it all on Thurs & Fri!! ( darn work has to get in the way of my fun)! Hope you’re enjoying our State ~ don’t brag about how beautiful the weather is, people don’t like us when we do that! :)Have fun!

  5. Melanie Scaife Avatar
    Melanie Scaife

    I just wanted to thank you for the time that you spent with us here in florida. I so much enjoyed your class. Take care and have a safe trip home! Thanks again, Melanie Scaife

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