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Hey everyone…just finished eating a delivered pizza from a local joint…very good….laying in the hotel bed watching Idol and uploading pics…I travel with a “mini” computer and it is so slow to upload with this free internet…takes about 3 min a pic…so here is what the booth looks like…it was a very busy day today.  The first 2 hours were insane! then after noon it was managable in the booth, in the first 20 minuites we had a geranium tablemat sample stolen…I just don’t understand this…  so onto a better note…I have great news! I actually slept til 6:30am today!  Awesome!  Then I  actually excersized this morning after a week of being lazy…back on track..It felt so good…I acutally feel the best I have since my surgery…

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  Jeter & Presley’s boarder sent us a pic…they are patiently waiting for us to come home….6 more days boys…LB

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  1. Anna Avatar

    The booth and the boys look great! I also have no understanding as to why people steal. Sorry this happened to you.

  2. Kathy U Avatar
    Kathy U

    Great pictures! Love to know what make and model camera you have to take just awesome pictures inside a building! I need a new one! Please do tell.
    Booth looks great as usual.

  3. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Great Pictures, the booth looks terrific and the pups are sooo cute!
    Sorry about the theft…your stuff is just too hard to resist, but to steal something is pretty low. Makes one wonder what this type of person is thinking…sorry this happened to you, you deserve better.


  4. Peggy Welchert Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    I am sad to hear about you loosing the geranium piece. It is sad when people ruin things for hard working people just wanted to make a living. You share so much with others. If you need extra help in Paducah I am available. I live south of Paducah. If interested let me know. I could send you references etc. I have worked the mall show in the past and the hours are long.

  5. Susan Avatar

    Your booth looks fantastic. I remember it well from Houston and think the Geranium piece was there also. It really made me want to work with wool again. I’m so sorry for your loss. Perhaps this is a sign that this is the new model you need to be working on. I really don’t understand the theft by Quilters as I remember that LizzieBCre8tive had an ipad stollen at Houston. I only hope that the person who helped themselves to your beautiful work will try appreciate it overtime they are guilt ridden!

  6. Meredith Avatar

    I am sad to hear something was stolen. I had thought people stealing other people’s designs was bad enough. I hope you have a good show. the booth photos are great. Since I can’t sleep right now I am enjoying them.

  7. Cathie Avatar

    Those boys are too darned cute! She must have had a camera in one and and treats in the other. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  8. Lisa Arndt Avatar

    WE had the same one stole from our shop! It must look to tedious to finish. Karma it’ll get um! I wonder where they hide them?? Or just bold enough to walk out with it.

  9. Carol Avatar

    Had sooooooooooooooooo much fun in your booth yesterday. Yours was by far the BEST booth there! I’m so sorry about your geraniums…I just don’t understand.

  10. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    Wow! Your booth is enormously gorgeous!!! Looks like a lot of work setting up and taking down… but so dang gorgeous!!! I’d spend the entire show just at your booth! lol! 😉

  11. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Your booth looks great. It reminds me of when you were here in Atlanta last October and I wanted to just hang out in your booth all day everything was so beautiful. I love ALL your designs. I can’t wait to come up and see your store.

  12. Geri Avatar

    You are such a wonderful person sharing all your knowledge. I am so sorry someone stole from you. I would be happy to make a sample for you to replace the one stole. Can’t wait to see you in Paducah. You have the best stuff ever!!!!

  13. Barbara Avatar

    Your booth looks wonderful. Wish I could see it in person. I’m so sorry someone felt it was okay to steal from you. I just don’t understand how anyone can feel that it is okay to take from another.

  14. Lisa Aubrey Avatar
    Lisa Aubrey

    Hello, my daughter, Laura and I met you today. We purchased the punch needle stuff. As well as a couple of patterns. LOVE LOVE LOVE your booth. My favorite. I plan to be a loyal customer. If we ever travel your way I will be spending hours in your store. Thanks for coming to Lakeland. Sorry about the theft. That stinks please don’t let it discourage you from coming here next year. I will be your biggest fan!!!!

    Lisa and Laura Aubrey
    Tampa, FL

  15. Karen Avatar

    Hi Lisa – I would LOVE to get my hands on the pattern for the bunny runner that you have hanging on some type of post with your little Christmas ornaments and a punch needle design. Does the store carry the pattern and the kit – I would be happy to call them if I know what to ask for.

    Thanks for your help – Karen/Mrs. Farmhouse

    1. Debbie Avatar

      Karen… I work at the shop. I know right where that bunny runner is at this very moment! Call the shop on Thursday (we’re having a snow day right now!!) and tell them you want to order that pattern and kit. It’s by the front entrance on the bench!!! Good luck!

  16. Jane Avatar

    Looking at your booth is making my heart beat like crazy!! LOL Wish I was there to buy!!! And I cannot believe someone would steal something…..unbelievable!!!! :o(

  17. Stacy Avatar

    Hey Girl! Love the booth (as always!)… How a pic of the dogs sneak in there? Off to the inlaws with the fan for NASCAR and lunch! Drive safe!!!! 🙂

  18. Leesa Lloyd Avatar
    Leesa Lloyd

    Hi Lisa

    I enjoyed your company in Lakeland and playing Vanna #2 to Nick at the Feather Princess Meeting. Hopefully you got some decent food and I hope to see both you and Nick the next time you are in Florida….maybe if I can talk my husband to take a cruise. 🙂

  19. Peggy Dalberto Avatar

    Lisa, Amanda and I want to thank you for providing such a great place as the “Gathering” for us. With Terri’s help we had a wonderful weekend. Check out my blogspot for some photos.

  20. Carrie Avatar

    I’ve “lost” one or two things over the years and it always makes me crazy. I’m angry then I’m sad. I try to tell myself that maybe this person “needed” it in a way I didn’t but it doesn’t help much.

    Your booth is gorgeous but the best news is that you’re feeling better. That means you’ll be able to get all sorts of beautiful new projects made with your upcoming fabric… which the rest of us are going to want and need bolts and bolts and bolts of. Gosh, thanks for that. 🙂

    Safe trip home!

  21. Beth Avatar

    Just picked up a copy of Primitive Quilts at Quilters Station. I’ve been anxious to see the quilt I quilted for Rita Briner that is on page 14. But also l-o-v-e your “Little Tulips” quilt, Lisa. Just in time for Spring and a very do-able size! Always love your primitive style. Primitives of the Midwest is definitely on my schedule this year. Can’t wait!

  22. Lisa Avatar

    where are you. it has been almost a month since the last post? Are you OK?

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