45 and life to go…and April Farmer’s Wife

I got up early the last two days and finished…45 and Life to go…I will be 45 this year and there are 45 star blocks in this quilt, so I named it for me…you never know if my life gets any crazier if I will make it for many more…it is 55″ square the blocks are 5″.  I would love to make it 10″ blocks and to make a king size…it features the blacks and tans from my “Little Gatherings” line of fabric that just went out on the market for sale to shop owners this week.  So watch for the fabric in August and ask your quilt stores to buy it…It is a wonderful line of basic background colors…raven, time worn, paperbag, piecrust, honey, brown sugar, walnut…all with vintage little prints on them….I have had a great response from the shop owners who have already seen it…I will be showing more quilts as time progresses…

I think I am having a breakdown…i need a fulltime house keeper…where is Alice (Brady)?…I need a full time personal assistant to keep all this stuff answered, organized, and me sane and so I can have some personal time in a day…I have not excersized in over a week…I’m not asking for much…maybe an hour to two to rake the garden…go grocery shopping or take down my Christmas decorations!…I need some expert “piecers” to make quilts…and do it quite quickly as there are always deadlines.  I miss just having a somewhat normal life…so I think I just need more people…so when this happens…they just seem to somehow come my way…I will be waiting…patiently….

Now that I unloaded all of that you…remember you wanted to know this stuff…

By the way…here are the April Farmer’s Wife blocks…so I think I have it right now…sorry for the mix up…the last post’s were May’s…see someone is ahead that would be Sue,..wish it were me!  LB

45 responses to “45 and life to go…and April Farmer’s Wife”

  1. Sandra Hampton Avatar
    Sandra Hampton

    I would love to do piecing for your quilts. I do precision work!!!

  2. Sue Huettl Avatar
    Sue Huettl

    Love the new quilt Lisa. Sorry I can’t help with the time issues, I am in the same boat.

  3. Cindy Avatar

    In less than a month I hit 60! I can’t believe it!

    I remember back at Stout there was a class called Home Management. It was intended for the Home Economics major. I however, chose Clothing, Textiles, and Design. I often wonder what secrets were passed along to the students in that class?

    I wish I could help you Lisa!

    See you in the store.

    Cindy Boehm

    PS: you have a great group of women. Jess always recognizes me by name when I am in the store!

    Oh, I am a pretty good dog trainer too! Give those pups a hug!

  4. Carol Avatar

    Love your new quilt! The fabric is awesome!

  5. Karen Avatar

    I love your new quilt and fabric. I would love to be your personal assistant and organize things for you. Could you have someone make me one of your 45 quilts too? Hope you have a great day.

  6. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    I love, love, love it! I love stars, blacks, and all the brownish colours!! Fantastic and amazing work!!! Are you going to kit 45 and Life Go On?

    Put your request out to the universe and you will be answered! Good Luck!

  7. Lisa Little Avatar
    Lisa Little

    I’m very impressed!! This is just amazing!! I think my new goal in life is to come to your quilt shop and meet you in person… it’s a long trip from Tulsa, OK but maybe some day!!

  8. Sue Avatar

    Wow, I wish my daughter lived closer to you. She is EXCELLENT at organizing! She really is! We’re just a boat ride across Lake Michigan:)

    I love this quilt so much and will definitely be looking for the fabrics. I already have an abundance of the primitive muslin and can’t live without it! So I thank you:)

    Take a deep breath.

  9. Joyce Avatar

    I love your 45 quilt – especially the color combination.
    I definately want this kit!

  10. Carolyn Vogel Avatar
    Carolyn Vogel

    My kind of quilt, stars and smaller blocks. Love the colors. I have some of the primitive muslins but probably not enough! Will we watching for the new line. Sounds great.

  11. Karen G Avatar
    Karen G


  12. kathie Avatar

    oh LOVE this new line, can’t wait to get it
    nothing better then backgrounds with that aged look and well I never believe one can ever have enough of them!
    the blacks look great too and yes Love adding them to my quilts now to get that instant antique look I am always striving for!
    Hopefully primitive muslins will be back in stock soon????
    looks like you have another sold out line!

  13. Jean Nolting Avatar
    Jean Nolting

    love the 45—- will wait for the kit !!!!

  14. Marcy Frick Avatar
    Marcy Frick

    I really hope that you kit the 45 quilt. While I’m well past 45, I would love to make this in king size with your beautiful fabrics.

  15. Karen Avatar

    Your quilt is beautiful Lisa – the colors are so striking and would fit in great here at the farmhouse and I love your new fabrics as well – right up my alley. You do have a lot on your plate now – hand over those things to people who want to help you and that you trust, concentrate on those things that make you happy, add to your life and your family and grow your business in areas you want it to grow. I learned a lot last year and I’m in no way as busy as you are – but s few things happened to help me to put things into perspective. Change doesn’t come quickly but even small changes are a help. Hang in there sister


  16. Janet Avatar

    Lisa, I LOVE the 45 and life to go!!!!!If (when) you kit it let me know.

  17. Diane Avatar

    I love this quilt! Are they really 5″ blocks? Is the center of each star pieced or is that fabric? Will you be selling this pattern? So many questions!

  18. 2ne Avatar

    Love your quilt – I realy like the coloursetting 🙂

  19. Colleen Avatar

    Well heck! I don’t live that far away! Boy would I love to come work for you :o) Much more fun than medical transcription!

  20. LONA Avatar

    What a beautiful quilt- will you be publishing the pattern? You are so talented and I enjoy so much your efforts, but do take care of yourself. I will pray for some “down” time for you.

  21. Nancy Knight Avatar
    Nancy Knight

    I love this quilt and the fabrics are exceptional! Will you be kitting this one? Do yourself a giant favor – hire a housekeeper to come 2 or 3 times a month. It’s wonderful to have your whole house clean at once and it’s much easier to just keep picked up. Your time should be spent designing – you are so talented!

  22. Helen Avatar

    They look awesome (the blocks) and can’t find the right word for the fabrics 🙁 Would love to know where you got them. Beautiful repros.

  23. Clair Becker Avatar
    Clair Becker

    WOW What a beautiful quilt. Looking forward to seeing the new line. I wish I lived closer,I would love to help you.

  24. Robin Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    Your quilt is beautiful! You didn’t mention when your B-day is ~ so Happy Birthday to you!
    And what a beautiful present you made.
    I know how you feel about getting things done. I quit my full time job to put more into my
    own business and it really takes a lot of my time. My house to suffers so don’t feel alone.
    I was just at your shop yesterday, I LOVE going there. The only bad thing is you have so
    many beautiful things to choose from I have a hard time deciding.
    Some day I am going to have to sign up for some classes, I would really like to learn how to
    Have a great weekend!
    Find a little time for yourself!
    Prim Blessings

  25. Sharon Avatar

    You are like millions of working successful women who often have said “I need a full-time wife” to manage the day-to-day stuff while you are busy with work and on the road. Get yourself that housekeeper even if only every 2 or 3 wks and a personal assistant to unload the worry and stress and ensure things you need to get done do get done. This will give you the freedom to do what you love to do and be even more creative…is that even possible? You are a fantastic designer and teacher.

    Just love the 45 stars table topper and love the fabric line. I cannot wait to see it at shops in suburbs of Chicago.

    Be sure to relax and recharge your Everyready Batteries! Spring is a coming soon. Just delayed a bit.

  26. Pame Blasy Avatar
    Pame Blasy

    I am so glad you are back to posting on this blog-check it everyday and love seeing all the new quilts and blocks-the inspire me-Your 45 quilt is so awesome-as all of your projects are-like everyone says-hire a housekeeper once a week and use your talent where you have the most joy!!

  27. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Beautiful quilt Lisa, beautiful fabric!! You have an amazing talent. Get yourself some help so you can have time with family, you deserve it.

  28. valerie Avatar

    Your quilt is beautiful, the colors are so striking. I’m looking forward to seeing your new fabrics when they come out in August.

  29. lisa Avatar

    Love, love, LOVE the new fabrics!! Placing our order this week! I’ve discovered in the past year what I’m comfortable with other people doing for me, and what I prefer making time to do myself. Take some time to sort through your priorities, then delegate to people you trust. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results! Good luck!

  30. Vanya Avatar

    Lisa are you going to kit the 45 quilt? I would love to have the pattern and the fabric kit. Striking!


  31. Tracie Avatar

    Wow, I love this quilt and fabric. It would be right at home in my house because I like a traditional look with calm color palette. I know it seems boring, but visitors always comment on how restful and peaceful our house seems as soon as they enter it.

  32. Pati Beck Avatar
    Pati Beck

    I hope this new 45 quilt will be kitted….I would love to make one…love the colors.
    I will be watching for it…

  33. Lisa Aubrey Avatar
    Lisa Aubrey

    Hello Lisa, love this quilt. What a great name! I am 45 in September and have yet to make myself a quilt. I will be getting this one for me. Next time you are headed for the Florida show (2012). I will be more than happy to help in any way you need locally. Your booth was my favorite!!! If I were closer I would be your organizer. Lisa in sunny Tampa!

  34. Loy Robbins Avatar
    Loy Robbins

    I purchased the kit 45 & LIFE TO GO
    I have the first strips 1×18 all cut out for the wall hanging.
    It says I can scrap the sets up or use the same fabrics. I would like to use the same fabrics, but don’t understand exactly what that means. Do I repeat set 1,3 & 5 OR repeat the fabrics for all three for each set? I would like all my blocks mostly the same, also.

    Second question. When I stich the 40 strip set 1’s to 2’s. Am I doing that lengthwise?


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      this means I used same fabrics in the exact same spot in each block.
      When making your strip sets, make them all the same…

  35. Loy Robbins Avatar
    Loy Robbins

    i am making the 45 & LIFE TO GO – I just carefully cut out 40 squares – 7 from each black in 3 1/4 and now with different glasses on – I see it should have been 3 3/4. Will I have enough fabric to re-cut these blocks? Or should I add on to these, by sewing??????????? Thanks, Loy

  36. Loy Robbins Avatar
    Loy Robbins

    It’s Loy again, Working on the 45 & LIFE TO GO:


    I cut 4 6 1/4″ squares 1 from each tan with black print
    then i cut 4 6 1?4 ” squares – 1 from 4 different blacks.
    I cut the squares in half twice. DIAGONALLY, IS THAT CORRECT? Like the picture
    However when I sewed the blocks together to form the quarter square blocks as shown they don’t come any where close to measuring 5 1/2 inches. They only measure 3 3/4 ”
    Like a fool – I have cut them all up, then started sewing, before discovering how badly this has gone wrong for me………………….

    Thanks again, Loy

  37. Loy Avatar

    i will soon be finished with 45 & Life To Go and wonder how you suggest it should be quilted?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      ours was quilting with a very “tight” close together pantograph called mini chestnut swirl. Use a medium colored thread like a brown. it will look good on the black and the tan…If you want a picture, when I have my phone by the quilt i will take a pic…the quilt is in PA right now…i am not…it will be home on wednesday…LB

      1. Loy Avatar

        Thank You – YES, I would love a picture of the quilting!

  38. Granny Avatar

    Lisa – I have finished the quilt top of PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS. Can I still order backing fabric at 15% off? (I didn’t realize the backing was not included until now) Thanks Loy

  39. Loy Avatar

    Lisa – I have finshed the quilt top of PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS. Can I still order backing fabric at 15% off? (I didn’t realize the backing was not inclouded until; now) THANKS, Loy

  40. Loy Avatar

    Lisa – Can I see a close up picture of your 45 and Life To Go – so I can see how you chose to have it quilted?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      we just did an allover close together pattern…chestnut swirl was the pantograph

  41. Brenda Ashby Avatar
    Brenda Ashby

    How can I buy this pattern?

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