2011 Spring Summer Newsletter

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Hey everyone…I think I have recovered from my near “breakdown”, THANK YOU to those who offered me help…I am going to use you in the future….  The “to do” list is getting a little smaller…one being this newsletter being finished…I hope you enjoy what we have to offer for the Summer of 2011.  Join in the fun of the Summer BOW’s, yes that was plural….we decided to do a “scrappy” pieced BOW and not leave out those who do not applique or are allergic to wool…(thank God that is not me)…we also are hosting a Charm Swap, Joyce  Allendorf has given us her best swapping secrets which we appreciate …and don’t forget this…with a $10 purchase each week during the summer you qualify for a “freebie”.  I am not going to post them like I did last year…they will be a mystery…so trust me…they will be COOL!  Why am I telling you all of this????…READ THE NEWSLETTER ABOVE!   Judie will have all of this information on our site by Monday….so you can start to sign up!

So back to that LIST:

write the charm swap patterns

pack for Paducah

draw BOW

draw Freebies

work on Jules new designs…for Market

finish writing the patterns for the Moda Fabric Quilts

wool applique stitch “Little Tulip Crossing…and stitch Surrounded the 18” wool/applique-small piecing workshop quilt for Primitives of the Midwest….

and I still want to design at least 2 tablemats for market…hmmm that is going to be close…might have them done, but the patterns probably will not be ready in time for Market…oh well they can wait a bit!

Hand quilt “Wool Tulip Crossing”  this is an all wool quilt that I just had to do…it will be a pattern at market…This quilt was so easy….much easier than the little one..I am “big stitch” quilting it…here are some photos below…talk to you soon…LB

Primitives of the Midwest Workshop…18"x18"small wool applique/small piecing

9 responses to “2011 Spring Summer Newsletter”

  1. Carol Avatar

    You are amazing…do you ever sleep? Oh I remember when I had the shop…the newsletter always came at just the wrong time…when there was the most to do, it was time for the newsletter. Take care of yourself!

  2. Susan S Avatar
    Susan S

    Lisa, it is beautiful! I ordered thangles to make scrappy quilts. You and Anne Sutton have inspired me to learn to applique.

  3. Sue Avatar

    Loving the photos posted! Beautiful!

    Glad you are getting caught up. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    Lisa… I love the quilting! You are so clever… it’s just wonderful!
    Hey everyone.. I saw Lisa working on this awesome quilt at her retreat this past weekend and it’s simply BREATH TAKING! I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

    Lisa … see you again in a week or so.. I’m back to Wisconsin again.. and … hey… please don’t call for snow again… OKAY????

    Love ya…


  5. Barb Larrabee Avatar
    Barb Larrabee

    Lisa! You are AWESOME! Great to see you in Cincy!


  6. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Hi Lisa- I just read your summer newsletter. Lots of great stuff to look forward to. I am excited about your Penny Garden BOW. Where on the website do I find the sign up?
    Have fun in Padukah.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I think it is under NEW or Block of the Month

  7. frenky Avatar
  8. Kay Whitener Avatar
    Kay Whitener

    Is the free pattern for the triangle thread catchers still available? I saw a YouTube tutorial using it and it was really cute. I’d like to try it!

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