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It is early and I am working on my “new” freebies…those of you participating know what freebies are…but I just want to show you what I am doing next because maybe you want to do it too???  I am doing a bunch more and leaving out all of the little stuff so you can see the star wool…just an FYI in case you want to do yours this way….I am home from MN which was an awesome little show…I will share some pics with you of what I look for in a show or what my likes were…I took my pics before the ribbons went on so some of them are naked of their much deserved ribbons.  If you see a little post it on it that is telling the ribbon person what color to adorn it with…I was wiped out at this show…I had a server back ache for 2 days that went away somehow…I have a sore throat…i slept almost the whole way home yesterday…and then took another 4 hour nap after picking up Jeter and Presley…then somehow I managed to grocery shop, pull weeds and water the garden…bake the worlds best chocolate cookies again and sew another Block of the Week…so I am up early and feeling pretty good…now 2 days to get ready for Primitives of the Midwest in MO…here are those pics…click on them to make them larger…LB

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  1. Janet Avatar

    So what exactly IS a freebie? And WOW on that Crazy Quilt. Thanks so much for sharing that … pretty motivating.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      freebies are given with any $10 purchase…walk in or internet…limit 1 per week…each week they are different….it a a reward for supporting us during the summer…LB

      1. Janet Avatar

        Darn … more shopping! Thanks!

  2. Mary T. Salmon Avatar

    I wish I knew what freebies are…they are beautiful. The quilts are gorgeous.
    Tell me about your Juki…what model do you have? What do you like/dislike about it?
    Thanks so much.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      read the last comment I left about the freebies…I LOVE my juki…would rather give up my left arm then my JUKI….I have the TL98Q….it only sews straight…so the stitch is always beautiful…the feed dogs are nice and close together so nothing gets sucked down….it is a mechanical machine…the bobbins are metal…everything is metal…it has a bigger opening for quilting than most other machines…comes with all the quilting feet, table and a lot of accessories…it also is very fast….that’s must be how I get things done…it also has a thread cutter and a knee lift…a quilter need nothing more…I have 2 Bernina’s collecting dust…I will sew on my $1000.00 Juki til it dies and buy another for sure…it is perfect for piecing and quilting your own quilts. PS….we also sell them at the shop…I only sell what I truly believe in…LB thanks for asking…can you tell I love it!!!!

  3. Lillie Bell Avatar
    Lillie Bell

    Hope you are feeling better first and foremost! When you said you sewed another BOW does that mean you did it all in one day?? The blocks are stunning and I’m loving them.
    Kitty Graves

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      thanks…Yes…I sewed it in one day….it was fused down already…just the stitching….LB

  4. Vi Kroeger Avatar
    Vi Kroeger

    Lisa, I am so excited! I will be dodging flood waters to attend 2 of your classes at Primitives of the Midwest this week!! I have been eager to start on some of the PG wool applique projects that I have been accumulating, but hesitate to start without some expert knowledge!! Looking forward to seeing you in KC!

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  5. Sharon Avatar

    Don’t know where you get the energy to keep up with EVERYTHING! No wonder you need some down time!

  6. Vi Kroeger Avatar
    Vi Kroeger

    Lisa, one more thing–I am wondering if you know what Valdani threads are used for the Patiently Waiting project. I have been collecting them for sometime and would only take along to KC the ones I would use for this project. If you don’t have time to reply, I will just take along all that I have. Thanks so much, Lisa.

  7. kathie Avatar

    oh my that stocking is just beautiful but I LOVE that star table runner, do you have a kit for that????

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      not yet…but it will be someday…LB

  8. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    Lisa… why can’t we live closer together? I wish I was rich and could just hop on a plane and fly up there anytime I want. I would love to do your Christmas Stocking… it’s simply adorable! When will your flannels be available to purchase? I need them… REALLY BAD!!! Love ya… Gloria (from HOT>>>HOT>>>HOT Jacksonville, FL) Did I mention it was HOT here?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You can move here it is so nice about 65 right now…it might rain…but that is good quilting weather…the flannels will be here end of August , so you know that means September….I need them too! LB

  9. Jill Avatar

    Hi Lisa ~
    I love the Star Table runner. Is the pattern a ‘freebie’ if I order this week? Or what is a freebie for that? I need to know what I need to do to get the pattern for that!!


  10. judith Avatar

    Lisa…can I purchase the pattern for the Christmas Stocking? It is beautiful!

  11. Woolie Avatar

    I with Kathie….would love a kit!

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