Getting our warehouse ready for “a sale”!!!

The tables are piled high with scraps, bolts and quilt stuff….wear your summer clothes girls as the warehouse is not air conditioned….we will have fans moving the air …look for the pink neon with black arrowed sign to get you to the right place..enter through the big garage door..which would be the back…sorry so many of you cannot attend…due to you live way to far away!…but remember we are making room so we can buy more fabric and books, notions and more which will all be on the website soon! LB

PS…gift cards cannot be used at the warehouse…we do not have our giftcard software on our warehouse cc terminal…sorry…you must use them at our shop…

14 responses to “Getting our warehouse ready for “a sale”!!!”

  1. tami Avatar

    I so wish I lived close enough to go. All of that yummy fabric and on sale….

  2. Pat Avatar

    Somehow I can’t find the date of your warehouse sale – when is it? Thank you.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Today, Friday and Saturday…

  3. Sharon Avatar

    Wowie…wowie! Just put it all in a BIG bag and ship to me!!!!! lol!

  4. janan Avatar

    Its a sad thing I live in AL! I would need a shopping cart if I could be at your sale!

  5. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Sure do wish I could come. I am down in Atlanta. I will look forward to your new stuff.

  6. mj Avatar

    Can you please give me the address!!! Thanks, MJ

  7. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Gosh! I could do a lot of damage there! Too bad I live in California…but I did enjoy the Long Beach show and talking to you there. Hope Nick’s back ache is better now.

  8. Joann Avatar

    I agree with every comment here….I live too far away, but OH …would I love to be there. Have fun everyone!

  9. mh\j Avatar

    Hello, could you please telll me where I can find you! Thanks, MJ

  10. Anna Avatar

    wish I could be there!!!! whaaaa!!!

    1. Donna Avatar

      I would be happy with the scraps! I would go crazy over the homespuns. Wish I could go! I did go to a quilt show in Newport, Oregon on the coast, they have a nice show and a good quilt guild vendors area. I made a trip out to the car loaded down with purchases before even seeing the show.

  11. Nay from Nays Place Avatar

    OMG can you please bring it to AUSTRALIA – if only…….

  12. upinak Avatar

    Holy cow! Living in Alaska can suck at times. Did you sell out of the fabric?

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