Summer BOW-Flower Penny finishing…do you want a kit?

All of you are just biting your nails waiting to see how I finished this quilt….so here it is…I obviously have to stitch the inner border yet…but we want to let you know what it is going to look like so you can order your finishing kit or just finish it the way you want… The quilt will finish 81×96 the way I have it shown here.  It is a big quilt!  You can see all of the little purple flowers that will be added coming out of the cornerstone flowers…there are 10 different purple flowers and there are 10 spots, so no repeats…that worked our real nice…like i planned it all along…lol

We have tried to come up with a couple of options so you will be able to make this great quilt.  The wools are stacked to make all of these flowers so it uses a lot more wool than normal…so here is what we have come up with…and a little FYI if you were lucky enough to do it as a BOW you saved almost $100!

PLEASE ORDER YOUR FINISHING OPTION BY SEPTEMBER 8TH…and will ship out by the end of September…..THANKS!

 Option 1  is the whole finishing kit as shown here…all the wools, muslin, and 52 sashing & border fabrics along with the binding and pattern….$165

Option 2 is only the wools and muslin and includes the binding and pattern…you would be on your own for the 52 fabrics….$90

Option 3 finishing pattern only…. $10

Your options for ordering are to call us at the shop 920-722-7233…order under NEW tab on our website, which will have the 3 options listed…
( please give Judi until this afternoon to get it on our site…I just called her an told her everything was ready),

If you are signed up for this Block of the Month starting in September it will be $30 for 13 months and include everything!

12 responses to “Summer BOW-Flower Penny finishing…do you want a kit?”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    This looks nice Lisa. Will there be finishing kits available for the Stars BOW as well? Thanks

  2. lisabongean Avatar

    Yes…we will have the photo later this week…the finishing kit will be $40.

  3. tammy Avatar

    In trying to make my decision of which option to go with – can i possibly ask you for the quanity of yardage needed for the 52 colored fabrics? Thank you.

  4. Sharon Laurin Avatar

    As always, simply gorgeous!

  5. Nancy Avatar

    Just beautiful ….. Perfect finish for this quilt.

  6. Becky Avatar

    I think the finished quilt is just beautiful. I am concerned about having a quilt that size with wool. How would I care for it, can’t wash it?

    1. Lisa Bongean Avatar

      First of all lets get one thing straight…there ain’t no one sleeping under this quilt…so i probably will never have to wash it…second…it would be hand washed with cold cold water… how I would wash it…but it could go in the washer on gentle and it probably would do fine in a dryer on delicate…LB

  7. Cindy Avatar

    The finished quilt is beautiful! This is my first wool quilt which brings a couple of questions to mind: I would purchase the entire finishing kit, leave out the last border and use the left over for other decorative items. If I use the main part as a wall quilt would this look alright? Also, I’m not sure how to quilt the finished product or is there someone on your staff that finishes? For hanging purposes I know you have used a baseboard & left it smaller than the quilt – is this mounted to another baseboard and how is it attached? How about a pattern…lol

    I truly enjoyed the BOW and hope the finishing part goes well too. It is soooo addictive – it is portable so you can take it everywhere and get each block done in a timely manner.

    Thank you for all your help!!

    1. Lisa Bongean Avatar

      The quilt would look very nice without the last border attached….you would quilt the quilt just like anyother quilt…but we will show you ours when it is done…but it will be a little bit yet…the baseboard is a great is how I hand all of my quilts…The pattern for finishing will come in your kit what ever option you choose!!

  8. Betsy Avatar

    I’m trying to decide between the full kit and the partial kit. Approximately how much yardage of each of the 52 fabrics is needed for the sashing and borders? Thanks!

  9. Toni Molinelli Avatar
    Toni Molinelli

    I also am trying to decide how to finish mine. Can you tell me how much fabric you send to complete the border and sashing? Thanks!

  10. Barbara Erway Avatar
    Barbara Erway

    Is this quilt pattern available?

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